Reemphasizing the Truth of the Need to Suffer Now and to Meditate Daily on the Passion of our Lord

While we have discussed this in many posts, this lamentation from our Blessed Mother to Venerable Mary of Agreda from the masterpiece, “City of God”, may be the most striking to our senses, and one of the most important Gifts of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom from the Holy Spirit, which we we can receive to perfect our Faith, Hope and Charity.  Our Mother describes the agony in the Garden of our Lord for our sins, for our ungratefulness, and especially the fact that many souls freely and purposely reject the offer of salvation our Lord won for them by His extreme suffering and death for them…and thus go to their eternal ruin despite His Mercy:

“My daughter,  in all that you are made to understand and to write concerning these mysteries, you draw upon yourself and upon all souls, a severe judgment, if you do not overcome your (lack of courage), ingratitude and baseness, by meditating day and night on the Passion and Death of Jesus Crucified.  This is the great science of the saints, so little heeded by the worldly; it is the bread of life and the spiritual food of the little ones, which gives Wisdom to them, and the lack of which starves the lovers of this proud world (Wis 15: 3). In this science, I wish you to be studious and wise, for with it you can buy yourself all good things (Wis 7: 11).  My Son taught us this science when He said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no one comes to the Father, except through Me.’ (John 4: 16). Tell them my daughter: if my Lord and Master has made Himself the Life and the Way for men through His Passion and Death, is it not evident that in order to go that way and live up to this Truth, you must follow Christ crucified, afflicted, scourged and affronted?

“Consider the ignorance of men who wish to come to the Father without following Christ, since they expect to reign with God without suffering or imitating His Passion, yes without even a thought of accepting any part of His suffering and Death, or of thanking Him for it. They want it to procure for them the pleasures of this life as well as eternal life, while Christ, their Creator, has suffered the most bitter pains and torments in order to enter Heaven and to show them by His example how they are to find the way of Light.

“Eternal rest is incompatible with the shame of not having duly labored for its attainment. He is not a true son or daughter of His Father, who does not imitate Him, nor is he a good disciple, who does not follow His Master…nor do I count him a devoted child, who does not suffer with me and my Divine Son.

“But our love for the  eternal salvation of men obliges us, who see them forgetful of this Truth and so adverse to suffering, to send them labors and punishments, so that if they do not freely welcome them, they may at least be forced to undergo them, and so be enabled to enter upon the way of salvation….In many of the faithful, this ignorance goes still further; for some of them expect to be distinguished by God’s intimate Love, others to be pardoned without penance, others to be highly favored. Nothing of this will they obtain: BECAUSE THEY DO NOT ASK IN THE NAME OF CHRIST THE LORD, AND BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WISH TO IMITATE HIM AND FOLLW HIM IN HIS PASSION.” (Emphasis added)

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