Focusing our Thoughts on God and in God and Speaking with Him Constantly

Our Lord had much to teach Gabrielle about this aspect of our spiritual life:  “Even in your thoughts you should seek Me mostly and yourself very little. Think in Me, not in you, and think just as though you were living in Me.  Be like those who have their feet on earth, but who talk with Me with their heads and hearts.  Don’t have any earthly cares.  Live in Me and be concerned for My Glory and whatever concerns Love. Make Me your home.”

…”Your measure will be to love Me beyond measure…Portion off your day in order to be more sure of offering it to Me.  Offer me this visit , that letter (now email!), this piece of work.  See more of Me and less of you.  Rise above the little earthly cares until you think of Me alone.”

…”Don’t you understand that I want to be always with you?  Why do you act by yourself when you are in Me?   I am your intimate One.  Then find it impossible to think outside of Me.”

…” You worry about not thinking of Me constantly.  You worry about your many shortcomings…you must not do this. Just give yourself as you are. I know all about human nature.  I came to help and restore.  Transplant yourself in Me, not because of your worth, but because of My yearning.”

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6 Responses to Focusing our Thoughts on God and in God and Speaking with Him Constantly

  1. Dee says:

    I love the way He told her “transplant yourself in me,…because of My yearning.” It’s not about us, but Him, no pressure! He makes it easy for us. Also, when you transplant a seedling to its place in the garden, it grows there, so He’s telling Gabrielle to transplant herself into Him and grow there. How beautiful.

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  2. Shirley Bachmeier says:

    Anthony, your message tonight describes me totally. I want with all my heart to have this kind of intimacy with Jesus. The last paragraph is where I am struggling to let go of me and find my all in Him. Thank you for getting out these positive, never quit, words of the Lord’s faithfulness and constant yearning for us. There is always hope with the Lord.


  3. Beautiful-that is my goal to be with our Lord and love him always-I ask for prayers to remember him often/always and to let go if petty thoughts and ego-driven goals. God bless you all.

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