The Divine Reminder: You Will Accomplish Nothing of Supernatural Value Without Him

Our dear Lord has sent us many exemplars with virtually the same Divine Message reinforcing the Gospel Truth that “we can do nothing without Him”.  Our sweet Redeemer knows how frail and helpless we are and how we constantly fall prey to Satan, our flesh and the terribly evil example in the world and our culture.  Our culture is blinded by Satan (Churches now move Masses on Super Bowl Sunday so as not to interfere with the game!) and is filled with evil as Satan rules in an extraordinary way.  But we must be a light in the pitch black darkness, which is upon us! But how? Our Lord must strip us of the illusion that we can accomplish anything of supernatural value (like our sanctification and cooperating in the salvation of souls) without being constantly connected to His Divinity…as a branch of His vine. Here is how He explained this critical Truth of the spiritual life to Gabrielle Bossis in “He and I”:

“…You are nothing but wretchedness…(but) I am drawn to the weakest and the poorest. Give Me everything that you blame in yourself, since I am the One who transforms even the ugliest, the lowest, the most vile. I transmute everything into the gold of My Glory. How can this be done? By Love.”

Gabrielle said that even in giving her all, she had nothing, and so she was perplexed. Our sweet Lord responded: “Take Me and offer Me to Myself with all the Trust I always expect from you. Since I am yours, you are rich. You are only poor when you count on yourselves and expect to act in your own unaided strength. How destitute you are then!
But if you lay hold of My merits with humility and hope, what a priceless fortune is yours. And above all, never doubt Me. I won My merits only to give them to you. My poor children, you don’t think of this, because you are living in the mists that veil the delicate touches of your Divine Friend.”

Despite the seemingly good intentions and good human will of many, especially those devoted to social justice and caring for the poor and foreigner, we accomplish nothing of supernatural value, and in fact can remain blinded to the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, because these acts are not being done for the Lord in union with Mary by the power of His Holy Spirit. They are often done out of self love, self righteousness, habit or simply the human instinct to help. Our Lord reinforces this spiritual reality to Gabrielle: “I ask My children for the most ordinary actions: eating, sleeping, working, your whole day (consciously) united with Mine…your actions dipped in My blood and clothed in My merits.  There is nothing difficult about this; it heals you of your usual poverty and wraps you in your richest garment..If you only knew who God is…And how much He deserves to have you study His unsearchable riches, His generosity, His extreme goodness, His Love, and again, yes and always, His Love, for Love is the essence of His Being. When you have entered into the treasure-house of His Love, you will stay there. You will make it your home. That is where you belong.”

Now God has given us the remedy that moves us to quickly acquiring the habit of always calling His Will, His Love and His Merits into our daily desires, thoughts, words and deeds, so as to give everything we do supernatural value, and then we can indeed become sanctified and help Him save countless souls!  This is caused more easily and quickly than ever before by an Extraordinary Grace: “The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, given to the Church by God through Elizabeth Kindelmann.  Why? Because God wills to honor His Mother as the only creature who perfectly cooperated with Grace! And because she is the perfect mother, she wants her children to participate in the Grace, which God has given through her for us!  This is the Divine Genius…the Divine Condescension….the Divine Love lowering itself to the creature in Eternal Self Giving Love! Are we so cold as to not say yes to this Love? Lord, help us give all!  Father, Jesus we beg you for the Holy Spirit, who is this Love! Please go to to learn all you can about what God has given to His Church and which the Church has fully approved!  Please wait no longer to Love God as He so wishes to be loved…as His Mother loved Him!  She longs to help us!  She needs to be a true Mother to us or her Love suffers! She so desires that her Son be Loved!

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