Trials Are Always Necessary Because Love Grows in Trials

Our Lord spoke to Gabrielle Bossis on many occasions about trials:  “Do you fully realize that you need trials in the spiritual life,  which is our life together. Life on earth is not yet the life of Heaven. It is only Love’s beginning. Love grows in trial-even in the very little ones…Love’s hunger is never satisfied….My little child will grow, but not by herself, but by Me…

“Then do something to atone for your self-love and the self-love of others. To make amends should be joyous, since it heals and since it is for Love. It is sin that is sad-the continual tendency to self-love that often makes you forget your God. Oh, try to exchange self-love for God-love.  No longer think of yourself at all. How this would lighten you!  And what a new entry into Me!  For I am eternally new. I am the Infinite One, and it is for the Infinite that you have been created…

“What matters most of all is the fusion of our two wills-on earth as in Heaven. No refusal then. Perfect acceptance not forced, but with tenderness and from the desire to be more than ever united to Me.  Don’t you think this would help you to win your daily sinner more easily?  Because you see, the more you are one with Me, the smaller you are in yourself, and the greater you are in Me.”

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