Those Who Meet You…Will Meet God

Our Lord had much to teach Gabrielle about the need to share what we learn from “He and I”, and more significantly, what we have learned from the Gospels, especially the need to see Him in all people and then to act in Charity!  Here is one compelling entry: “If I have fulfilled you, it is for the sake of others too. Be ready to pass on to them with love all that you have received. You owe Me this and you also owe it to them.  Believe with all your heart that in sharing this overflow of Graces, you will help many others.  A river gives everything to the sea, yet it always swells anew. My little child, don’t you see that you can never give too much…

“Try to see Me more clearly in those around you and your entire association with others will be transformed…Be fully aware of those around you…and serve Me in them…Who can bring you closer to Me if not Myself hidden in the other person?…So, go to everyone without partiality. And since it is for Me, give them your whole self.  Go to the very outermost limit of your kindness…

“I am waiting for you-already giving you all the Grace you need, the Grace I want to make use of so that those who meet you will meet Me.”

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