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Why We Need to Constantly Repent…Our Pride and Subtle Selfishness Always Deceive Us

We have discussed the need to repent constantly, but our pride and satan blind us to just how much we sin, at least venial sins, and this is especially true when we do not get our way or if we … Continue reading

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Hearing the Need For Repentance and Redemptive Suffering from the Lips of Jesus

When the Church approves Messages for our benefit, such as those to Elizabeth Kindelmann and St. Faustina, they are meant to be used, to be implemented…as St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catechism teach us…they are given to instruct and direct … Continue reading

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On the Reality of How Disgusting Our Sin Is and How We Offend God’s Goodness and Majesty

In order to attack our sin at the root, to make a serious effort to eradicate all mortal and willed venial sin (remember to be a sin, we must willfully consent to it), we must ponder deeply on how much … Continue reading

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