Why is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus So Sublime for Mary and for Us and What Does It Teach Us?

Our Mother taught Elizabeth Kindelmann that the Feast of the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart was to be on the Presentation of Jesus (formerly the Purification of Mary) on February 2.  The reason is to show the unique connection, the oneness of the sacrifice of Mary with Jesus,  and to which we are called to join the sacrifice of our will and our own life!  Our Lord taught Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida this exact understanding, and all her works have been approved by the Church.  Our Lord taught her: “I must be offered by you at every moment as a victim on behalf of men; and you (must offer yourself) united with the Great Victim with all His perfections. I want you to offer yourself as did Mary with her virtues and qualities.  Imitate her and model your own heart on so beautiful an image….She nourished Me to be a Victim attaining the supreme immolation of her soul when Mary delivered Me up to be crucified.  It was one and the same Sacrifice.  Mine on the Cross and the one which took place in her heart…She ever immolated her innocent and pure heart in union with Me to bring down Graces on the Church.”

Elizabeth Kindelmann demonstrates to us that the Blessed Trinity so desires our oneness with Jesus and Mary in their conjoined Sacrifice.  The acceptance of and correspondence to the Flame of Love Grace is for this exact purpose: to give us a new impetus, a new ability through supernatural means, through a special Grace in order to join the tiny sacrifice of our love, our life, our will to theirs, in order for God to use this immolation to pour down Grace to save countless souls who would otherwise be lost forever! And so the little ones must keep trying each and every day by allowing Jesus and our Mother to continue to lift the Cross up on our shoulders as they help us carry it with Joy…..and the Holy Spirit, our Greatest Friend, will groan in Love for us and with us as we take our little baby steps with the Cross and give our lives in union with the merits of Jesus and Mary for the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls!  It is always Love and Reparation! Souls! Souls! Souls!

Jesu, Mary, Joseph, I love you!  Save Souls! NSave priestly souls!  I beseech you with every beat of my heart and breath I take, allow me to repeat this act of love by the thousands!

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