Talking with God and Keeping Him Company Always

Like Elizabeth Kindelmann,  God urged Gabrielle to be with Him constantly in her thoughts and words.  There are a few examples our Lord used with Gabrielle which stick with you.  One is the narrative He shares about a waiting room: “Is it so difficult to think of your Lord? Is it difficult to talk with Him and to keep Him company?  When you meet someone in a waiting room, don’t you instinctively approach that person and in a kindly way do your best to make the time pass pleasantly for him?  And if he were a poet or a scholar, or someone great in the eyes of the world, wouldn’t you go even further and show more joy?

“My child, it’s a God who is waiting at the door of your heart, a God who is all yours and who is in you.  You open to Him when you talk to Him, when you look at Him, when you try to take your thoughts off the things around you so that you may turn them to Him with the utmost tenderness.

“Don’t think this is a fable I am telling you. It is the simple reality….That is why I am like that person in the waiting room. If only you could approach Me more often with all your kind charm, you might suspect My long yearnings…

“This is the patience of a God. This is His Love. Then how could you ever understand?  Yet it would be very sweet to believe, wouldn’t it?  So quicken your Faith by telling Me about it often. More often. Don’t get weary: you will Hope more and Love more. It is your great God who wants you greatly, My very frail little child…

“Tell Me that you are truly Mine from now on. You say,  ‘You know that Lord’.  But don’t deprive Me of the joy of hearing you say it again.”

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