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Understanding the Cell of God In Our Soul: From Mud to Living Water

In a previous post on daily, intimate prayer, we discussed how we slowly but surely come to know the constant presence of the Trinity within us, and we especially appropriate this presence to our Greatest Friend and Sanctifier, the Holy … Continue reading

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Entering Into Intimate Prayer: the Beginning of the Heart to Heart Conversation

Father Timothy Gallagher has some very wise counsel as we commit to daily intimate prayer and learn the framework for meditation, using the Gospels or other classic spiritual writing about the life of Christ, where we employ both our reasoning … Continue reading

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Using the Gospels for Daily Intimate Prayer: the Specific Framework

As we have discussed, daily, intimate prayer is necessary…one could say it is the critically important foundation…in order to grow closer to God…to journey the path to the transforming union God so desires with us.  Virtually all of us must … Continue reading

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How the Presence of God in Prayer Leads to Awareness of the Continuous Presence of God Within our Souls

We now take up the work of Gabrielle Bossis from “He and I” to get further insight on the importance of daily, intimate prayer.  Gabrielle lamented how our lack of trust causes us to run away from His presence within … Continue reading

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The Primacy of God’s Action in Daily, Intimate Prayer

We have discussed the most important aspect, which is our personal disposition to daily, intimate prayer (spending at least 15 minutes in love with God each and ever day beyond anything else we are now doing in our spiritual life). … Continue reading

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Intimate Daily Prayer is Permanent Enrollment in the Divine School of Love

Fr. Jacques Philippe uses this image of School to help us see the need to know that we are still tiny infants in truly understanding God and His Infinite Love for us, and that we must acquire by Grace through experiential knowledge each … Continue reading

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The Second Great Impediment to Intimate Prayer

We have set the stage through Father Jacques Philippe’s great help in his classic “Time for God” on the critical importance of Intimate Prayer (also known as Mental Prayer) every single day, otherwise we remain stuck in the Journey to … Continue reading

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