Love Filled With Repentance Gives God Exceptional Joy

Our Lord emphasized to Elizabeth Kindelmann the importance and power of our love for Him, especially when it is expressed as repentance for our sins and the sins of all who offend Him: “Love, filled with repentance intoxicates Me. Let everyone’s repentant love intoxicate Me…All must do their part in My saving work. In many souls this call (of Mine) is sleeping. They must awaken and not be lazy.”

Our Lord explained to St. Faustina as well as to Gabrielle Bossis how His Love is drawn to the worst sinners, and how He has chosen to need our cooperation through our repentant love in order to draw down His Grace upon them.  Once when Gabrielle was praying for some prostitutes as she walked by a brothel, she told the Lord of her desire for them to give up this terrible life. Our Lord responded: “I told you when you cannot enter a place, your prayer will enter. There is no sin that I cannot forgive, no soul fallen so low that I cannot heal.  You see in the Gospels how some people were scandalized (at His Love for sinners). I am always the same. My heart always goes out to the most unfortunate.  Love me, love intensely. You never know all that you can obtain and transform with your love on earth.  But I know.”

Gabrielle then acknowledged her incapacity to truly love.  Our Lord responded: “Take My Love, since you know it is yours, that it belongs to all My children. Offer it to the Father, with full assurance of your power over Him. And then ask, ask ask!…Have no confidence in yourself; expect nothing from your little resources. Then I will help you, for when you are emptied of self, I will be able to fill you. Admit your nothingness. And I, the All, will act in you. Put your feeble smallness often into My powerful hands. The power of a Father, a Bridegroom, what power My little child!  How glad you will be that you gave everything back to Me, everything…Give it back to Me with the sole desire of pleasing Me and working better for My glory…If you do this humbly and joyously, what joy you give Me!  I forget the suffering that so many cause Me and I take refuge with all My favors in your heart. We are happily at home…And there, within your heart, I have a place to rest My head.”

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