Further Insight Into Suffering and Sacrifice as Our Daily Bread and Eternal Glory

In the exceptional work, “The City of God”, given to Venerable Mary of Agreda, which has long been approved by and recommended by Holy Mother Church for our edification, there are numerous teachings on the lifelong role of sacrifice and suffering in the lives of our Lord and our Mother.  Our beautiful Mother taught Venerable Mary of Agreda, just as she taught Elizabeth Kindelmann, of the critical need to imitate her Son and her own sacrifice and suffering, which she also offered for our salvation: “My daughter…my Son and I with Him, in our ardent Love,  embraced the way of the Cross and suffering for the whole course of our natural life….you must strive to follow it closely in your daily life…

“This duty grows upon you from the day on which my Son has chosen you as a bride, and will oblige you more and more, so you can not evade the duty of embracing and loving hardships to such an extent,  that your greatest pain shall be to be without hardships.  Renew every day this desire in your heart, for I wish you to be very proficient in this science, which the world abhors so much. But remember at the same time, that God does not afflict creatures merely for the sake of afflicting them, but in order to make them more capable and worthy of receiving the blessings and treasures prepared for them beyond all human conception (1 Cor 2: 9)…

“If all bodily suffering merits its crown, a much greater crown is merited by the patient endurance and pardoning of injuries, and by returning good for them, as we acted with Judas…If then God suffers and bears with us so much, how much must one poor worm of the earth bear with another, since both are of the same nature and condition?  By the light of this Truth, and by the Charity of the Lord…, you must (increase) the amount of (your) patience and long suffering with others and zeal for their salvation. I do not say that you must therefore permit what is against the honor of God, for that would not be true zeal for you neighbor; but you must love them as creatures of the Lord and abhor sin.  You must suffer and ignore whatever is done to you, always seeking…the salvation of others.

“Do not lose Heart when you see no immediate fruit, but continue to present to the Eternal Father, the merits of my most holy Son, my intercession, and that of the saints and angels; for as God is Charity, and as they are ministers of the Most High, they will gladly make use of this same Charity for the benefit of those who are still on their (earthly) pilgrimage.”

Let us remember this Truth, which our Mother has made clear to Venerable Mary of Agreda, to Elizabeth Kindelmann, to St. Faustina, to St. Therese and many other models for us, that  God has chosen you and me, and all those who will respond to the call of daily sacrifice and suffering, because He seeks to allow us to be as close to Him as possible in this life; AND BECAUSE HE MUST GIVE OF HIMSELF,  AND HE SO DESIRES YOU TO SHARE (TO A MUCH GREATER DEGREE THAN THOSE WHO WILL NOT RESOND) IN THIS TREASURE OF LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY! BUT ONLY IF WE SUFFER WITH HIM NOW!

Lord, we beg You for this Grace for everyone who reads these words, for we can not do this unless You do it for us, and we trust that You will because You are a good, good Father! It is indeed who You are!  We praise and we thank you for Your Mercy and Goodness to us!

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