Day 5 of “The Gift, the Love Between the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit” from Venerable Conchita

30 Days to the Gift, the Love Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit. From the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption to the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary from the Inspired Works of Venerable Conchita.

“Mary always lived a hidden life that was unknown to others. But after the Holy Spirit came upon her and she received the Word of God, the Son of the Father, in her virginal womb, ‘Mary set out in haste into the hill country to a town in Judah’.

“Charity inflamed the Heart of Mary, and she was eager to be of service. She wished to communicate the Divine Fire (the Flame of Love!) that seemed to devour her, because the mark of true charity is self-denial, the forgetting of oneself and (embracing) personal sacrifice; and all of this is reflected in the true love of our neighbors.

“But what about me? Am I not held back by the need of human respect, my own convenience or my self-interest, from doing good on behalf of someone else? How often we avoid sacrifices that should be embraced, not only for the physical well being of others, but especially on behalf of their souls!

“And why does this occur? It is due to a lack of Love, that is, a lack of the Holy Spirit, because we are distant from His beneficial influence. And consequently we vegetate spiritually instead of living fully and working steadily toward eternal life. A soul who loves God conjoins its good works, its self denial and all its virtues with Love. But who is Love, if not the Holy Spirit?

“St. Elizabeth received the fullness of the Holy Spirit through Mary, in her visit, in her closeness, in her confidences, and through her Love. ‘When Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, she was filled with the Holy Spirit.’

“How sweet and compelling must have been the voice of the Mother of God…The Holy Spirit does not descend (fully) upon a (baptized) soul who does not love Mary…

“When Mary spoke to St. Elizabeth, both she and John the Baptist received the Holy Spirit. It was the Word of Mary that attracted Him. Wherever Mary went the Holy Spirit accompanied her. She was carrying Jesus, the Divine Word, who is inseparable from the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

This is why the Venerable Archbishop Luis Martinez has given us such an incredible insight that “it requires two to perfectly form Jesus Christ, the God-man…the Holy Spirit and Mary.” Mary brings the Holy Spirit fully into our lives, so without a personal relationship with Mary, it is impossible to have a complete, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is God’s inscrutable plan!

Prayer with Venerable Conchita:

“Mary, Mother of my heart whom I greatly love! You bring the Holy Spirit to all faithful people. Bring Him to me, and to my family and friends, that we may be sanctified. Recall those happy days when the Holy Spirit associated you with your Divine Son’s first apostolate, as He gave Himself to John the Baptist. He will continue to associate you with the Sanctification of souls until the end of the world.

“If Jesus comes to our souls through you, it is through you that I would be able to ascend to the Holy Spirit to know and love Him more and receive His Divine inspirations, all of which are reflected in you, His beloved Spouse. Amen!”

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Day 4 of “The Gift, the Love Between the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit” from Venerable Conchita

30 Days to the Gift, the Love Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit. From the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption to the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary from the Inspired Works of Venerable Conchita.

The Precursor of the Messiah, John the Baptist, was uniquely prepared in the womb of Elizabeth by the Holy Spirit, but all of the baptized are prepared by the Holy Spirit, as the works of God must be accompanied by the direct action of the Holy Spirit, especially when the Sanctification of souls is involved. “No one can Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit!”

The name John shows the fullness of the Holy Spirit, because it means “Grace of Yahweh”. Jesus, as the Word made flesh, merited all Graces through His Person, but those Graces are given to souls by the Holy Spirit through the Immaculate channel, the Blessed Virgin Mary. We must understand the critical role which all three Persons have in our Sanctification for the Glory of the Father and the salvation of souls! Our Lord’s mission as God and man was to offer complete Glory to the Father and to save all souls who will accept! This is our mission as well! We are indeed expected to imitate Jesus Christ! We must live no longer as I, but as Christ actually living in me! We must be willing to turn over all aspects of our life to be under the complete dominion of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Motherhood of Mary, who is charged with bringing our imitation into perfection, since she first cooperated by her self-giving and suffering love for Jesus, which was done for us her true children. We are indeed adopted brothers and sisters of Jesus. The Holy Spirit will transform us very gently once we commit, once we say our Fiat, and agree to never give up in advancing in Grace! The Holy Spirit does the work, we just must agree to cooperate and relish our littleness and poverty, just as St. Therese of Lisieux did!

John the Baptist saw the Holy Spirit descend on Jesus, as a vivid reminder to us that His human nature and our human nature must be guided at every moment by the Holy Spirit! As we grow in Grace by corresponding to Grace, we become consciously aware of the Holy Spirit in our soul and we develop a personal relationship with Him based in the Virtues, the Gifts and the Charisms, so we can live the Beatitudes of Jesus and Mary! But we can not perfect the Gifts, which perfect the Virtues, unless we daily learn to listen for the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in the “sacrament of the present moment” and respond to these inspirations by laying down our old selfish life. This is the crux of the Flame of Love Grace: God is now giving us an “express” elevator, but we must push the button, ride up in the elevator and walk off into the life of mental prayer and the Charity of the corporal and spiritual words of mercy, which Charity Jesus gave to all, especially His enemies and those most difficult to love. It is impossible for us to love our enemies without the Holy Spirit!

The effects of a soul being filled with the Holy Spirit are extensive, as God will use us to give Glory to the Father and help Him save countless souls. But we can not be formed into Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession and mothering of Mary, unless we are willing to embrace the humility and poverty of Jesus. He lived a life of sacrifice and suffering and we must consciously choose the same life! “If you wish to follow me, take up your Cross”!

No one better imitated Jesus and Mary in a life of sacrifice and poverty than John the Baptist, because he cooperated with the Holy Spirit perfectly! He taught us the rallying cry: “He must increase, I must decrease”! Let us pray for the intercession of St. John the Baptist! Few pray through him, yet our Lord Himself stated there was none greater than he born of a woman. Next to our Mother and St. Joseph, no one better knew and cooperated with the Holy Spirit! St. John the Baptist, pray for me to be always listening for the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Help me to know all I can about the Person of the Holy Spirit, my personal Advocate and best friend!

Prayer with Venerable Conchita:

“O Holy Spirit come! Take possession of me and transform my heart. Wash what is stained in me. With your light and fire, may I snatch souls away from Satan and consecrate them to You forever. Amen!”

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Day 3 of “The Gift, the Love Between the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit” from Venerable Conchita

30 Days to the Gift, the Love Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit. From the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption to the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary from the Inspired Works of Venerable Conchita.

Mary was totally possessed by the Holy Spirit from her Immaculate Concepcion, and she grew bringing to perfection her virtues in a way we can not understand. In the blessed soul of Mary, the Divine Spirit planted a beautiful garden that He watered with a continuous spring of His Gifts so that it would flourish with virtues and bear the fruit of Jesus, the Son of the Eternal God and her own Son. Let us contemplate Mary, not only full of Grace, but carrying within her the Author of all Grace who desired to become hers by means of the Holy Spirit.

From the Heart of Mary, full of the Holy Spirit, came forth the Heart of Jesus, the very Temple of the Comforter. How similar are these two Hearts! And what was the Divine way with which the Holy Spirit acted within them? That they should beat to the same rhythm; that they should receive the same blood that would be shed for the salvation of mankind! How heavenly intimate was the relationship among the Holy Spirit, Jesus and Mary! What a union of and mutual interfusion of Wills! This infinitely loving action of the Holy Spirit in those two most pure hearts is the source of Grace for the entire human race!

Jesus came into the world through the action of the Holy Spirit. Mary received Jesus through the Holy Spirit. But how do I receive the Holy Spirit? It is through the Sacraments, Prayer, and works of Charity, but especially in Holy Communion!

When I receive Communion, Jesus comes into my soul as He was within Mary! In this Sacrament, the Holy Spirit gives Him to me by means of the loving Will of the Father.

How little we think about the action of the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist, where He sacramentally brings about the Incarnation of the Divine Word in all who receive Him! Mary we thank you, because it is you who gave Jesus His Body and His Precious Blood that He would shed for our salvation!

Let us pray with Venerable Conchita:

“Oh Holy Spirit, how intimately you possessed the members of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Grant that I might also possess Jesus. May Your inspiration move me to think and act only for the glory of God and for the good of those with whom I come in contact, pouring out your Divine Charity in others.

“Most loving Mother, you who lived experiencing fully the divine action of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, bring forth His Reign upon this earth! I know the Holy Spirit descends upon those souls in whom He sees the design of your blessed image. Make this imprint in my soul that today I consecrate to you forever. Accept my soul, dear Mother; place within it your virtues, so that the Holy Spirit, as He contemplates your likeness, will come to me and pour out upon me the Graces that will bear the fruit of eternal life. Amen!”

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Day 2 of “The Gift, the Love Between the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit” from Venerable Conchita

30 Days to the Gift, the Love Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit. From the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption to the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary from the Inspired Works of Venerable Conchita.

When the Archangel Gabriel was sent by the Holy Trinity, he stated: “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you.” Mary, being full of humility, did not know how to respond, so the Holy Spirit inspired her to respond: “How can this be”. The Archangel Gabriel then gives us the key to concentrate and ponder as we think about how we are to be made like Jesus Christ: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.”

We, like Mary, must contemplate that it is only through and by the Holy Spirt that we can do anything supernatural, anything of God. We must be close to Mary, especially through our Consecration, Brown Scapular and daily Rosary, in order to have her help in knowing the Holy Spirit. Mary was and is His Spouse!

Mary’s response to God through Gabriel must be our response: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy Word.” This is our life long work, to correspond to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as Mary did, so we can take on the mind of Christ, because it is the heart with its desires and the mind with its thoughts that we either “put on the mind of Christ” and our Mother, or we will stay in our humanness and quest for selfish pleasure inspired by Satan and the world of original sin.

Only the Holy Spirit can cause us to put on the mind of Christ through Mary’s intercession, so we can also give ourselves to the Father in sacrifice, the complete Love of self-giving that Christ gave to the Father for His Glory and for the salvation of souls, souls who otherwise will be lost without this self-giving Love. This is our only purpose! We can not achieve our purpose without the Holy Spirit given in our Baptism and Confirmation and released by our conscious acceptance of His dominion over us and our need of a relationship each day with Him!

Let us pray with Venerable Conchita:

“Oh, Holy Spirit, I love You in Mary and in Jesus! How can we not thank you for Your fruitful action that made the earth flourish and brought us a Savior to make us happy!

I praise the designs of the Eternal Father, the Author of all creation, one with You and with the beloved Word, who willed to take upon Himself our very flesh for the expiation of sin and to bring us salvation.

Holy Spirit, Divine Love, give me the light and grace to know how to love the Father and the Word and You with and through Mary our Mother. Amen!”

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Day 1 of “The Gift, the Love Between the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit” from Venerable Conchita

30 Days to the Gift, the Love Between the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit. From the Eve of the Feast of the Assumption to the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary from the Inspired Works of Venerable Conchita.

One of the meanings of “God” is “He who gives Himself”. Let us imagine the Divine gaze of Love, of infinite pleasure, of the ineffable tenderness among the three Divine Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who eternally communicate their Love and Life to each other. However, we perceive a certain sense of sadness in the Trinity as they contemplate the sin of Adam and Eve, as their Love has been rejected. But we see their infinite Love overflow as they plan the Redemption, a work of infinite Love. This Gift of Divine Love brings about the Incarnation, in which God gives Himself to man. This is because God is Love and Love must give continuously.

The Son, who proceeds from the Love of the Father, offers to redeem man by taking on human nature and emptying Himself. He reminds the Father of the promise in Genesis 3:15 and that He will take flesh from an Immaculate Virgin in order to fulfill Divine Justice and Mercy. The Father reminds the Son that pride completely fills the earth and the Son states that He will humble Himself without limit. The Father reminds the Son that lust and desire for riches completely fill the earth. The Son states that He will be born in utter poverty and will take no pleasure in goods or the flesh. The Father reminds the Son that impurity and love of comfort fill the earth. The Son states that He will be totally pure, work for His daily bread and sacrifice Himself at every moment. The Father reminds the Son that He has been infinitely offended. The Son states that by being obedient to only the Will of the Father, He alone, as infinite Son, can blot out this infinite offense. The Father looks with infinite Love upon His Son and with a gaze of infinite gratitude. What an abyss of Love! Let us ponder on this sublime reality of infinite giving!

The Holy Spirit listening to this dialogue of Love, and being the Love between the Father and the Son, states His role that He will bring about the Immaculate Conception of the Woman, Most Holy Mary, as well as the Incarnation of the Son in the womb of this Pure Virgin, who will be His Spouse! By the great act of Divine giving, this Virgin will be the true Mother of God! She will remain sinless for her whole life at every moment by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the full cooperation of her will given to the Divine Will. She will continuously respond perfectly to the Love between the Father and the Son. How stupendous is the Love for Mary of the Holy Spirit! Oh, how the Father Loves His perfect daughter; oh how the Son Loves His perfect Mother; oh how the Holy Spirit Loves His perfect Spouse!

Let us pray: “Most Holy Trinity, I contemplate You and I love you in all Your infinite tenderness. In my littleness, I praise You Father, because You have given us Your own Son, the Eternal Word who came down to this world and offered Himself for us. And I praise You, Most Holy Spirit, who brought about the Incarnation. Most Beloved Spirit, give me a heart that is compassionate enough to really feel and appreciate the merciful kindness of the Most Holy Trinity, and grant that not with words but with deeds, I may prove my faithfulness. Amen!”

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Embracing the Harshest Part of the Cross in Our Weakness

Most of us, if we are honest, want little or nothing to do with the Cross, but as we have tried to be faithful to our sweet Lord and His Mother, we know we must seek to embrace the Cross, especially as we see Elizabeth Kindelmann, a lay person like us, who fully embraced the Cross.  One of the most bitter parts of the Cross is to accept the misunderstandings and the ridicule, especially from our family and friends, which will come when we are all in for the Lord and seek to live the Life of Christ at every moment.

Fr. Emile Neubert in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” gives us great insight into the truth of how this bitter part of the Cross must be accepted.  He teaches us:
“Your intentions will be misunderstood, your plans ridiculed, your activity blamed. Those to whom you might look for aid will prove indifferent to your work or else will go about tearing down what you have tried to build up. Those who should encourage you will disown you and put a stop to your enterprises. All kinds of obstacles will be raised against you, and people will declare with satisfaction…’I always said he would fail’.  The  Cross of your own choosing you carry joyfully enough. The Cross imposed by sickness and poverty you succeed in accepting with resignation. But the cross prepared for you by the ignorance, the stupidity, or the malice of men threatens to disgust you.  Still, it is this last cross which has the greatest redemptive power.

“Look at Jesus. Was it self imposed suffering with which He saved you?  Was it not rather the suffering caused by the ignorance, the stupidity and the maliciousness of men-of the very men whose functions and profession should have prompted them to aid Him in the work of redeeming their nation?…

But remember that suffering has no redemptive power of itself, but only when united with the sufferings of Jesus…In the shadow of the Cross, even the suffering caused by ignorant and malicious men, will become sweet to you. In it you will consider not the men who cause it, but Jesus and your Mother who thus invite you to participate in their redeeming mission; in it you will consider the souls which this redeeming mission will enable you to save.”

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Why Releasing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Is So Important and A New Help

Our Lord has made it very clear that we can do absolutely nothing without Him (He must cause or permit everything), but this becomes even more critical in pondering our eternal state of being and the place He has ordained for us.  Can we reach the place He desires for us without a conscious understanding of the Holy Spirit? The harsh truth is virtually all of us desire, think, speak and act without asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, without conscious participation in the Divine Will and in the Divine Thought and Inspiration. God so wants to change this right now….today on the Feast of Pentecost!

The Holy Spirit is groaning to be known and relished as a Person, as our greatest Friend and our constant Loving Guide for our desires, thoughts, words and actions.  We can not raise our desires, thoughts, words and actions to the supernatural level without the Gifts! It is impossible to do!  We have these Gifts from Baptism and Confirmation, but they lie dormant until we recognize them and begin to call upon the One who bestowed them upon us, who actually lives in our souls with the Father and Son when we are in a state of Grace! Often, they can be released by a powerful prayer experience where others (two or more in the name of Jesus who is present) assist us in calling for their release. Other times, we can release them more gradually through prayer, meditation and the worthy receipt of the Eucharist and Confession, especially diligent reading about the Holy Spirit and daily, impassioned prayer to the Holy Spirit. However, no matter how they are released, they will not grow, flourish and become the strong compass and motor of our daily life, unless we learn about them and what they can and will do in our daily existence, if we correspond completely to God’s Grace and His Love and desire for us!

One of the best learning tools for coming to know the Gifts is the work of Father Alexis Riuad, a French Priest, “The Holy Spirit Acting in Our Souls”.  This work is not widely available in English, but the key parts have been reproduced in “The Breeze of the Second Pentecost” by Barnabas Nwoye, a Nigerian mystic whose work has received the approval of His Bishop.  This Book also has one of the most practical descriptions of the Interior Life and Intimate, Divine Union that exists in the Church today. It some ways it is the “Little Way” of Divine Intimacy, and simplifies many subjects expressed by St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila. It does require several readings to extract its complete fruit, but only because of the way the Book was put together. The explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is worth reading alone.

When thinking deeply about our only purpose and the need to know the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, as well as the need for daily, intimate prayer to and with the Holy Spirit, the greatest theologian and thinker in our Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, made this simple but profound statement: “It is by the Holy Spirit that we are one with Christ.”

One of the key insights and affirmations of the Lord given to Barnabas Nwoye, confirms the same to many others like Venerable Conception Cabrera de Armida, Elizabeth Kindelmann and Ida Peerdeman, the approved mystic of Amsterdam and our Lady of All Nations: “But at the darkest point of your days, I will light the fire of Victory; I mean the fire of Love in the hearts of men. This is why I called you for the revival of Devotion to the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Pentecost among my people. Let all who are living in the dark wait at the Upper Room with prayer and sacrifice. The Light of Life is coming upon them. Rejoice…Do not turn back from the rood of perfection…All men will experience the Light I am setting upon the high place for peace and for salvation…”

Let us wait no longer to have the Holy Spirit as our Greatest Friend and to provide the daily and then moment by moment inspiration for all our desires, thoughts, actions and words!  Fiat! Fiat! Fiat! Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

         “Holy Spirit, transform me with Mary and in Mary into Christ Jesus for the glory of the Father and the salvation of the world. Amen! Alleluia!”

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