Always Striving to Be in Intimate Union With Him…a Reality for Those Who Persevere in Trust

The greatest gift of the work given by God to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I” is the teaching of the practical application of living with His Will and doing His Will by being in the complete union of the devout life as Mary was.  Our Lord has given us an extraordinary Grace, the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to actually achieve this end of the Catholic, Christian life.  Our Lady’s only role is to take us into the Heart of Jesus Christ living within us with the Holy Spirit and the Father, so that we may live in His presence in Love at every moment.  Yes, it is easier said then done, but as we have learned, it is in the constant trying through God’s Grace by complete recognition of our nothingness that God moves to help us, since we are not capable of this union.  It is only when we give ourselves completely to God that He will give Himself completely to us.  Here is an excerpt that reemphasizes these key points:

“Oneness. I come back to this thought again and again.  Why do you live all alone when you can be in Me at every moment? In Me: that is Heaven…without the face to face vision and ecstasy.  Then practice this at-onement.  Practice adoration and tenderness. If you could only see Me as I am, what would you not do!  You would throw yourself at My feet. You would hold Me to your heart, thanking Me for My sufferings and blessings. You would ask My forgiveness for your willful faults and tell Me again of your love.  Act just as though you could see Me.  It’s such good practice for your Faith, and Faith brings Hope and Love.

“Picture Me as a living Being, loving you more than you could ever imagine even in your deepest longing. And keep before you the thought that this living Being, who gave His life for you, is waiting with infinite yearning for the moment of our Meeting. Wouldn’t you show Him your impatience too? And your joy?  Picture Me often this way, as a real Person, not just someone near you, but actually in you. One whose presence never leaves you (assuming one is in a state of Grace)…Tell Me how sorry you are for having grieved Me. Be aware of the fact that very little keeps you from seeing Me. Let your heart be stirred to its innermost depths as My eyes rest upon you. Don’t you have something to say to Me?  Won’t you give Me the balm of your love?…Long to be My beloved companion.”

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Understanding Why Mortification and Sacrifice are Necessary and Perfect

Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene gives us an important reminder for Lent on why we deny ourselves and practice extra sacrifices: “Mortification, which is suffering eagerly accepted for the love of God, is one of the greatest proofs of love that we can give Him. It means freely giving up a satisfaction or a pleasure in order to impose on ourselves, for love of God, something which is contrary to our natural inclinations; we thus prove that we prefer to satisfy God rather than ourselves. Every act of voluntary mortification, whether physical or moral, says to God, ‘Lord, I love you more than myself.’  And since a soul in love has an ardent desire to give proof of its love, it is very vigilant not to miss a single opportunity for renunciation.”

Fr. Gabriel explains further: “The value of voluntary mortification consists much more in the good will with which it is practiced than in the intensity of the suffering which is imposed….From this point of view, a slight mortification, done with all the love of which a soul is capable has greater value than a painful penance performed in a material way with no interior spirit…Contemplating Jesus Crucified, the soul feels that, even if it is mortifying itself much for love of Him, its sacrifices and renunciations amount to very little , and instead of conceiving sentiments of vain complacency for mortifications already practiced, it feels the need of humbling itself and always doing more.”

He points us to St. Therese of Lisieux, the master of offering the littlest things with joy, because she knew without Jesus, she could offer no big sufferings: “For Love’s sake, I wish to suffer and rejoice; so shall I strew my flowers…singing all the while, I will scatter my petals before You.  Should my roses be gathered amid thorns, I will sing notwithstanding, and the longer and sharper are the thorns, the sweeter will grow my song.”

The lesson for all of us is that we can always do more than we are doing,  but we must ask the Holy Spirit for the Gifts, especially Fortitude and Piety, so that the Grace to mortify ourselves will be given, so that we can have the power to do what as of now seems impossible, and this burden will instead become sweet and joyful.  It is only in the Holy Spirit that this power to overcome our flesh resides.

Consider this extra practice of Love for the Holy Spirit this Lent: read and meditate with “Holy Spirit Make Your Home In Me” by Fr. George Montague, SM.

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How God Enjoys You Now on Earth

When we meditate on what God has given to us in the Gift of Understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit, it often boggles the mind….especially the incredible, intimate Love He displays for us and makes us experience, even though we are often miserable sinners who constantly fail to respond to that intimate Love.  But He keeps pursuing us with the Divine Ingenuity, and the more we read, ponder and meditate on this Love, the more we must at least try and respond. And as we have discussed many times in the Divine Antidote blog, it is in our pursuit of Grace in the constant, daily trying, and in never giving up, that advancement in Love occurs through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our Lord explains His Love over and over to Gabrielle Bossis, but with such Divine power that it never seems to repeat. He states that those who read and meditate with this Masterpiece (“He and I”), will become members of the “family of His most intimate friends”.  How does one reject that offer?  The key is to read just a little each day, begging for the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to understand God’s Love, and then to continue reading and meditating with it for the rest of one’s life. So, that we may achieve that Divine promise: to be able to Love God with His Own Will, which is Divine Love and Mercy Itself.

Our Lord’s intimacy is so overwhelming when one reads “He and I” through and in the Holy Spirit.  He states to Gabrielle: “Give me the joy of helping and transforming you. Surrender everything….Tell Me often about your great longing. Do you think I would resist? That would be to misunderstand Me…I am the Ravisher. Don’t struggle. And because you let yourself be taken captive, I will bring you into My secret garden among the flowers and the fruit. You will wear the wedding ring upon your finger.  Your step will be in tune with Mine and I will stoop down to your littleness so that we may talk together easily.  How beautiful it will be like that My friend, My little soul….And as you gaze on Me, you will understand that the suffering which passes leads to Life Eternal…and you will say, ‘You were nothing but goodness and mercy and I didn’t know it.’  Then the veil will be rent and you will have the face to face vision of all that I suffered for you.”

Our Lord then gives Gabrielle this amazing insight: “Keep this thought always before you: it is when you are living on earth that I enjoy you, My beloved faithful ones…But in Heaven, it will be you who will enjoy Me.”

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One of the Greatest Effects of the Flame of Love Grace: Freedom as a Child of God

Our Lord has told us through Elizabeth Kindelmann, (confirming what has been told to Sister Lucia and her cousins of Fatima and Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam) that one of the extraordinary effects of the Grace is the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. She will be known and venerated by all people of good will as the Mother of God, and she will bring the reign of the Holy Spirit into the world.  In addition, one of the very specific effects of the “Greatest Grace” given to mankind in 2,000 years is that those who correspond and nourish the Grace in their souls with great zeal will experience the Divine Love in a palpable way, which God describes to her as a “holy trembling”.  Ultimately, the Grace is designed to allow us to achieve the level of union with God described by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, and further elucidated by God through St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina, St. Hannibal Di Francia, Blessed Dina Belanger, and Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida. St. John Paul II described this Signal Grace as the “New and Divine Holiness”.

This state to which this Grace calls us is to experience “the freedom of the children of God”.  Our pride, ego, selfishness, sinfulness, love of comfort and our own opinion constantly block Grace and prevent us from union with God.  We compound the problem by trying to fix these defects ourselves by relying on our will power to pray more and do more.  This solution is driven by our subtle pride through Satan’s constant influence, which the Flame of Love Grace can disable! Our subtle pride causes us to forget or not realize that we can do absolutely nothing without Him, and so we feel even less free and more discouraged and ineffective, and often fall back to our old ways or even worse.

Fr. Jacques Philippe inspired by the Holy Spirit shares this Gift of Understanding of God’s Wisdom: “If we submit to God’s Will, initially our will seeks to recoil.”  But God in His Wisdom knows what is good for our joy now and for all of eternity, and His Love requires Him to continue to pursue us with Grace in order to give us every possible opportunity to increase our joy and love now and for all eternity. God’s Will is perfect and therefore whatever He prunes in us will never remove the beauty of the person He has chosen to come into existence with all the talents and dreams of goodness for others, which He has placed within us.  Most people are afraid of losing what they most like and desire (especially food and comfort!!), but God wants us to have much more joy than the measly happiness we get from our senses. Our senses must be purged of these human things, which St. John of the Cross calls the dark night, and we do indeed initially recoil and rebel against the necessary pruning of these things which hold us back from Divine union!  But God will do the pruning if we but persist in His Grace and never give up! It is in the getting up in Grace each time we fall that Holiness occurs!

Fr. Jacques describes the freedom in joy which God wants us to understand with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: “…people who go through life with the Lord and let themselves be led by Him experience a growing feeling of freedom. Their hearts are not constrained or stifled and “breathe” ever more freely….Those who (live) with God feel free; they have nothing to fear. They are not subject to control, but on the contrary that everything works together for their good, whether favorable or unfavorable circumstances, good or bad.  They feel that everything belongs to them, because God belongs to them. They are not subject to conditions but always do what they want, because what they want to do is Love, and that is always within their power. Nothing can separate them from the God they Love….like little children, they don’t (rebel) because they are totally dependent on their parents, but just the reverse, because their dependence is an exchange of Love…Their way of loving consists of the joy of receiving , and turning what they receive into Love.”

Fr. Jacques Philippe concludes with this masterpiece of insight into the Divine life, which the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary calls us to experience more quickly and securely than ever before: “All of this means that if we want the apparent contradictions between God’s Will and our freedom to be resolved, we must ask the Holy Spirit for the Grace to love God more”….and the problem will be solved by God for us! So, this is the great insight which God has given to Elizabeth Kindelmann and many other exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness”… we must ask, we must beg for the Grace to love God as much as possible now and for all eternity by asking to Love Him with His own Love!  We must keep asking and trusting…and He Will do it! He will give us this Grace to love Him with His own Love! Never give up asking for this Grace!  Very gradually and tailored to each unique personality, He will prune away all our defects which hold us back from loving with His own Love. Trust obtains all spiritual things, especially the freedom to be a child of God!

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Always Focused on the Goal: Souls

I sensed many of us need constant reminders of what God is asking of his little warriors being led by His Mother.  This post from March of 2015 captures the essence of the Flame of Love Movement and the goal of the Divine Mercy message.

The essence of what God is now asking of those who desire to love Him as He desires to be loved, is an overwhelming emphasis on sacrificial Love; to give ourselves completely in love, through sacrifice for other souls, as He has done. He is asking us through Elizabeth Kindelmann, St. Faustina and others to imitate Him completely…and He knows that due to our weakness we can only do this by His Grace…extraordinary Grace.. which He is pouring out through His Mother. Our Lord gives Elizabeth a succinct statement of the ultimate purpose of the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: “Desire to share in the work of Redemption! Let this be the supreme goal of your lives: the most valuable gift you can bring to Me. Take advantage of every opportunity and every means to save souls. Work at it!”

Our Lord gave almost the exact instructions to St. Faustina: “My daughter, if you knew what great merit and reward is earned by one act of pure love for Me, you would die of joy. I am saying this that you may constantly unite yourself with Me through love for this is the goal of the life of your soul.” The Lord then explains very carefully how we are to love Him with pure love. “My child, you please Me most by suffering. In your physical as well as mental sufferings, I want you to detach yourself, not only from creatures, but also from yourself….The more you will come to love suffering, the purer your love for Me will be.”

Our Lord then explains to St. Faustina that : “You are not living for yourself but for souls, and other souls will profit from your sufferings.”

Our dear Lord then gives critically important instruction to St. Faustina for each of us: “You see what you are of yourself. The cause of your falls is that you rely too much on upon yourself and too little upon Me…sensitiveness and discouragement are the fruits of self love. You should not become discouraged, but strive to have My Love reign in place of your self love.”

The Lord gives us the key…desire for Him to do the work of change within us! In one of the Conversations with Souls, He states: “You say that a dense darkness is obscuring your mind. But why at such times, do you not come to Me who can in an instant pour into your soul more understanding about holiness than can be found in any books?”

Let us remember each day especially during morning and evening prayer that God is asking us to help Him save many other souls.  This is our purpose and the greatest Love we can give Him: to desire to knowingly and patiently sacrifice (fasting and other ways that He inspires us) and to suffer with His own pure Love.  He will turn this suffering into joy….the never ending joy of the eternal springtime.

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Living in the Inner Shrine of Your Soul in Grace Requires Daily Mental Prayer

Our Lord through many of His exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness” has reemphasized the need for daily mental prayer, which has been the perennial teaching of our Faith. Yet, about 98% of the laity do not regularly spend time in mental prayer.  Starting with meditation on Scripture is the traditional way to begin mental prayer, but gives way to just being with God in love. Our Lord explained this reality to Gabrielle Bossis: “Live graciously in your inner shrine.  If you knew that you could always find a very dear friend there, you would not hesitate to go and see him, would you?  Well, you know that I am in you at every moment…So just come often, full of love and throw yourself at My feet. And I will take you in My arms.”

I felt and inspiration to repost the piece on the importance of daily, mental prayer from January 14 of this year. It is reposted below in its entirety, as I believe it is that important, especially because we MUST now make up for all of those who do not give any thought to God each day, and whose eternal life is dependent upon us cooperating with God’s Mercy right now!  He so needs our sacrifices in Love and mental prayer is indeed a sacrifice of praise!

We have now have many examples from our dear Lord on how His Mother’s example of continuous prayer must be our model, our daily moment to moment nourishment.  Our Lord has raised up another voice for us to confirm and urge us onward to beg for this Grace of constant moment by moment union with Him. Her name is Alicja Lenczewska, a holy woman who lived from 1934-2012 in Poland.  Many of us have been overwhelmed with the need and desire to spend far more time in sincere prayer, especially in a time of mental prayer each day, and then making the rest of the day through our duties, recreation and sleep into prayer, or union with God…just as a branch is always united with the vine or trunk…just as the parts of the body are always united to the head.

Our Lord taught Alicja the critical need or importance of this constant prayer….to really and truly as St. Paul says “to pray always”.  Alicia’s work given by God was throughly reviewed by her Bishop and given the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.  Our Lord taught her this profound Truth so that it would be etched into our thinking permanently: “Everything is the fruit of prayer: your life reflects your prayer, and the stage of your soul and body, (as well as) your acts, whether they are useful for building the Kingdom of Heaven in human souls and for saving those who perish in their sins. To have sense and value, anything you do with your heart, mind or hands must begin with prayer, end with prayer and abide in prayer.

“Prayer is communion with Me…Without Me you can do nothing-nothing of positive value. Many people are lost, and the world is immersed in darkness, because there is no prayer, no unity with Me…There is as much love, wisdom and peace in your heart as there is prayer.  You can give another person-what is worth giving-as much as you have taken from Me during prayer. Of yourself, you have nothing to give. You can only pass to your siblings My goodness, your emptiness or the evil of Hell. This is what happens depending upon how your life of prayer (is): how continuous, profound and zealous it is. Goodness, Love and Wisdom are energy that flows from the Divine Source, provided that you are joined to It in prayer.”

This is such a powerful  and important teaching that we should print this out and meditate with it each day so it truly becomes embedded in our thinking and becomes a habit. We must ask by and through the Holy Spirit constantly for this Grace of continuous prayer… before, during and after everything we do.  This constant praying will be a further effect or result of our accepting and corresponding to the Extraordinary Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary….for this is exactly how our dear Mother prayed always! She so desires us to imitate her as the model and wants to intercede for you to be able to do as she did!  You will recall how our Lord lamented to Elizabeth how one day she had not thought of Him constantly and how hurt He was!

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The Divine Reminder: You Will Accomplish Nothing of Supernatural Value Without Him

Our dear Lord has sent us many exemplars with virtually the same Divine Message reinforcing the Gospel Truth that “we can do nothing without Him”.  Our sweet Redeemer knows how frail and helpless we are and how we constantly fall prey to Satan, our flesh and the terribly evil example in the world and our culture.  Our culture is blinded by Satan (Churches now move Masses on Super Bowl Sunday so as not to interfere with the game!) and is filled with evil as Satan rules in an extraordinary way.  But we must be a light in the pitch black darkness, which is upon us! But how? Our Lord must strip us of the illusion that we can accomplish anything of supernatural value (like our sanctification and cooperating in the salvation of souls) without being constantly connected to His Divinity…as a branch of His vine. Here is how He explained this critical Truth of the spiritual life to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I”:

“…You are nothing but wretchedness…(but) I am drawn to the weakest and the poorest. Give Me everything that you blame in yourself, since I am the One who transforms even the ugliest, the lowest, the most vile. I transmute everything into the gold of My Glory. How can this be done? By Love.”

Gabrielle said that even in giving her all, she had nothing, and so she was perplexed. Our sweet Lord responded: “Take Me and offer Me to Myself with all the Trust I always expect from you. Since I am yours, you are rich. You are only poor when you count on yourselves and expect to act in your own unaided strength. How destitute you are then!
But if you lay hold of My merits with humility and hope, what a priceless fortune is yours. And above all, never doubt Me. I won My merits only to give them to you. My poor children, you don’t think of this, because you are living in the mists that veil the delicate touches of your Divine Friend.”

Despite the seemingly good intentions and good human will of many, especially those devoted to social justice and caring for the poor and foreigner, we accomplish nothing of supernatural value, and in fact can remain blinded to the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, because these acts are not being done for the Lord in union with Mary by the power of His Holy Spirit. They are often done out of self love, self righteousness, habit or simply the human instinct to help. Our Lord reinforces this spiritual reality to Gabrielle: “I ask My children for the most ordinary actions: eating, sleeping, working, your whole day (consciously) united with Mine…your actions dipped in My blood and clothed in My merits.  There is nothing difficult about this; it heals you of your usual poverty and wraps you in your richest garment..If you only knew who God is…And how much He deserves to have you study His unsearchable riches, His generosity, His extreme goodness, His Love, and again, yes and always, His Love, for Love is the essence of His Being. When you have entered into the treasure-house of His Love, you will stay there. You will make it your home. That is where you belong.”

Now God has given us the remedy that moves us to quickly acquiring the habit of always calling His Will, His Love and His Merits into our daily desires, thoughts, words and deeds, so as to give everything we do supernatural value, and then we can indeed become sanctified and help Him save countless souls!  This is caused more easily and quickly than ever before by an Extraordinary Grace: “The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, given to the Church by God through Elizabeth Kindelmann.  Why? Because God wills to honor His Mother as the only creature who perfectly cooperated with Grace! And because she is the perfect mother, she wants her children to participate in the Grace, which God has given through her for us!  This is the Divine Genius…the Divine Condescension….the Divine Love lowering itself to the creature in Eternal Self Giving Love! Are we so cold as to not say yes to this Love? Lord, help us give all!  Father, Jesus we beg you for the Holy Spirit, who is this Love! Please go to to learn all you can about what God has given to His Church and which the Church has fully approved!  Please wait no longer to Love God as He so wishes to be loved…as His Mother loved Him!  She longs to help us!  She needs to be a true Mother to us or her Love suffers! She so desires that her Son be Loved!

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