Smiling Always at God Within Leads to Daily Joy and Union

In the Post from last June 25, we talked about the importance of giving God joy by always smiling at Him within our soul throughout the day.  Here is another insight from our Lord in “He and I” given to Gabrielle Bossis, maybe the greatest spiritual classic in the history of the Church on the daily, intimate life lived in union with Jesus Christ, which in various places emphasizes the coming Grace of living with God’s Will as Mary did.

Our Lord to Gabrielle: “Don’t you find that the inward smiles I’ve asked for and that you give Me make your life joyous?  And don’t you think that your neighbor will notice this radiant peace and find comfort in it? A personal Grace very rarely fails to brim over to everyone. It’s the overflow of My Love that always spreads out in freshets in all directions. Accept everything from Me, child, as a faithful and docile instrument, ready to echo it all to the whole world with the ardent longing for My Glory.

“You often ask that My Kingdom may come. Aren’t you happy if you can contribute to the coming of this Kingdom?  This is why you need to be Holy- to increase My Glory. Think about this.

“Believe in the effectiveness of your work as part of the universal work of the saints. Think of the ‘living stone’ that you are adding to the spiritual house, this stone that no one else but you is called upon to place in just the same position. This should encourage you to make efforts of every kind. Some of them remain a secret between you and Me, and aren’t they the most charming because of their intimacy?

“Above all, don’t ever grow weary of our intimacy. Vary. Improvise. Perfect. Increase.  Call upon the Holy Spirit of Love to help you. Ask My Mother to show you, she who never left Me. Even when you feel good for nothing, give Me this nothing.  Didn’t I create with nothing?

“All I ask of you is the will to give yourself to Me at all times, in cloud or sunshine. And I will take you into the happy Upper Room of My servants and My friends…

“Instead of thinking that you are working for yourself, why not think that it is for Me all day long.  My meals, My walks, My garden, My room, My mending.  Won’t that be more tender?…Don’t ever give way to the distress that keeps you aloof from Me. Be sure that My goodness is infinitely greater than the sinfulness of My children.”

As mentioned in the first article in this series on “He and I” from our Lord to Gabrielle Bossis, He always asked her to smile at Him within her and to smile at Him in others.  He constantly reminded her that He was truly within her (with the Father and Holy Spirit) as long as we are in a state of Grace, and even when others drove Him out with mortal sin, as their Creator, there is still a trace of Him which He wants acknowledged by us in everyone whom He has created, since nothing exists without His cooperation.

Our Lord so desires this from us to comfort Him for the billions of people who never think about Him, because they either don’t know Him or don’t care to speak with Him even if they believe in His existence.  He further reminds Gabrielle that everything He does or permits is for our ultimate spiritual good for all eternity, a much greater eternal reward of Love; and therefore in those who are truly striving to please Him, He expects constant joy from us.  And His Great Joy is to see us constantly in union with Him in thought and word, and our joy to know and relish His Presence within us.  This Joy should take the form of a smile as often as we think about Him within us.  This is the sole purpose of His giving us the Gift of “He and I” through Gabrielle, so we can finally come to know and experience, truly experience, in our daily life this Joy that only God can give to those who desire to know and love Him now (as far as one can in this life) as in Heaven, and who seek to give this same Joy back to God.

Our Lord taught Gabrielle as He did St. Therese, the need for Faith and Trust.  He taught her: “Believe in My Love and you will have over and above all you ask or think….The Three Equal Persons are for you, for everyone. Try to think often of Their Presence in you. It is Love.”  Here are just a few examples of the many times He reminded her to smile:

–“Continue Me. Smile in your soul when you look at Me.”

–“Don’t aim at saying an exact number of wordy prayers. Just love me simply: a look of your heart, the tender smile of a friend.”

–“Take the little daily trials with a smile and you will dress My wounds.”

–“Today, I will take every smile of yours for Myself.”

–“Smile at everyone and I will make your smile a blessing.”

–“The joy of having more of Me brings about all other joys.”

–(Do) You understand, if you keep smiling before My face, you will always have a smile for others, and it will warm their hearts.”

–Be full of joy when you are misunderstood or overlooked, because this makes you just like Me.”

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