God is in Everything and is all Love…Nothing Happens By Chance

Gabrielle Bossis was attracted to the beauty of her surroundings, especially the Loire River in France, where she vacationed and visited.  Once when she saw something particularly beautiful there, she remarked to our Lord: “How beautiful and good You are everywhere, Lord!”

Our Lord replied: “Then why do you have such a difficult time believing in My Love? This scenery you find so enchanting is My Love. And that sunset that calls to mind a bleeding Host…All the kindness you experienced during your eight days (in Nantes), and that unexpected opportunity you had of being really helpful–isn’t it perfectly clear to you now that My Love arranged all this for you?  Then why didn’t this thought occur to you without My having to remind you?  You always think that these things just happen.  Nothing just happens. I am in everything. And I am all Love. Be imbued with his thought.  Look at it (His Love) often in your heart.  By trying, by trying again and again, you will be become sure.  You will live with Love. You will never leave Love.  And when you call me, you will no longer say, ‘My God’ but, ‘My Love’.  And this will be the reality. And your heart will be flooded by tenderness as the soil by a torrent.

“But think, dwell upon Love, since this pleases Me. I so yearn for you to believe. What a poor idea you have of Me. Remember that man is made in the image of God…And isn’t it Love that gives life to the heart?…

“Be grateful when you are surprised by a sudden illumination. Welcome this light; make it your own….it is a blessing from God.  You are discovering His Love. And how often in a single day…When you are very sure of the Love living in you, what a change in your life, My child!”

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