How God Enjoys You Now on Earth

When we meditate on what God has given to us in the Gift of Understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit, it often boggles the mind….especially the incredible, intimate Love He displays for us and makes us experience, even though we are often miserable sinners who constantly fail to respond to that intimate Love.  But He keeps pursuing us with the Divine Ingenuity, and the more we read, ponder and meditate on this Love, the more we must at least try and respond. And as we have discussed many times in the Divine Antidote blog, it is in our pursuit of Grace in the constant, daily trying, and in never giving up, that advancement in Love occurs through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our Lord explains His Love over and over to Gabrielle Bossis, but with such Divine power that it never seems to repeat. He states that those who read and meditate with this Masterpiece (“He and I”), will become members of the “family of His most intimate friends”.  How does one reject that offer?  The key is to read just a little each day, begging for the Virtues and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to understand God’s Love, and then to continue reading and meditating with it for the rest of one’s life. So, that we may achieve that Divine promise: to be able to Love God with His Own Will, which is Divine Love and Mercy Itself.

Our Lord’s intimacy is so overwhelming when one reads “He and I” through and in the Holy Spirit.  He states to Gabrielle: “Give me the joy of helping and transforming you. Surrender everything….Tell Me often about your great longing. Do you think I would resist? That would be to misunderstand Me…I am the Ravisher. Don’t struggle. And because you let yourself be taken captive, I will bring you into My secret garden among the flowers and the fruit. You will wear the wedding ring upon your finger.  Your step will be in tune with Mine and I will stoop down to your littleness so that we may talk together easily.  How beautiful it will be like that My friend, My little soul….And as you gaze on Me, you will understand that the suffering which passes leads to Life Eternal…and you will say, ‘You were nothing but goodness and mercy and I didn’t know it.’  Then the veil will be rent and you will have the face to face vision of all that I suffered for you.”

Our Lord then gives Gabrielle this amazing insight: “Keep this thought always before you: it is when you are living on earth that I enjoy you, My beloved faithful ones…But in Heaven, it will be you who will enjoy Me.”

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