Understanding our Duty in Meditating Always on the Passion and the Eucharist

Our beautiful Mother instructed Venerable Mary of Agreda on the constant need to thank our sweet Lord for His Passion and Death and to be in love with the Blessed Sacrament: “You should respond to the (outpouring) of Redemption as if it were solely for your benefit, and as if all of the (benefit) would be lost, if you did not profit from its Blessings. So much must you esteem the Redemption; for in the Love which caused my most Holy Son to die for you, He looked upon you with as great an affection as if you had been the only one that needed the remedy of His Passion and Death.

“This is the standard by which you must measure your obligations and your gratitude. Since you see then the base and dangerous forgetfulness of men in regard to this benefit, and you know that for these very people their God and Creator has died, it should be your earnest work to compensate Him for their neglect by your ardent love, as if the proper return for His benefits was left entirely to your fidelity and gratitude alone. At the same time, grieve over the blind folly of men in despising eternal Love and in treasuring up for themselves the wrath of the Lord by frustrating the boundless effects of His Love for the world….There are no words which can describe the bitterness of my soul (in seeing My Son die for many ungrateful people); but the contemplation of (my sorrow) should cause you to esteem no hardship too great, to seek no rest or consolation on earth, except to suffer and die for Christ…”

“I wish you to ponder what a horrible crime it is in the eyes of the Lord, in mine, and in all the eyes of the saints, that men should despise and neglect the frequent reception of Holy Communion, and that they approach it without preparation and fervent devotion…For if I who was innocent of any hindrance of sin and filled with all Graces, sought to increase my fitness for this favor by such fervent acts of Love, humility and gratitude, consider what efforts you and the other children of the Church, who every day and hour incur new guilt and blame, must make in order to prepare yourselves for the beauty of the Divinity and humanity of my most Holy Son?  What excuse can those men give at the Last Judgment, who have despised this ineffable Love, which they had always present in the Holy Church…Be amazed at this insanity as were the holy angels, and guard yourself against falling into this same error.”

Let us do the Divine Mercy Novena today and every day!  Let us ask St. Faustina, the Secretary of God’s Mercy to intercede for us, so we may like her, and Elizabeth Kindelmann, be focused solely on reparation for our sin and the sin of all, especially those who most despise God and the Passion and Death of His Son.  Let us be those who every day meditate on the Passion and prepare to receive worthily the Greatest Gift we can ever receive, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, true God and true man!  Happy and Blessed Easter!  Rejoice!

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