Basking in the Joy of the Holy Spirit Always, Everywhere, Now and Forever!

As we complete this series…on the Personal Love between the Father and the Son…we will meditate on why we must always be begging for “Joy and the Holy Spirit”…since Joy is the Fruit of Charity (and to the Holy Spirit is appropriated the personal Charity or agape Love between the Father and the Son)…. and Peace is Joy perfected. So, since our mission is to Love as God Loves, and since we are heirs of God’s Love as His true children, we must possess His Joy! Think about that fact: we possess the Joy of God! What Father wants His children to be sad, hesitant, or fearful? God’s Will is for us to be constantly Joy filled…at every moment…despite our imperfections! God desires us to be Joy filled because of our imperfections (as long as we never give up fighting them) so He can show His Mercy….the greatest attribute of His Divine Love! We should Rejoice in our lowliness and imperfections as long as we desire to Love! God so desires our JOY!

So, we must be Joy filled, Joyous…always thinking, speaking and acting in Joy! Let us think on these seven facts of JOY based in a meditation by a brother in Christ from Africa.

1. We were chosen out of nothingness by an infinite God to exist for God for all eternity through His Love in order to Love Him for all eternity. We are…we exist…solely to be free to Love God in Joy. This is our only purpose!

2. We are children of an Infinite God, the Creator of all things. We are heirs of the All Powerful Being of Love who desires that we share all His Power with Him!

3. On this earth, we are Temples of God! The angels marvel at God dwelling in our souls when we are in a state of Grace. Acknowledge the greatness which God has given you in that He freely chooses to dwell within your soul!! Oh, JOY, JOY! JOY!

4. A Mansion has been prepared in Heaven for you by God for all eternity by this same God who died a horrible death so you can live in His Mansion for all eternity with Him and experience perfect Love for all eternity!

5. You are a blessing by God placed in the world at the perfect time to give God Joy! He chooses to receive Joy from those very few who are willing to give up their self-love on earth and He blesses the world through you. Yes, through your meager, loving efforts to please Him, He grants pardon to sinners who otherwise would be lost for all eternity so He can rejoice with you in this cooperating Love! Rejoice, I say again rejoice!

6. Your All-Powerful God has personally intervened to protect you throughout your life in countless ways, which you will see in Heaven. He has had an angel constantly at your side to protect you and guide you. This is why you are where you are in your spiritual life! He will protect you from all that is to come if you but trust in His Love! He will part the Red Sea for you as well…if that is what is required to protect you from His enemies!

7. He has given you His own Mother…the perfect Mother…and you share her with Him! He has given her to us and wants us to treat her as He did! Yet, she desires to do for us everything she did for Him! We have a Mother who knows us personally and seeks to give us all that she has received from God! We are brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ sitting at the Wedding Banquet of Eternal Joy!

Think often about these “SEVEN JOYS NOW & FOREVER”. When you are tempted to be sad or fearful or irritated, instead say NO! I know the SEVEN JOYS NOW & FOREVER! God will be disappointed in me for not being Joy Filled! I choose JOY! Satan is the one trying to steal my JOY! Fear and uncertainty have NO place in my life! I have memorized the SEVEN JOYS NOW & FOREVER! I am JOY!

We have been given the first fruits of JOY now as our eternal inheritance! Moreover, we have the first fruits of the Joy that will exist in the New Pentecost, the Era of Peace, the Glorious Reign of the Holy Spirit! Let us meditate every day on what God has done for us! Let us be filled with Joy. Let us bring Joy to all; let us smile in Joy at everything…for nothing can separate us from the love of Christ! Let us think about the constant action of the Holy Spirit within us so we can discern His inspirations and correspond to them in Joy! There is nothing to be afraid of…absolutely nothing that should cause us worry or concern…for the more we rely on Him, the more we allow Him to think, speak and act within us, the greater will be our Joy! God desires to do all for us, to be all for us…for every single thing is caused or permitted by Him for our greater eternal glory! Your glory is increased for all eternity each time you are Joyous for God and with God! God is JOY! JOY is ours now and forever! Rejoice, I say again REJOICE! Amen!

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