One of the Greatest Effects of the Flame of Love Grace: Freedom as a Child of God

Our Lord has told us through Elizabeth Kindelmann, (confirming what has been told to Sister Lucia and her cousins of Fatima and Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam) that one of the extraordinary effects of the Grace is the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. She will be known and venerated by all people of good will as the Mother of God, and she will bring the reign of the Holy Spirit into the world.  In addition, one of the very specific effects of the “Greatest Grace” given to mankind in 2,000 years is that those who correspond and nourish the Grace in their souls with great zeal will experience the Divine Love in a palpable way, which God describes to her as a “holy trembling”.  Ultimately, the Grace is designed to allow us to achieve the level of union with God described by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, and further elucidated by God through St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina, St. Hannibal Di Francia, Blessed Dina Belanger, and Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida. St. John Paul II described this Signal Grace as the “New and Divine Holiness”.

This state to which this Grace calls us is to experience “the freedom of the children of God”.  Our pride, ego, selfishness, sinfulness, love of comfort and our own opinion constantly block Grace and prevent us from union with God.  We compound the problem by trying to fix these defects ourselves by relying on our will power to pray more and do more.  This solution is driven by our subtle pride through Satan’s constant influence, which the Flame of Love Grace can disable! Our subtle pride causes us to forget or not realize that we can do absolutely nothing without Him, and so we feel even less free and more discouraged and ineffective, and often fall back to our old ways or even worse.

Fr. Jacques Philippe inspired by the Holy Spirit shares this Gift of Understanding of God’s Wisdom: “If we submit to God’s Will, initially our will seeks to recoil.”  But God in His Wisdom knows what is good for our joy now and for all of eternity, and His Love requires Him to continue to pursue us with Grace in order to give us every possible opportunity to increase our joy and love now and for all eternity. God’s Will is perfect and therefore whatever He prunes in us will never remove the beauty of the person He has chosen to come into existence with all the talents and dreams of goodness for others, which He has placed within us.  Most people are afraid of losing what they most like and desire (especially food and comfort!!), but God wants us to have much more joy than the measly happiness we get from our senses. Our senses must be purged of these human things, which St. John of the Cross calls the dark night, and we do indeed initially recoil and rebel against the necessary pruning of these things which hold us back from Divine union!  But God will do the pruning if we but persist in His Grace and never give up! It is in the getting up in Grace each time we fall that Holiness occurs!

Fr. Jacques describes the freedom in joy which God wants us to understand with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: “…people who go through life with the Lord and let themselves be led by Him experience a growing feeling of freedom. Their hearts are not constrained or stifled and “breathe” ever more freely….Those who (live) with God feel free; they have nothing to fear. They are not subject to control, but on the contrary that everything works together for their good, whether favorable or unfavorable circumstances, good or bad.  They feel that everything belongs to them, because God belongs to them. They are not subject to conditions but always do what they want, because what they want to do is Love, and that is always within their power. Nothing can separate them from the God they Love….like little children, they don’t (rebel) because they are totally dependent on their parents, but just the reverse, because their dependence is an exchange of Love…Their way of loving consists of the joy of receiving , and turning what they receive into Love.”

Fr. Jacques Philippe concludes with this masterpiece of insight into the Divine life, which the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary calls us to experience more quickly and securely than ever before: “All of this means that if we want the apparent contradictions between God’s Will and our freedom to be resolved, we must ask the Holy Spirit for the Grace to love God more”….and the problem will be solved by God for us! So, this is the great insight which God has given to Elizabeth Kindelmann and many other exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness”… we must ask, we must beg for the Grace to love God as much as possible now and for all eternity by asking to Love Him with His own Love!  We must keep asking and trusting…and He Will do it! He will give us this Grace to love Him with His own Love! Never give up asking for this Grace!  Very gradually and tailored to each unique personality, He will prune away all our defects which hold us back from loving with His own Love. Trust obtains all spiritual things, especially the freedom to be a child of God!

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