God’s Care for You is Eternal and Love is Born From Admitting Our Wretchedness

One of the very special elements of what God gave Gabrielle in “He and I” was an extraordinary insight into his moment by moment Love and care for you, as if you were the only soul He created. When explaining to her His Love in creating the beauty in nature, He said to her: ” And yet if God has prepared such magnificence in nature for all His children, He has also done so for each one, just as if each one were His only child. Oh, this Love for everyone and for one alone! God knows all the ways of Loving and all are adorable. Thank Him for His way of Loving you, for His special thought of you, for what He has put in your heart and not in the heart of another: for having chosen you. And (thank Him) for all the favors that you must recognize as coming from Him. Isn’t it a favor that He has watched over you from all eternity? Doesn’t it make you feel more than ever His child and happy to have such a Father? 

“What could ever harm you? You are God’s child and Christ is your Brother. Isn’t that a wellspring of joy? Escape from yourself. Forget all earthly cares. Return unceasingly into the Eternal Womb that bore you. Give yourself to the Holy Spirit. He will quicken (your love). He will interpret you to the Father. You can’t understand this; so knowing that you know nothing, give yourself all the same; and the smaller you are, the more the Spirit will exalt you. Go over your deficiencies . You would like to fly, and you do not even know how to walk. Then hold out your arms and the Spirit will take hold of you… 

“Weep in your heart (for your sins). People don’t cry enough over their faults. Some make a show of them. But My friends know what they cost Me, and they are sad for My sadness. They despise themselves, and from this their love is born, a love eager to make amends. After that, all their little actions are meant to repair the wrong so that I may forget. As for Me, I use the ugliness of these tear-stained sins to make soul-splendors. Believe in the matchless beauty of a humble soul that shows Me its wounds and hopes in Me alone. I clothe this person with My merits. How could I do otherwise?” 

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