The Holy Spirit Within: the Life of Continuous Presence and Love

One of the great blessings bestowed on Elizabeth Kindelmann (and the goal of our life in Christ on earth) was the continuous contact with the Son for the glory of the Father through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit within her, which she corresponded to in a heroic way. Most of us struggle to remain in loving contact with the Trinity at all during the day outside our normal prayer time. The great insight from God’s Word through St. Paul is that we can and should be “praying continuously” and not just at formal prayer time or during Mass or religious events. So how exactly do we do this? How do we achieve this main goal of the spiritual life…this life of intimate, Divine Love we have been called to from all eternity?

We have learned in this series on the Holy Spirit that it is only through the Holy Spirit that we can achieve this or any part of our Sanctification….our duty to Love as He loves us! This Gift of Gifts happens only if we know and desire the Extraordinary Grace given to us at Baptism and Confirmation and we beg each day as often as possible that this Grace be released within us; and if we are faithful to learn all we can about the Person of the Holy Spirit; and if we pray through His Spouse, our Mother, each day as often as we can to know Him as she knows Him, as our Greatest Friend dwelling in our soul in order to achieve an intimate, loving relationship with Him for the Glory of the Father by becoming Jesus Crucified!

Our master guide, Fr Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene, has this insight for us to ponder: “A soul who longs for a life of intimacy with God is not satisfied to limit relations with Him to the time of (formal) prayer, but tries to extend (these times) throughout the day…if God is always with us, why can we not be always in contact with Him?”

Fr. Gabriel explains that there are two ways to be in continual contact with The Trinity: the mind and the heart. While the mind will grow tired and usually can not be occupied with two things at once (duty and God), our heart can indeed be focused solely on God through our will and our desire. He states: “Since supernatural love does not consist in sentiment (emotion), but in an intimate orientation of the will toward God, we know that turning (to God) is possible, even during the performance of duties which absorb all of our attention. The will can strengthen this orientation of itself toward God precisely by the desire to fulfill each duty for love of Him, to please Him and give Him glory.”

St. Augustine confirms this Truth: “Prayer is nothing but desire of the heart; if your desire is continuous, your prayer is continuous. Do you wish never to cease praying? Then never cease desiring.”

In the classic work on this critical insight into loving God as He loves us (“The Practice of the Presence of God”), Brother Lawrence teaches us: “Let (us) then think of God as much as possible so that we will become accustomed to this little but holy exercise. No one will notice it and nothing is easier to repeat often during the day than these little acts of interior adoration.”

Brother Lawrence confirms what all the great masters of the spiritual life teach us: “We need only to recognize God intimately present with us, to address ourselves to Him every moment (that we can with our mind and then with our desire as our mind becomes occupied), that we beg His assistance for knowing His Will in things (that we are unsure of), and for rightly performing those which we plainly see He requires of us, offering them to Him before we do them, and giving Him thanks when we have done them.”

With daily prayer and consistent practice, we will find ourselves coming to that realization that “we can do nothing without Him”; and we will indeed start to call upon Him before every decision and action, and then to thank Him afterwards no matter the outcome from our viewpoint….for all happens for His glory and the salvation of souls! One of the great short prayers to make a habit before all duties, decisions and actions is: “Spirit of Love, in union with my Mother and Your Spouse, I enter into the Divine Will and place all in your hands.” As we finish the duty, action or after making a decision, we can pray: “Spirit of Love, in union with my Mother and Your Spouse, I give thanks and place all in your hands.” We can envision Jesus doing the act or making the decision within us (this assumes we are in a state of Grace and have an informed conscience) and thus He can achieve His purpose of living again through us for the glory of the Father by the folly of the Cross!

Let us rejoice and praise The Holy Spirit continuously knowing that our desire, the desire of our heart fixed forever on the Trinity alone, will allow us to pray and love continuously when our mind becomes occupied! Fiat!

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2 Responses to The Holy Spirit Within: the Life of Continuous Presence and Love

  1. says:

    Hi Tony, Thank you for your presentation on EWTN. You truly are a devoted son of the Blessed Mother and a vehicle of grace to so many of us looking for a deeper relationship w/Jesus. Your teachings this week have been wonderful. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you to do the work He has given you. Mary Turnbull


    • Mary, praise God for you and your kind and humble example to so many. The Father and the Son now seek to have the Holy Spirit known and honored by all through His Spouse! The little ones are called to help her bring about the Triumph! Thank you for your prayers!


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