Living in the Inner Shrine of Your Soul in Grace Requires Daily Mental Prayer

Our Lord through many of His exemplars of the “New and Divine Holiness” has reemphasized the need for daily mental prayer, which has been the perennial teaching of our Faith. Yet, about 98% of the laity do not regularly spend time in mental prayer.  Starting with meditation on Scripture is the traditional way to begin mental prayer, but gives way to just being with God in love. Our Lord explained this reality to Gabrielle Bossis: “Live graciously in your inner shrine.  If you knew that you could always find a very dear friend there, you would not hesitate to go and see him, would you?  Well, you know that I am in you at every moment…So just come often, full of love and throw yourself at My feet. And I will take you in My arms.”

I felt and inspiration to repost the piece on the importance of daily, mental prayer from January 14 of this year. It is reposted below in its entirety, as I believe it is that important, especially because we MUST now make up for all of those who do not give any thought to God each day, and whose eternal life is dependent upon us cooperating with God’s Mercy right now!  He so needs our sacrifices in Love and mental prayer is indeed a sacrifice of praise!

We have now have many examples from our dear Lord on how His Mother’s example of continuous prayer must be our model, our daily moment to moment nourishment.  Our Lord has raised up another voice for us to confirm and urge us onward to beg for this Grace of constant moment by moment union with Him. Her name is Alicja Lenczewska, a holy woman who lived from 1934-2012 in Poland.  Many of us have been overwhelmed with the need and desire to spend far more time in sincere prayer, especially in a time of mental prayer each day, and then making the rest of the day through our duties, recreation and sleep into prayer, or union with God…just as a branch is always united with the vine or trunk…just as the parts of the body are always united to the head.

Our Lord taught Alicja the critical need or importance of this constant prayer….to really and truly as St. Paul says “to pray always”.  Alicia’s work given by God was throughly reviewed by her Bishop and given the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.  Our Lord taught her this profound Truth so that it would be etched into our thinking permanently: “Everything is the fruit of prayer: your life reflects your prayer, and the stage of your soul and body, (as well as) your acts, whether they are useful for building the Kingdom of Heaven in human souls and for saving those who perish in their sins. To have sense and value, anything you do with your heart, mind or hands must begin with prayer, end with prayer and abide in prayer.

“Prayer is communion with Me…Without Me you can do nothing-nothing of positive value. Many people are lost, and the world is immersed in darkness, because there is no prayer, no unity with Me…There is as much love, wisdom and peace in your heart as there is prayer.  You can give another person-what is worth giving-as much as you have taken from Me during prayer. Of yourself, you have nothing to give. You can only pass to your siblings My goodness, your emptiness or the evil of Hell. This is what happens depending upon how your life of prayer (is): how continuous, profound and zealous it is. Goodness, Love and Wisdom are energy that flows from the Divine Source, provided that you are joined to It in prayer.”

This is such a powerful  and important teaching that we should print this out and meditate with it each day so it truly becomes embedded in our thinking and becomes a habit. We must ask by and through the Holy Spirit constantly for this Grace of continuous prayer… before, during and after everything we do.  This constant praying will be a further effect or result of our accepting and corresponding to the Extraordinary Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary….for this is exactly how our dear Mother prayed always! She so desires us to imitate her as the model and wants to intercede for you to be able to do as she did!  You will recall how our Lord lamented to Elizabeth how one day she had not thought of Him constantly and how hurt He was!

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