Always Striving to Be in Intimate Union With Him…a Reality for Those Who Persevere in Trust

The greatest gift of the work given by God to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I” is the teaching of the practical application of living with His Will and doing His Will by being in the complete union of the devout life as Mary was.  Our Lord has given us an extraordinary Grace, the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to actually achieve this end of the Catholic, Christian life.  Our Lady’s only role is to take us into the Heart of Jesus Christ living within us with the Holy Spirit and the Father, so that we may live in His presence in Love at every moment.  Yes, it is easier said then done, but as we have learned, it is in the constant trying through God’s Grace by complete recognition of our nothingness that God moves to help us, since we are not capable of this union.  It is only when we give ourselves completely to God that He will give Himself completely to us.  Here is an excerpt that reemphasizes these key points:

“Oneness. I come back to this thought again and again.  Why do you live all alone when you can be in Me at every moment? In Me: that is Heaven…without the face to face vision and ecstasy.  Then practice this at-onement.  Practice adoration and tenderness. If you could only see Me as I am, what would you not do!  You would throw yourself at My feet. You would hold Me to your heart, thanking Me for My sufferings and blessings. You would ask My forgiveness for your willful faults and tell Me again of your love.  Act just as though you could see Me.  It’s such good practice for your Faith, and Faith brings Hope and Love.

“Picture Me as a living Being, loving you more than you could ever imagine even in your deepest longing. And keep before you the thought that this living Being, who gave His life for you, is waiting with infinite yearning for the moment of our Meeting. Wouldn’t you show Him your impatience too? And your joy?  Picture Me often this way, as a real Person, not just someone near you, but actually in you. One whose presence never leaves you (assuming one is in a state of Grace)…Tell Me how sorry you are for having grieved Me. Be aware of the fact that very little keeps you from seeing Me. Let your heart be stirred to its innermost depths as My eyes rest upon you. Don’t you have something to say to Me?  Won’t you give Me the balm of your love?…Long to be My beloved companion.”

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