If you would like to add substantive comments on any blog post,  or have questions about what you read,  please email  If I believe they can add to the conversation, I will post them either as a new blog post or more likely below the original post with a note to readers that such new comments have been posted.  The purpose of the Forum is to prudently but quickly spread the Knowledge of God’s Spiritual Plan, especially the Great Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that as many souls as possible are saved from eternal damnation,  and further that we use every effort to be properly disposed to receive every Grace available from God to become Holy as He is Holy, as His Mother was Holy.  Thus,  it is unlikely that  comments will be posted unless they specifically add to or help the Mission.  May God bless you in every spiritual way!


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  1. Maureen O'Brien says:

    Tony, thank you so much for making the conference this past weekend so wonderful! Three of us came from Massachusetts and are still talking about it. We are praying and fasting now and will speak with our pastor, who is wonderful, in the next week about beginning a FOL Cenacle at our parish. We were all so spiritually filled by all we heard and saw at the Conference. I truly believe we were ignited with the Flame of Love and I have no doubt our pastor will bless us as we begin here at Corpus Christi. God bless you and your team there, and Johnette, Dr. Mark, Hugh, all all who ignited the Flame in our hearts. Such a Christ-incidence to see Fr. Jim Otto! He and his mom were with our group in Medjugorje shortly after he was ordained, and I hadn’t see him since! Our Lady keeps us all connected in her web of Love.

    Maureen O’Brien


    • Maureen, may God be glorified in your zeal! He chooses some, only to reach the others! Let us be humbled that He has asked us to be cooperators in such an extraordinary Mission! We are in the group of infants whom St. Louis de Montfort saw…now we must respond with total commitment to the war which has fully broken out. We win! We win! We win! God’s Plan proves He is in control, since an army of infants seems totally ridiculous to satan all who reject God and His Commandments! Just thinking about the image of an army of infants brings a smile to my face! How are they supposed to even move, let alone attack? They are infants! But God and His Mother can move them and use them for the surprising Victory! God always confounds the proud!

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