The Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Divine Love

Our guide Fr. Gabriel from “Divine Intimacy” has much to share with us as we celebrate and rejoice in the Divine Genius of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist.  He explains: ” All God’s activity for man’s benefit is a work of Love; it is summed up in the immense mystery of Love which causes Him to…raise man to Himself..making him share in His Divine nature by communicating His own Life to him….It is not surprising that the Love of Jesus, surpassing all measure, impelled Him to find a means of uniting Himself to each one of us in the most intimate and personal manner; this He (did) in the Eucharist.  Having become our Food, Jesus makes us one with Him, and this makes us share most directly in His Divine life, in His union with the Father and the Trinity…

“When we receive the Sacred Host, we not only receive Christ’s action in our soul, but we actually possess His Person, really and physically present…We not only enjoy a new participation in Divine life, we possess the Incarnate Word, who takes us with Himself into the Heart of the Trinity…

“Jesus lives by the Father, because the Father is the one and only source of His Life; (we who receive worthily) live by Jesus, because Jesus by becoming our Food becomes the source of (our) life in the most direct, profound and intimate manner.”  Jesus lived solely for the Father’s Glory and to accomplish His Will. So too with us.  We must live soley for the Glory of the Father through Jesus, and this must be accomplished by doing everything for Jesus, with Jesus and in Jesus.  “This Divine Life which Jesus communicates to us should find in our souls a favorable ground for complete development, a ground cleared of pride, egoism and attachment to creatures…”

St. Catherine of Siena in wondering at the mystery of how pure we must be to receive God into our souls in Holy Communion exclaimed: “O Eternal Trinity!  O fire and abyss of Charity!…How can I approach such a great mystery without sufficient purification?  I will take off then the loathsome garments of my will and clothe myself, O Lord, with Your eternal Will!”

St. Bonaventure in contemplating the Heart of Christ opened by the lance and in the Most Holy Eucharist prayed: “Oh, how good it is to dwell in Your Heart. Your Heart is a rich treasure, it is the precious pearl which I have found in the secret of Your pierced Body…what is there that I shall not ask of You?  I shall ask that Your Heart be my heart also…What joy for me! You and I have but one heart.”

One of the greatest gifts of the Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is her love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, especially to prepare the night before and to stay and thank Him properly after receiving Him.  On the great Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, let us rejoice him by receiving worthily and then let us also spend some time in a heart to Heart conversation of love with Him in the tabernacle or in the Monstrance.  Let us simply bask in His Love and give him His own Love in return. The fact that there are so few who will do this is all the more reason why we must do so!  Let us make up for all who do not know He is truly there waiting with tears of Love. He thirsts for our love.

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