The Fruits: Peace

St. Paul places Peace as the third Fruit of the Holy Spirit after Charity and Joy. In our lives, we all want and need Love, Joy and Peace, but in today’s world there are virtually none of these three realities of the Holy Spirit, as Satan has blinded almost everyone and led them away from God and the Virtues, Gifts, Charisms and Beatitudes of the Holy Spirit. The Charisms are the gifts of service to others (prophecy, healing, teaching, etc.) while the Beatitudes are the Virtues and Gifts taken to the extreme of perfection in this life (Blessed are the Peacemakers, etc.).

Archbishop Martinez explains for us: “St. Thomas (Aquinas) teaches us that Peace is the perfection of Joy….This full joy cannot be disturbed or snatched away; it is possessed in absolute and complete serenity….Peace is the singular pleasure that we experience when we taste the joys of our soul in their fullness. When those (human) things are removed that hinder the sweetness of our Joy, then we have tranquility, Peace, that celestial (product of the) Gift that refreshes all faculties, that makes us see the vanity of all exterior things.”

Martinez continues: “However, to experience complete Peace, it is not enough to prevent exterior things from disquieting us. The most profound causes of our disturbances are not without, they are within. How often having attained something we think will give us contentment we have been craving, we suddenly feel disappointment. What we have does not satisfy our heart, so it goes fluttering about distractedly, seeking something that will fill the immense void. Though we (may) have love of God in our heart, though we feel that Divine joy, our heart (still) restless and inconstant, goes searching everywhere for something to satisfy it, as if the tremendous happiness within it were not enough. What is lacking? Peace. Peace is the complement and perfection of Joy. It not only delivers the soul from the fretful trouble of exterior things, but calms the inner fluctuations of its desires and marvellously disposes and unifies its affections. Thus, Peace makes our heart single in its triumphant love, which then has complete mastery over our being.”

These first three Fruits of the Holy Spirit are so essential to our perfection that they must be understood and prayed for as a result of the Virtues and the Gifts. The delight of Charity, the Joy of union with God and the tranquility of Peace. These are the marks of our progress in perfection by having a personal, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, who we beg the Father and Son to send us through our prayer each day, by reading all we can about the Holy Spirit, and by praying daily to the Holy Spirit through His Spouse for the Gift of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This will allow us to secure the Virtues, Gifts and Charisms much faster and more securely than ever before, so we may be transformed into Jesus Christ Crucified for the glory of the Father!

Let us finish the Novena to the Holy Spirit and rejoice in the Feast of Pentecost! Let us commit to know and love the Holy Spirit and to make up for all the years we did not know Him or ignored Him. Go to

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