Once Again It is Always Souls and Through our Ordinary Actions

Our Lord speaks with Gabrielle as He did with Elizabeth Kindelmann and many of His saints and victim souls, who have left His words for us about the need to help Him save souls.  Here is one particularly impactful statement He gave to Gabrielle: “My child, don’t lose a single minute. Time is short for saving so many souls.  It is not merely by praying that they are saved, you know, but through the actions of even the most ordinary lives lived for God. Offer Me everything.  Absolutely everything, united to My life on earth. What wealth!  Give it to poor sinners, most of them are just ignorant. You have known and received so much. Take pains to help them. You will comfort this Heart of Mine so full of tenderness, and you will satisfy Justice.  Offer Me all the crosses of the world. There are so many just now and few think of offering them to Me in expiation for sins. You who do know (hopefully all of us reading this!) help, so that nothing may be lost.  Give Me hearts. Give Me souls. I am thirsty. Always…

“You know, on earth the tenderness between My Mother and Me was so great that we had only one heart. Try to be like her by making your will one with Mine, your great Friend. Be ever ready to help others right to the very limit of your strength. You remember with what love I gave Myself to others.  In My public life, I was in the midst of so many people all crowding around through self- interest.  Seldom did I meet with love. They came to me through selfishness, yet My tenderness reached out to each one of them. Imitate Me….Don’t complain…For My sake-isn’t that a reason for being full of Joy?…Of course you can’t think of it all the time, but in the morning say, ‘Everything will be for you, my great Friend.’  Then from time to time during the day, offer a little word such as ‘This is for You’.  It will warm your heart and bring balm to Me.”

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