The Gifts: Fortitude

Fortitude is a Virtue and a Gift. As a Virtue, Fortitude allows us to work hard, be courageous and to overcome real difficulties, much more so than those who do not possess this Virtue. However, as a Virtue, it functions according to the maximum measure of our human strength. The Virtue of Fortitude allows us to overcome many instances where we otherwise would be timid and fail without the Virtue, but as a Virtue, it does not allow us to achieve with assurance and boldness anything superior to our human strength. This is when the Gift of Fortitude is needed, because we come to recognize that the temptations of the devil, the flesh and the world are simply too much for us, and we must have the strength and courage of the Holy Spirit to finally overcome those aspects of ourselves, the temptations of satan and the world’s bad influence, which we simply cannot do on our own! We recognize after failing many times over many years that even with the Virtues, we simply have too much self-love, certain personality flaws and bad habits that prevent us from being a saint; but the Gift of Fortitude from the Holy Spirit allows us to say with St. Paul: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

It is the Gift of Fortitude, which allows us to embrace suffering and find joy in suffering! This is not humanly possible! It is the Gift of Fortitude, which allows us to always be at peace, no matter what is happening around us! This is not humanly possible! We must be willing to stand firm in the Faith, even if it means being sent to prison or killed, as the martyrs for the Faith have done throughout history. This is not humanly possible! We have this Gift in our soul from our Baptism and strengthened further In Confirmation, but we must beg to release it and then beg to remain with the Gift each day by having a personal, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit!

God is asking us now through Elizabeth Kindelmann, Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, St. Faustina and many other Exemplars to beg the Father and Son for the Holy Spirit and all His Virtues, Gifts, Charisms and Beatitudes each day throughout the day; to read all we can about The Holy Spirit; and to beg our Mother to pour out the Grace of the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart as an extraordinary Grace and help to know, desire and live intimately with the Holy Spirit in preparation for the approaching New Pentecost, the Reign of the Holy Spirit in the world! Now, let us continue with the novena to the Holy Spirit by going to


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