God Now Wills to Set You Aflame With the Divine Fire of Eternal Self Giving

I want to revisit a post from July 9, 2015 as a I believe it best summarizes what we are each called to accept and then spread to all with whom we come in contact.  God calls the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of His Mother the “Greatest Grace” given to the Church and the world in 2,000 years and He declares that Mary, His Mother and our Mother, will save the world from a great coming catastrophe.

Now, we should take this both literally and figuratively, as the greatest catastrophe of a person is the failure to love as God wills, the failure to share in the Fire of Divine Self Giving.  This Grace, when accepted, nourished and corresponded to the way God desires, will cause us to finally begin to love as God loves!  Those who have been transformed by this Grace will tell you nothing, absolutely nothing, in their life of Grace has ever transformed them as this Grace has done!  The reason is that is it proceeds from the Love which God has for Mary and the Love which Mary has for God…the sharing in God’s Essence, His Divine Will of Love and Mercy Itself!  God is now willing to share His Love in an even more Extraordinary Way to achieve what St. John Paul II has called “a New and Divine Holiness”; what God has called the “Divine Substitution” to Blessed Dina Belanger; and the “Mystical Incarnation” to Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida; or “Living with His Divine Will” to St. Faustina Kowalska and others still being studied by the Church.  It is this Grace we must sell all to acquire!   How can we know about this Grace and not give it everything we have to accept, correspond to and spread to all?

Our Lord constantly uses this image of Fire and Flames in explaining His Love for us. He did this with Elizabeth Kindelmann to the point that He named an Extraordinary Grace: The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; but also told her that it is He Himself (seeking a union of wills such that He had with Mary our Mother to the degree we are disposed to receive it).

In the almost 15 years of daily or weekly encounters with Gabrielle Bossis, which our Lord explained in “He and I”, our dear Lord also uses this image of Fire frequently. He wants us to better understand His Love so we can love Him with this same Love…this divine Conflagration of Moment to Moment Intimacy, which He so desires….He so agonizingly desires!!

On April 20 of 1945, he explained to Gabrielle: “…give yourself to Love so that Love may possess you…since I long to have all of you and cherish this hope. Your love quenches My thirst. I am most demanding: you see I want My children to be wholly and utterly Mine at every moment. So, don’t withhold a thing. Don’t take anything of yourselves away. You would steal from Me if you did, because everything is Mine. If I require this of you, it is because My yearning for you is a consuming fire. And My yearning is born of My Love. Do you understand? Do you at last believe? Do you acknowledge My power to Love?”

Our Lord then explained what we need to do to draw closer: “Meditate on this need of Mine and you will call to mind that it is in your power to give Me these alms. Then remember the value of a free gift–the gift of oneself–when offered out of tenderness. What inexpressible joy will be Mine who receives (your gift). I will multiply My Blessings so that the one who receives them will be lost in wonder and gratitude. ‘What have I done to deserve this kindness of my God?’ you will ask. And I shall reply, ‘You loved Him with all your strivings and you let Him love you.’”

Our Lord then gives an amazing instruction that will resonate with those pursuing the intimacy of His Love: “Have you noticed how people talk among themselves, discussing their personal affairs? They spend so much time this way and it does them so little good. Don’t you think that If they gave themselves to Me, their Friend, I should rejoice to have My place in their thoughts and I should know how to reward their confidence (abundantly)? Don’t you think that it would create a moment by moment intimacy between them and Me, and this would be a joy for them, because close to Me their lives would lose their tension. Do you understand? It would be life together with Me, I carrying the heavier end of things. So, again I say, speak with Me, My little ones. Speak with Me. And our hearts will merge. Isn’t this the aim of My Christians?…then begin by living this heart-oneness. Seize upon every opportunity. Find every pretext….And if, in all simplicity, their love loved Me more, I should be there looking after everything in their day, and when night fell, their eyes would close again on My face. You know what it is to sleep that way–within My embrace? Would you like to learn better? Remember, it’s a question of beginning over and over again…of trying to grow….of taking great care not to be satisfied with yourself.”

Our Lord then gives the key to success as He did with Elizabeth Kindelmann: “But ponder on your poverty. Tell Me about it and My heart will be all eagerness to help you since you are so little, so weak. And when you call Me be sure to give Me the most tender names. I will recognize the voice…By yourself you are chaos. Do you fully realize this? Do you try to keep it in mind? Have you humbled yourself today in thought or deed? Not to cause you distress nor diminish your strength, but to tighten your hold on the power of God, who is only waiting for your call…Yes, I know what you want most to confide: ‘Lord, I don’t love you as I want to. Make it possible for me to love You more.’ This suffering of not loving Me enough–offer it to Me in pure reverence, straight from your heart. Offer it often. Don’t grow weary, I will heal this poor suffering of yours. Perhaps by sending one greater still, one that brings with it a piercing ecstasy such as you have never known. ‘O precious wound,’ is the cry of those who have felt it….Humble yourself to obtain it. Sacrifice yourself…Approach Love and Love will take hold of you…Oh, the power of repentance! The sacrifice that pleases Me most is a cleft and contrite heart…So, be My very little one.”

Our Lord knows we struggle badly with constantly admitting our utter weakness, sinfulness and nothingness, due to our self love, our subtle pride, so He gives us the solution: “Ask for everything through My Mother. She is so good, so attentive in caring for your souls. If only you knew! You don’t know her well enough. Give yourself to her without reserve, like her little Jesus…My little child, so dear, so dear, will you let Me live on again on earth in you?”

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