Learning How to Be In His Presence All Day

Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida  (Conchita) had many experiences similar to Elizabeth Kindelmann with our Lord and He taught her how to be in His presence all day: “I felt a vivid desire to call upon our Lord to accompany me. It was almost immediately (then) I could clearly feel Him close to me, walking at my pace.  Then, filled with love and gratitude, I began to talk with Him, and I heard His sweet, soft voice telling me to call on Him always.  In order to learn how to be in His presence all day,  I should  invite Him to come close to me from the very first hours of the morning…He told me that I should imagine having Him not only in my interior, but also beside me, always gazing at me.”

You will recall from the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann  how often our Lord asked Elizabeth to gaze into His eyes and how the unity prayer includes our Lord asking “may our glances profoundly penetrate each other”.  Our Lord so wants us to know our Faith and the reality of our Baptismal Gift of the Holy Spirit and recognize His Spirit within us, and further to realize His presence with us in our daily activities at each moment, so we can actually experience the reality of…..It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me……and lives with me!

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