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The Army of Little Infants Under the Influence of the Tiniest General of Love

What is so amazing about Elizabeth Kindelmann is that she had virtually no education, no money, no status and was basically a homeless orphan in her early days living in a communist country!  She truly was an absolute nobody in … Continue reading

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Complete Purification of the Holy Spirit Requires Complete Detachment Even from Spiritual Joys

As we progress toward union with God, we must go through a deep purification of both our senses and our spirit.  God raised up St. John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila to explain these realities, but then … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit Lowers the Ramp for the Ark Through the Deluge of Satan

There are some who will be tempted to believe that God will allow the events of the recent past and especially the last few years, which overturn His Commandments and His Natural Law, to continue unabated into the future.  Most … Continue reading

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Priests and Lay Faithful United: Overcoming the Storm of Satan with God’s Special Graces

Since at least 1854, God has been preparing His Church and people for the height of the Storm of Satan. Satan through sly machinations continues his mission to banish God’s Church from the earth, especially by destroying the priesthood and … Continue reading

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On Reminding Ourselves of the Need to Take up Our Cross with Jesus and Mary

In several prior posts we have discussed the need to suffer and to unite these sufferings with the merits of Jesus and Mary (see August 29, June 3 and March 16) as Elizabeth Kindelmann so faithfully did.  Our Lord also … Continue reading

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Sharing Complete Union with Mary is the Joy of Jesus and our Joy!

Throughout the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann, we see her experience great joy, despite the intense suffering and sacrifice she chose to accept for Love.  Often she was given new sips of Joy to strengthen her for further sufferings, and … Continue reading

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How Do We Know We Have Trust and Confidence in God’s Mother?

Elizabeth Kindelmann made a decisive choice, which we also must make: to rely on Mary and Jesus for everything…to the point that we must be willing to give up attachment to everything. This is admittedly impossible from a human standpoint, … Continue reading

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