Why Releasing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Is So Important and A New Help

Our Lord has made it very clear that we can do absolutely nothing without Him (He must cause or permit everything), but this becomes even more critical in pondering our eternal state of being and the place He has ordained for us.  Can we reach the place He desires for us without a conscious understanding of the Holy Spirit? The harsh truth is virtually all of us desire, think, speak and act without asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, without conscious participation in the Divine Will and in the Divine Thought and Inspiration. God so wants to change this right now….today on the Feast of Pentecost!

The Holy Spirit is groaning to be known and relished as a Person, as our greatest Friend and our constant Loving Guide for our desires, thoughts, words and actions.  We can not raise our desires, thoughts, words and actions to the supernatural level without the Gifts! It is impossible to do!  We have these Gifts from Baptism and Confirmation, but they lie dormant until we recognize them and begin to call upon the One who bestowed them upon us, who actually lives in our souls with the Father and Son when we are in a state of Grace! Often, they can be released by a powerful prayer experience where others (two or more in the name of Jesus who is present) assist us in calling for their release. Other times, we can release them more gradually through prayer, meditation and the worthy receipt of the Eucharist and Confession, especially diligent reading about the Holy Spirit and daily, impassioned prayer to the Holy Spirit. However, no matter how they are released, they will not grow, flourish and become the strong compass and motor of our daily life, unless we learn about them and what they can and will do in our daily existence, if we correspond completely to God’s Grace and His Love and desire for us!

One of the best learning tools for coming to know the Gifts is the work of Father Alexis Riuad, a French Priest, “The Holy Spirit Acting in Our Souls”.  This work is not widely available in English, but the key parts have been reproduced in “The Breeze of the Second Pentecost” by Barnabas Nwoye, a Nigerian mystic whose work has received the approval of His Bishop.  This Book also has one of the most practical descriptions of the Interior Life and Intimate, Divine Union that exists in the Church today. It some ways it is the “Little Way” of Divine Intimacy, and simplifies many subjects expressed by St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila. It does require several readings to extract its complete fruit, but only because of the way the Book was put together. The explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is worth reading alone.

When thinking deeply about our only purpose and the need to know the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, as well as the need for daily, intimate prayer to and with the Holy Spirit, the greatest theologian and thinker in our Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, made this simple but profound statement: “It is by the Holy Spirit that we are one with Christ.”

One of the key insights and affirmations of the Lord given to Barnabas Nwoye, confirms the same to many others like Venerable Conception Cabrera de Armida, Elizabeth Kindelmann and Ida Peerdeman, the approved mystic of Amsterdam and our Lady of All Nations: “But at the darkest point of your days, I will light the fire of Victory; I mean the fire of Love in the hearts of men. This is why I called you for the revival of Devotion to the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Pentecost among my people. Let all who are living in the dark wait at the Upper Room with prayer and sacrifice. The Light of Life is coming upon them. Rejoice…Do not turn back from the rood of perfection…All men will experience the Light I am setting upon the high place for peace and for salvation…”

Let us wait no longer to have the Holy Spirit as our Greatest Friend and to provide the daily and then moment by moment inspiration for all our desires, thoughts, actions and words!  Fiat! Fiat! Fiat! Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

         “Holy Spirit, transform me with Mary and in Mary into Christ Jesus for the glory of the Father and the salvation of the world. Amen! Alleluia!”

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