Hearing the Need For Repentance and Redemptive Suffering from the Lips of Jesus

When the Church approves Messages for our benefit, such as those to Elizabeth Kindelmann and St. Faustina, they are meant to be used, to be implemented…as St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catechism teach us…they are given to instruct and direct our actions for a particular purpose.  In both of these sets of detailed Messages (both are contained in large Diaries), there is an intense emphasis by God and His Mother on our own need to continuously repent, but especially to participate with our Lord and our Mother in the need to repair for the sins of others, who WILL NOT convert without our helping them through mortification (voluntary penance of some type on our part) and suffering sent directly by God.

When we hear this appeal from our Lord’s own lips, how can we not comply?  How can we ignore His constant pleas?  Are we not guilty of at least gross indifference to the Heart of our Creator and Savior when we ignore or reject these impassioned pleas?  Is it not an incredible obligation to assist in the salvation of a soul for all eternity?  How many are lost because no one suffers or prays for them?  Will we participate somehow in the anguish our Lord experiences over their eternal loss?  Or will the Lord reserve that anguish to Himself?  We do not know, and we should do everything possible to be sure we never need to know!

Let us listen to just a few of the many pleas of our Lord to Elizabeth Kindelmann, which echo what our Lord taught St. Faustina and many other saints: “I delight to be with the children of men. Unfortunately, I am welcomed by few.  I want to give an increased measure of Love, unknown until now. Accepting this Grace demands great sacrifice. What value would this Cause have if there were no battle?…Write this down. All can help in My eternal plans…Let Me explain your great capacity. You inebriate the all-powerful God.  All can make God happy by repentance for their sins….Let us pray for God’s Mercy for those who tear themselves away from the Divine attraction…How I suffer from those who reject Me.”

When Elizabeth responded to our Lord with true sorrow for her sins, our Lord stated to her: “Your sorrow is like a bee that gathers honey. You pray for souls and they repent of their sins. The bee must work. Otherwise, the bee and the flower are useless. Nothing happens (unless they work). Just as the collected pollen becomes honey, so your tears become honey in souls (who need to repent)…Love, filled with repentance, intoxicates Me.”

Our Lord a few months later had a more severe lament: “Write to the indifferent soul, ‘there is no progress without sacrifice’.  I do not want sterile devotion (mindless repetition or acts done out of duty without love)….I speak in a severe tone of voice. O fools, you do not know how your pious indifference causes me immense sorrow. Repent! Repent! Repent!  All of you, repent. Only the voice of repentance holds back My Father’s chastising hand.”

Our Lord summarized the entire Message to Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Have just one thought: the salvation of souls.”

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