Embracing the Harshest Part of the Cross in Our Weakness

Most of us, if we are honest, want little or nothing to do with the Cross, but as we have tried to be faithful to our sweet Lord and His Mother, we know we must seek to embrace the Cross, especially as we see Elizabeth Kindelmann, a lay person like us, who fully embraced the Cross.  One of the most bitter parts of the Cross is to accept the misunderstandings and the ridicule, especially from our family and friends, which will come when we are all in for the Lord and seek to live the Life of Christ at every moment.

Fr. Emile Neubert in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” gives us great insight into the truth of how this bitter part of the Cross must be accepted.  He teaches us:
“Your intentions will be misunderstood, your plans ridiculed, your activity blamed. Those to whom you might look for aid will prove indifferent to your work or else will go about tearing down what you have tried to build up. Those who should encourage you will disown you and put a stop to your enterprises. All kinds of obstacles will be raised against you, and people will declare with satisfaction…’I always said he would fail’.  The  Cross of your own choosing you carry joyfully enough. The Cross imposed by sickness and poverty you succeed in accepting with resignation. But the cross prepared for you by the ignorance, the stupidity, or the malice of men threatens to disgust you.  Still, it is this last cross which has the greatest redemptive power.

“Look at Jesus. Was it self imposed suffering with which He saved you?  Was it not rather the suffering caused by the ignorance, the stupidity and the maliciousness of men-of the very men whose functions and profession should have prompted them to aid Him in the work of redeeming their nation?…

But remember that suffering has no redemptive power of itself, but only when united with the sufferings of Jesus…In the shadow of the Cross, even the suffering caused by ignorant and malicious men, will become sweet to you. In it you will consider not the men who cause it, but Jesus and your Mother who thus invite you to participate in their redeeming mission; in it you will consider the souls which this redeeming mission will enable you to save.”

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