How God Purifies us for Union with Him

Our whole purpose is to go back to God in Love, since we came forth from Him in Love.  Now this journey can only occur through movements of Grace through the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier.  God so desires a complete sharing in His Divine Life, but He pours out this Grace only in direct proportion to how much we are willing to give ourselves to Him.  When we desire to begin this road to Love, we must be purified… as our self love, ego, and inclination to sin and comfort have overwhelmed our faculties (memory, understanding and will) to the point that we are blind to just how far we have moved away from God and His purpose for us.  God purifies us through the “night of the sense” (renouncing all pleasure not for the glory of God) and the “night of the spirit” (renouncing even consolation in spiritual things), so that our only desire and action is for God alone.  Now, God knows how incredibly frail and selfish we are, and thus the great help we must receive from Him, or there is NO chance we will achieve this state of union with Him.  In fact, the more unworthy and impossible it seems to us, the more He will do it through pure Grace, if we desire and trust Him alone to do it!  We must recognize and admit our littleness, poverty and true nothingness in order for Him to stoop down to our frailty!

This IS the Great Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  God now desires that His creatures are finally able to do this in great numbers, not just  the handful of great saints like John of the Cross, Theresa of Avila and Theresa of the Child Jesus and Holy Face. God chose Elizabeth Kindelmann precisely to prove to us that this has nothing to do with our merits, but is a pure Gift of God through His Mother’s power and intercession, which He has bestowed on Mary for her faithfulness to all the Grace God gave to her,  and which she obtained by her pleading through the Merits of her Son’s Wounds.

Our Lord taught Elizabeth Kindelmann that He will do this if we trust Him to do it!  He stated to her: “The only thing of value in My eyes is for you to entrust yourself to Me with complete confidence.”  When Elizabeth realized how much sacrifice and renouncement of self God was asking of her (and of us, although our renouncement will be tailored to what God wants from each of us, which is different than Elizabeth), she says: “These were harsh words for my reason. This is why asked Him…’Am I capable of doing this?'” Our Lord responded with THE answer, which we must take to heart and ponder every time we feel incapable or feel we have failed Him: “You must only will it; leave the rest to Me.”

This is the great insight, the great Gift to the little ones!  God will do this for each one of us if we never give up trusting Him and simply will it!  He so wants to do this in each one of us and will continue to pour out the grace of the Flame of Love of His Mother’s Immaculate Heart, if we will it!  We must truly ask, truly beg for the one thing alone…trust in His Infinite Merciful Love!  Lord, this IS IMPOSSIBLE to me, but to You, all things are possible!  Lord, My savior, My adorable Jesus, give this trust to your littlest one, so I will fulfill Your desire and achieve this Great Union with You as Your Mother did, and as she now so wants to help me achieve through Your Infinite Mercy.  Please I beg You, let me never give up trying. I do trust You will do this, and I recognize I am not worthy…but I am still your little child!  When I inevitably falter, You will gently lift me up and allow me to say, Jesus I trust in You alone and I will never give up trusting You!  Fiat! Fiat!  Fiat!

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