The Incredible But Little Known Opportunity to Offer Other People’s Crosses

One of the great insights given to several Saints and Mystics is the fact that much human suffering is wasted, since it is not accepted as God’s Will and most importantly not united to the suffering of Jesus and His Merits and then offered to the Father through the Holy Spirit.  Our Lord taught Gabrielle this truth of the Mystical Body of Christ: “You have known and received so much. Take pains to help poor sinners.  You will comfort this heart of Mine so full of tenderness, and you will satisfy Justice.  Offer Me all the crosses of the world.  There are so many just now and few think of offering them to Me in expiation for sins. You who do know, help, so that nothing may be lost.  Give Me hearts.  Give Me souls.  I am thirsty.  Always.”

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