The Gifts: Knowledge

As part of our human nature, we have a capacity to know, which allows us to scrutinize with our intellect, to probe into the depth of things and of beings and to recognize the amazing wonders God has created. In the supernatural order, we can know beyond these things with the “science of the saints”, which is a Gift of the Holy Spirit. Knowledge as a Gift allows us to know creatures and things in a Divine manner.

Human knowledge is discursive, which means it proceeds in a slow, methodical way through reasoning as it assembles facts and opinions and weighs them until it arrives at a systematic or complete whole of the concept. The Gift of Knowledge is intuitive. It gives immediate insight into the mysterious relationships between creatures and into the supernatural mystery of the relationship of all creatures and things to God. The Gift of knowledge allows us to realize that all things and creatures are nothing on their own and only have value because God created them for His purpose, which is to give Him Glory for all eternity in His Wisdom and Love for us and all things He has created. This Gift gives one the realization as King Solomon was given to know: all things are vanity. We are made for God alone and can never be fulfilled except in Him!

People and things almost always take us away from God. Other people, money, sex, drugs, alcohol, greed, power, pleasure, entertainment and laziness usually take up most of our time and attention. It is the Gift of Knowledge which allows us to finally see the vanity and uselessness of all these diversions and traps. The Gift also helps us to see the need for the dark night of the senses, which is required to purify us of all our inordinate inclinations and to love God properly. The Gift also allows us to see the Divine in each person and to love them only for God and in God, instead of for ourselves and our selfish motives.

In the perfection of the Gift of Knowledge is found complete detachment from things where we can indeed embrace true poverty of spirit and sell all to embrace only sacrifice and suffering as Christ did. This is anathema to human knowledge, so we know it must be Divine in origin…a Gift! Let us continue with the Novena to the Holy Spirit for the Gifts at (Note: our ordering of the Gifts is different from those at the EWTN site, but the reminders will reinforce what we are learning.) Fiat!

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