The Constant Call of God to Participate in His Redemptive Work

When you ponder on the Messages to Elizabeth Kindelmann, St. Faustina, St. Therese, Blessed Dina Belanger, Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida and the many other exemplars of the New and Divine Holiness, we see one overarching theme,  the need God has ordained for us to help Him save souls! While there are indeed many parts to the core Message of Elizabeth Kindelmann, the essence is that God has now ordained that an Extraordinary Grace be given to those who are willing to cooperate with Love in order for the shaking off of the “old man” for the “new man”….so that it is far easier, more certain and more secure than ever before to become a victim, a soul burnt up in Divine Love due to God’s Divine Mercy. This Mercy is His gratuitous, incomprehensible willingness to use our frailty and weakness and actually turn it into a gift, IF WE BUT TRUST IN HIS LOVE AND MERCY.

In the Encyclical, the “Mystical Body of Christ”, Pope Pius XII, gave us the key: “It was quite possible for Him personally to impart these Graces immediately to men; but He wished to do so through a visible Church that would be formed by the union of men and thus through that Church every man would perform a work of collaboration with Him in dispensing the Graces of Redemption…A tremendous mystery certainly, and one never sufficiently meditated, that the salvation of many souls depends upon the prayers and voluntary mortifications offered for this end, by the members of the Mystical Body of Christ…”

What is even more incredible is that this is the greatest work in the world…the greatest work for all eternity which will never cease resounding… for Love never fails.

Our Lord talked with Elizabeth Kindelmann constantly about the need He ordained for us to repent for ourselves and others. He said to her: “Let there be repentance in every beat of your heart….unite your sufferings totally with Mine. Then your merits will grow greatly and they will move My redemptive work ahead.”

Our Lady stated to Elizabeth: “My Divine Son unites your humiliations to His sufferings, which are of eternal value.”

Our Lord taught her that even when He sternly teaches, it is still Love which motivates Him. He then taught her: “I am the Victim and it was not by pious attitudes, but only by acceptance of sacrifices that I brought about My redemptive work.  Repent! Repent! Repent! This is what I am asking of you.”

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