The Intimate Daily Life of Divine Love with Jesus Through Mary

We will begin a new series from the Masterpiece entitled “He and I” given by our Lord to Gabrielle Bossis with Imprimatur from Archbishop Jean-Marie Fortier, former Archbishop of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. I have often commented that I believe this is the greatest practical book in the history of the Church on what a moment by moment relationship of love with the Trinity is…what this relationship actually entails each moment of each day. It is a simple, but incredibly detailed, daily blueprint of exactly what the Lord desires and expects of each one of us called to love Him as we should. In addition, this Masterpiece doubles as an outstanding meditation treatise and with the Gospels provides all one needs if one is so inspired.
One way to think about this extraordinary Gift from God is this: it is a combination of the “Story of a Soul”, the “Practice of the Presence of God” and “Self Abandonment to Divine Providence” in one Book, but made so simple that one could not help but absorb it. In addition, it is an outstanding example of how to live the Flame of Love Grace each day. How can one avoid or ignore what is, in essence, a Divine Love Letter written by our Lord Himself to all His little ones (always with complete docility and obedience to Holy, Mother Church with whom is the final say on whether God Himself wrote the lines).

There are several overarching themes in “He and I” and two that have always struck me are the need God has chosen for Himself, in His infinite condescension, for us to be living Heaven on earth now by treating Him as if He were a loving member of our family, but with the respect due Him as our Lord and Creator. The second one is His desire to see us smile at Him in our soul and at Him in others constantly throughout the day and to engage in a loving, ongoing conversation throughout the day with Him as if He were actually with us…because He is when we are in a state of Grace! Our Lord also gave very detailed instructions on the spiritual life, which are exceptionally helpful to all the little ones seeking to imitate our dear model of littleness, St. Therese of Lisieux and our model of reparation, Elizabeth Kindelmann. Here is one example of how to go about your day:

“Divide your day into three parts. In the morning, as soon as you awaken, give yourself to the Father Creator, who offers you His Son as your food. After Mass, give yourself to the Son, who is in you. And fall asleep in the Holy Spirit, who is Love.”

“…I asked you to wake up in the arms of the Father, because each one of your mornings is a new creation. I asked you to fall asleep in the Holy Spirit, because your last conscious breath should be in Love.”

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10 Responses to The Intimate Daily Life of Divine Love with Jesus Through Mary

  1. This is so exciting I love this book! This is how the Lord I think wants to walk with each one of us! What a friend we have in Jesus!




  2. Deborah Seiter says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!


  3. Chuck says:

    Trying to live for God used to be my goal, after I came back to the church, but now, especially after receiving the Flame of Love, living with God and specifically, living IN God has become the paramount quest…. as St. Paul said, “I live now, not I, but Christ liveth in me.” If we can become a living “host” we can take Jesus to everyone we meet. In doing so, God can touch hearts and save souls, which is the name of the game, and is the very essence of the Flame of Love Cause.
    Ave Maria !


  4. Anthony, I am so excited to follow this series. Love this book and can’t wait to see your insights into it.


  5. Judith Riordan says:

    We are able to purchase this Masterpiece ” He and I ” onto our Kindle devises.
    May we bring souls to salvation through the Act of Love prayer whispered throughout each waking moment,


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