A Divine Insight of the Holy Spirit: Two Sanctifiers Are Necessary

We will revisit a number of posts on the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, as we move toward The Great Feast of our Redemption and The Gift of the Love between the Father and the Son.

When we realize that the Apostles despite having been Baptized, despite receiving the Eucharist, despite engaging in daily prayer and acts of Charity, did not become fearless warriors for Jesus Christ until after receiving the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we likewise must resolve to beg for the Holy Spirit as they did………with Mary.  It was the spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ, who led them during that time to properly receive this great Gift of the Love between the Father and the Son, so that the Holy Spirit finally and completely changed their lives to imitate Christ the way Mary did.  Why would it be different for us?

Elizabeth Kindelmann explained how God poured out a powerful stream of Grace into her soul. She stated: “He poured out the wonderful Grace of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Power, and the wonderful light of the Holy Spirit enlightened my soul.”

We have discussed previously in this Series on the Holy Spirit that part of the reason that the Graces from our Baptism and Confirmation have not been fully released is our failure to know and love the Holy Spirit the way we should. While we have heard, even many times before, the role of the Holy Spirit, most of us must admit with God’s Grace that we have little studied nor spent time getting to know Him. Few of us have an intimate, loving relationship with the Holy Spirit as a Person, who lives in our soul and has the Virtues, Gifts, and Charisms waiting to bestow on us for our Sanctification and to help build the Kingdom of God. Even the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Love given at our Baptism are smothered over time if we do not come to know and love the Holy Spirit! We must in all humility accept the truth of God’s Word in Scripture which states: it is only the Holy Spirit who fully reveals the knowledge of the Father and Son; and only The Holy Spirit can bring us into a loving relationship with Each such that we can be the praise of the Glory of the Father by being transformed into the Son.

Here are the two key insights from Scripture that should convict us and unveil why we progress so little despite our best human intentions: “No one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit,” and “No one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal Him.” So, we must admit that the Holy Spirit is the One who must fully reveal the Son and the Father to us, but how can this happen if we do not truly know the Holy Spirit and have an intimate relationship each day, each moment, with Him?

The Servant of God, Archbishop Luis Martinez, has written a masterpiece on the Holy Spirit entitled, “The Sanctifier”. He describes in great but understandable detail the role of the Holy Spirit in our soul and in our day to day life. Since God is Love, and to Love is to give, God the Father and God the Son give the Love between Them to us through Baptism and then strengthened again through Confirmation and then a continuing share in Their Divine Life through the Most Blessed Sacrament, the other Sacraments, Prayer and our acts of Charity. The Holy Spirit lives in us (assuming we are in a state of Grace) not only to possess us, but to be possessed by us! The Holy Spirit is ours…as pure unmerited Gift! He is the First Gift! We have the Divine Life within us! But without our cooperation through a constant, loving disposition (desire and effort), we cannot release His Love and Gifts into our souls to truly know the Father and Son. The Holy Spirit groans because His Love is unrequited and He can NOT perform His appropriated role of fully revealing the Father and the Son. Sadly, we are not willing to sell all and buy the field with the Treasure…the Pearl of Rare Price! We stand next to the woman at the well and listen as we hear: if you but knew the Gift of God!

So, because the Holy Spirit is so little known, and forgotten by those who do know Him, the Father wanting us to know and glorify Him through the Son, has raised up Exemplars like Elizabeth Kindelmann, Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, St. Hannibal di Francia, and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, as well as the Renewal or Pentecost Movement within the Church, so that we can know, desire and love the Holy Spirit as a Person, in order to truly know the Son and the Father!

Archbishop Martinez was given this powerful insight…an insight coming from something simple we have heard thousands of times….and it is such a powerful insight that hopefully it will change our life from this moment forward! Jesus, the Incarnate Word, was conceived by the Holy Spirit through the Virgin Mary. He explains: “That is the way Jesus is always conceived. This is the way He is reproduced in souls. He is always the fruit of Heaven and Earth…Two Sanctifiers are necessary to souls: the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, for they are the only ones who reproduce Christ.” Think about this! Ponder this! This is God pouring out His Wisdom and Love for us in this insight! We cannot glorify the Father without being transformed into the Son! But we cannot be transformed into the Son without a loving, intimate relationship with both Mary and the Hoy Spirit!

Now, they do sanctify in different ways. The Holy Spirit sanctifies by His Essence, because He is God, who is Infinite Sanctity. The Virgin Mary is the perfect cooperator, the indispensable instrument chosen by God for His Plan. She perfectly models the Holy Spirit and demonstrates it is possible for us, because she was a human being like us though free from sin from her conception by His Grace! But the Mother wants to give what she has and God wants/needs to Give new Gifts!

So, what does this practically mean to us? We must have both the Holy Spirit and Mary in our daily life to perfectly form Jesus within us for the Glory of the Father. Thus, those in the Renewal Movement who reject, ignore or downplay Mary will never progress as God desires! Similarly, those in the Marian Movement who reject, ignore or downplay the Holy Spirit will never progress as God desires! Mary and the Holy Spirit can and will lead us into the life of Jesus Crucified where His Sacred Heart beats in the Most Blessed Sacrament so we can perfectly fulfill the Will of the Father and be a praise of His Glory…so we can be a perfect copy and truly say: It is no longer I who live, it is Christ who lives in me.

So, let us commit today to do three things every day: beg the Father and Son for the Holy Spirit; learn all we can by reading and hearing all we can about the Holy Spirit; and pray with Mary to the Holy Spirit each day in a loving personal way and acknowledge Him in our soul throughout the day with a loving smile and frequent aspirations to know and love Him better… so He will reveal the Father and Son fully to us! Fiat!

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Love Filled With Repentance Gives God Exceptional Joy

Our Lord emphasized to Elizabeth Kindelmann the importance and power of our love for Him, especially when it is expressed as repentance for our sins and the sins of all who offend Him: “Love, filled with repentance intoxicates Me. Let everyone’s repentant love intoxicate Me…All must do their part in My saving work. In many souls this call (of Mine) is sleeping. They must awaken and not be lazy.”

Our Lord explained to St. Faustina as well as to Gabrielle Bossis how His Love is drawn to the worst sinners, and how He has chosen to need our cooperation through our repentant love in order to draw down His Grace upon them.  Once when Gabrielle was praying for some prostitutes as she walked by a brothel, she told the Lord of her desire for them to give up this terrible life. Our Lord responded: “I told you when you cannot enter a place, your prayer will enter. There is no sin that I cannot forgive, no soul fallen so low that I cannot heal.  You see in the Gospels how some people were scandalized (at His Love for sinners). I am always the same. My heart always goes out to the most unfortunate.  Love me, love intensely. You never know all that you can obtain and transform with your love on earth.  But I know.”

Gabrielle then acknowledged her incapacity to truly love.  Our Lord responded: “Take My Love, since you know it is yours, that it belongs to all My children. Offer it to the Father, with full assurance of your power over Him. And then ask, ask ask!…Have no confidence in yourself; expect nothing from your little resources. Then I will help you, for when you are emptied of self, I will be able to fill you. Admit your nothingness. And I, the All, will act in you. Put your feeble smallness often into My powerful hands. The power of a Father, a Bridegroom, what power My little child!  How glad you will be that you gave everything back to Me, everything…Give it back to Me with the sole desire of pleasing Me and working better for My glory…If you do this humbly and joyously, what joy you give Me!  I forget the suffering that so many cause Me and I take refuge with all My favors in your heart. We are happily at home…And there, within your heart, I have a place to rest My head.”

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Praise and Thanksgiving Increase the Gifts and Discernment of Inspirations of the Holy Spirit

(I felt a strong inspiration to remind us as we hit the halfway point of Lent that what follows below is the main reason why we don’t make the spiritual progress we so desire. Take note especially of what St. Therese has to say on thanksgiving).

We know from our Faith that God will grant us the Grace to respond to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit for our sanctification, but only if we truly love God and correspond with the effort of our free will to His Grace. St. Frances de Sales, Doctor of the Church, states: “…if we do not resist God’s Grace, He gives each of us the inspirations we need in order to live, act and maintain ourselves in the spiritual life.”  It is the Gifts of the Holy Spirit placed in our soul at Baptism and strengthened at our Confirmation and further strengthened with each worthy Holy Communion, which allow us to hear and respond consistently to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church, states that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit “prepare the soul to follow promptly the impulse of Divine inspiration.”  So, since the Gifts and Virtues of the Holy Spirit are essential to our growth in holiness, it is a matter of the greatest importance that we learn and practice all we can about the Gifts and how they open our faculties to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. But how do we activate and grow the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Our guide in this matter, Fr. Jacques Philippe, from “In the School of the Holy Spirit”, explains that the main reason that we do not receive the necessary Grace is: WE FAIL TO THANK GOD FOR THE GRACES HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN TO US (emphasis added).  He quotes St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor of the Church: “What most draws down graces from our dear Lord is gratitude, for if we thank Him for a gift, He hastens to give us ten more, and if we thank Him again with the same sincerity, what an incalculable multiplication of graces!  I have experienced this; try it and see.”

Fr. Jacques asks us to see and understand that our subtle ingratitude, our failure to recognize our nothingness and that everything…every single thing we have is Grace…pure Gift…is indeed what stifles Grace, especially since we do not consistently thank God for all the blessings and benefits of each moment of each day and simply take them for granted (our Faith, Hope, Love, talents, skills, parents, country, occupation, house, food).  Why is it that we are one of every three people in the world who believes in Christ?  Why are we not in the two of every three people who do not know or believe in Christ?  Why is it that we are a Catholic and not a Protestant?  How is it that we know and believe in the Most Blessed Sacrament? How is it that we are in the 1% of all people who actually can and do take advantage of this Gift of all Gifts on a daily basis?  How is it that we were chosen to know and receive the Extraordinary Flame of Love Grace?  All is Pure Gift of an All-Loving, Infinite God!  All we have is a gratuitous Gift!  Yet, we take these incredible Gifts of God for granted…or certainly we do not thank God often and profusely for these incredible Gifts of His Love.

So, what must we do?  We must change by begging for more Grace to be truly thankful each day and seek to practice praise and thanksgiving each day throughout the day, especially with formal prayers of praise and thanksgiving added to our daily prayer time; and with short bursts of praise and thanksgiving throughout the day….”Lord, I praise and thank you for everything You have given me!”  Next, we must give more time and effort devoted to praising and thanking God from our free time.  Worthily attending daily Mass with Holy Communion is the greatest way to thank and praise God!  If we are already doing that…then making a Holy Hour each week would be the next gift of praise and thanksgiving!  We must continue to give God more of our free time, which is now wasted on foolish things like TV, Internet and too much talking and entertainment.  Instead, we must use this wasted time to especially praise Him and thank Him for the Graces we have received.

Once we become consistent at this praise and thanksgiving, we will begin to see and feel new Graces bestowed and we will begin to be more patient and docile in listening for the inspirations of the Holy Spirit at each moment of the day.  We will then find we are growing closer to God and beginning to act more like His Mother and He would act in each situation of the day.  We will see our bad habits and laziness begin to change!  Come Holy Spirit, come into my daily life in a new and more powerful way with Your Gifts, and let me hear and act on all Your inspirations, so I may be Holy as You are Holy for Your Glory and the salvation of souls!  I praise and thank You for all the Graces I have ever received and will ever receive! Please, I beg You to do this through the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  By trusting in our Mother and taking and living the Flame of Love Grace, this process of gratitude for Grace is accelerated and made much more secure!  She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mediatrix of all Grace and Mother of perfect thanksgiving!  Fiat!

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Always Striving to Be in Intimate Union With Him…a Reality for Those Who Persevere in Trust

The greatest gift of the work given by God to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I” is the teaching of the practical application of living with His Will and doing His Will by being in the complete union of the devout life as Mary was.  Our Lord has given us an extraordinary Grace, the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to actually achieve this end of the Catholic, Christian life.  Our Lady’s only role is to take us into the Heart of Jesus Christ living within us with the Holy Spirit and the Father, so that we may live in His presence in Love at every moment.  Yes, it is easier said then done, but as we have learned, it is in the constant trying through God’s Grace by complete recognition of our nothingness that God moves to help us, since we are not capable of this union.  It is only when we give ourselves completely to God that He will give Himself completely to us.  Here is an excerpt that reemphasizes these key points:

“Oneness. I come back to this thought again and again.  Why do you live all alone when you can be in Me at every moment? In Me: that is Heaven…without the face to face vision and ecstasy.  Then practice this at-onement.  Practice adoration and tenderness. If you could only see Me as I am, what would you not do!  You would throw yourself at My feet. You would hold Me to your heart, thanking Me for My sufferings and blessings. You would ask My forgiveness for your willful faults and tell Me again of your love.  Act just as though you could see Me.  It’s such good practice for your Faith, and Faith brings Hope and Love.

“Picture Me as a living Being, loving you more than you could ever imagine even in your deepest longing. And keep before you the thought that this living Being, who gave His life for you, is waiting with infinite yearning for the moment of our Meeting. Wouldn’t you show Him your impatience too? And your joy?  Picture Me often this way, as a real Person, not just someone near you, but actually in you. One whose presence never leaves you (assuming one is in a state of Grace)…Tell Me how sorry you are for having grieved Me. Be aware of the fact that very little keeps you from seeing Me. Let your heart be stirred to its innermost depths as My eyes rest upon you. Don’t you have something to say to Me?  Won’t you give Me the balm of your love?…Long to be My beloved companion.”

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Understanding Why Mortification and Sacrifice are Necessary and Perfect

Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene gives us an important reminder for Lent on why we deny ourselves and practice extra sacrifices: “Mortification, which is suffering eagerly accepted for the love of God, is one of the greatest proofs of love that we can give Him. It means freely giving up a satisfaction or a pleasure in order to impose on ourselves, for love of God, something which is contrary to our natural inclinations; we thus prove that we prefer to satisfy God rather than ourselves. Every act of voluntary mortification, whether physical or moral, says to God, ‘Lord, I love you more than myself.’  And since a soul in love has an ardent desire to give proof of its love, it is very vigilant not to miss a single opportunity for renunciation.”

Fr. Gabriel explains further: “The value of voluntary mortification consists much more in the good will with which it is practiced than in the intensity of the suffering which is imposed….From this point of view, a slight mortification, done with all the love of which a soul is capable has greater value than a painful penance performed in a material way with no interior spirit…Contemplating Jesus Crucified, the soul feels that, even if it is mortifying itself much for love of Him, its sacrifices and renunciations amount to very little , and instead of conceiving sentiments of vain complacency for mortifications already practiced, it feels the need of humbling itself and always doing more.”

He points us to St. Therese of Lisieux, the master of offering the littlest things with joy, because she knew without Jesus, she could offer no big sufferings: “For Love’s sake, I wish to suffer and rejoice; so shall I strew my flowers…singing all the while, I will scatter my petals before You.  Should my roses be gathered amid thorns, I will sing notwithstanding, and the longer and sharper are the thorns, the sweeter will grow my song.”

The lesson for all of us is that we can always do more than we are doing,  but we must ask the Holy Spirit for the Gifts, especially Fortitude and Piety, so that the Grace to mortify ourselves will be given, so that we can have the power to do what as of now seems impossible, and this burden will instead become sweet and joyful.  It is only in the Holy Spirit that this power to overcome our flesh resides.

Consider this extra practice of Love for the Holy Spirit this Lent: read and meditate with “Holy Spirit Make Your Home In Me” by Fr. George Montague, SM.

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How God Enjoys You Now on Earth

When we meditate on what God has given to us in the Gift of Understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit, it often boggles the mind….especially the incredible, intimate Love He displays for us and makes us experience, even though we are often miserable sinners who constantly fail to respond to that intimate Love.  But He keeps pursuing us with the Divine Ingenuity, and the more we read, ponder and meditate on this Love, the more we must at least try and respond. And as we have discussed many times in the Divine Antidote blog, it is in our pursuit of Grace in the constant, daily trying, and in never giving up, that advancement in Love occurs through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our Lord explains His Love over and over to Gabrielle Bossis, but with such Divine power that it never seems to repeat. He states that those who read and meditate with this Masterpiece (“He and I”), will become members of the “family of His most intimate friends”.  How does one reject that offer?  The key is to read just a little each day, begging for the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to understand God’s Love, and then to continue reading and meditating with it for the rest of one’s life. So, that we may achieve that Divine promise: to be able to Love God with His Own Will, which is Divine Love and Mercy Itself.

Our Lord’s intimacy is so overwhelming when one reads “He and I” through and in the Holy Spirit.  He states to Gabrielle: “Give me the joy of helping and transforming you. Surrender everything….Tell Me often about your great longing. Do you think I would resist? That would be to misunderstand Me…I am the Ravisher. Don’t struggle. And because you let yourself be taken captive, I will bring you into My secret garden among the flowers and the fruit. You will wear the wedding ring upon your finger.  Your step will be in tune with Mine and I will stoop down to your littleness so that we may talk together easily.  How beautiful it will be like that My friend, My little soul….And as you gaze on Me, you will understand that the suffering which passes leads to Life Eternal…and you will say, ‘You were nothing but goodness and mercy and I didn’t know it.’  Then the veil will be rent and you will have the face to face vision of all that I suffered for you.”

Our Lord then gives Gabrielle this amazing insight: “Keep this thought always before you: it is when you are living on earth that I enjoy you, My beloved faithful ones…But in Heaven, it will be you who will enjoy Me.”

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One of the Greatest Effects of the Flame of Love Grace: Freedom as a Child of God

Our Lord has told us through Elizabeth Kindelmann, (confirming what has been told to Sister Lucia and her cousins of Fatima and Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam) that one of the extraordinary effects of the Grace is the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. She will be known and venerated by all people of good will as the Mother of God, and she will bring the reign of the Holy Spirit into the world.  In addition, one of the very specific effects of the “Greatest Grace” given to mankind in 2,000 years is that those who correspond and nourish the Grace in their souls with great zeal will experience the Divine Love in a palpable way, which God describes to her as a “holy trembling”.  Ultimately, the Grace is designed to allow us to achieve the level of union with God described by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, and further elucidated by God through St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina, St. Hannibal Di Francia, Blessed Dina Belanger, and Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida. St. John Paul II described this Signal Grace as the “New and Divine Holiness”.

This state to which this Grace calls us is to experience “the freedom of the children of God”.  Our pride, ego, selfishness, sinfulness, love of comfort and our own opinion constantly block Grace and prevent us from union with God.  We compound the problem by trying to fix these defects ourselves by relying on our will power to pray more and do more.  This solution is driven by our subtle pride through Satan’s constant influence, which the Flame of Love Grace can disable! Our subtle pride causes us to forget or not realize that we can do absolutely nothing without Him, and so we feel even less free and more discouraged and ineffective, and often fall back to our old ways or even worse.

Fr. Jacques Philippe inspired by the Holy Spirit shares this Gift of Understanding of God’s Wisdom: “If we submit to God’s Will, initially our will seeks to recoil.”  But God in His Wisdom knows what is good for our joy now and for all of eternity, and His Love requires Him to continue to pursue us with Grace in order to give us every possible opportunity to increase our joy and love now and for all eternity. God’s Will is perfect and therefore whatever He prunes in us will never remove the beauty of the person He has chosen to come into existence with all the talents and dreams of goodness for others, which He has placed within us.  Most people are afraid of losing what they most like and desire (especially food and comfort!!), but God wants us to have much more joy than the measly happiness we get from our senses. Our senses must be purged of these human things, which St. John of the Cross calls the dark night, and we do indeed initially recoil and rebel against the necessary pruning of these things which hold us back from Divine union!  But God will do the pruning if we but persist in His Grace and never give up! It is in the getting up in Grace each time we fall that Holiness occurs!

Fr. Jacques describes the freedom in joy which God wants us to understand with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: “…people who go through life with the Lord and let themselves be led by Him experience a growing feeling of freedom. Their hearts are not constrained or stifled and “breathe” ever more freely….Those who (live) with God feel free; they have nothing to fear. They are not subject to control, but on the contrary that everything works together for their good, whether favorable or unfavorable circumstances, good or bad.  They feel that everything belongs to them, because God belongs to them. They are not subject to conditions but always do what they want, because what they want to do is Love, and that is always within their power. Nothing can separate them from the God they Love….like little children, they don’t (rebel) because they are totally dependent on their parents, but just the reverse, because their dependence is an exchange of Love…Their way of loving consists of the joy of receiving , and turning what they receive into Love.”

Fr. Jacques Philippe concludes with this masterpiece of insight into the Divine life, which the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary calls us to experience more quickly and securely than ever before: “All of this means that if we want the apparent contradictions between God’s Will and our freedom to be resolved, we must ask the Holy Spirit for the Grace to love God more”….and the problem will be solved by God for us! So, this is the great insight which God has given to Elizabeth Kindelmann and many other exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness”… we must ask, we must beg for the Grace to love God as much as possible now and for all eternity by asking to Love Him with His own Love!  We must keep asking and trusting…and He Will do it! He will give us this Grace to love Him with His own Love! Never give up asking for this Grace!  Very gradually and tailored to each unique personality, He will prune away all our defects which hold us back from loving with His own Love. Trust obtains all spiritual things, especially the freedom to be a child of God!

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