The Closeness Requires Thinking and Being One…Desiring and Believing That We Love God With His Own Love

Our Lord would constantly remind Gabrielle of the daily goal: to let Him live in her as if they were sharing everything.  We have talked elsewhere about the gift of We.  Asking for the Grace of actually desiring and thinking that we…Jesus and I…will desire, think, speak and act together in everything throughout the day and we will do all as He would have done it by His Grace.  He referred to it as “At-“onement” and you can see the play on the word atonement.  He told her that this moment by moment oneness was everything: “This is life, all of it.  Nothing else counts. Your Christ, the life of your soul, what a beautiful thought!  Offer yourself unceasingly to our oneness, and My action will be even greater.  You too will often be unaware of it, but try to stay always closely united to My Love….Even when you are doing the most ordinary little things, be one with Me. There is never a single moment you cease to be my little child.

“Today, this week, this month-they are all filled with My Love just like the other months and years. I am loving you even when you are not thinking of loving Me, and I am preparing blessings you never think to ask for.  A look, a gesture for Me and I give you everything, little child of My Heart.

Even though you don’t always feel Me beside you, I never leave you….I hide behind a veil so that you learn to walk by Faith, and earn by learning. You are astonished by My Love. There is only one explanation: God’s Extravagance.  So, just believe in all simplicity in this Love of an all-powerful Being, a Being totally different from you. And give yourself up to His infinitely delicate and tender omnipotence.  Be taken captive by Love, and ask for Grace.  Love with My Love and be full of trust.”

So, today let us recommit to this oneness, to begging for this Grace.  Let us ask for the gift of we, and then smile at him often as we go about our duties and recreation with him knowing we give Him great joy in our tiny weakness.  And let us strive at each moment to Love Him with His Own Love!  He so wants us to take this Love from His Will and give it to Him as if it were our own, because this is a Divine Reality when one has Faith!

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