Remembering What is Most Important in Intimate, Daily Prayer: Persistence and Trust Every Single Day Forward Through our Mother

Through God’s Grace, we had 11 previous instructions on the critical need to embrace mental prayer, or daily, intimate prayer for the rest of our life. This last session will help solidify what we must take away and make a habit through Grace. I would be most grateful if you would share candidly what has helped you and what you still struggle with, so we can help each other and build one another up on this Journey of the poor blind ones who must lead each other by sharing Grace and praying for one another.  We are siblings in the Family of the intimate friends of God, and we have that Gift only because we admit our complete inability to do anything without Him, and we have a desire to love Him and trust Him as much as we are able in this life, which means with His Own Love and His Own Trust!

This would be a great time to comment if you have never commented before, or if you have commented before, to share deeply your needs and struggles. We are all falling short of what we desire….this is why we are infants of Merciful Love!  By sharing, we help each other see how alike we really are and how all is Grace!  The following reminders are some of the most important spiritual realities we will ever learn, and which our sweet Lord through His Holy Spirit is pouring out on us through the Gift of knowledge. The Holy Spirit is sharing with us through guides He has raised up in the spiritual life like Father Jacques Philippe and Father Timothy Gallagher. This is knowledge, through the power of the Holy Spirit, which God the Father and God the Son so desire we come to possess right now, and then put into practice every single day:

— the vast majority of people do not engage in daily, intimate prayer, which God so desires and which must be entered into in order to progress in the life of Love for God…the spiritual life.  Without it, we stop growing and regress.  Many who start daily, intimate prayer stop, and they never return to mental prayer or pray only sporadically.  Those who persist, by begging for this Grace, even though they may pray poorly, become the person God has called them to be from all eternity and they love God as He seeks to be loved. They fulfill their only purpose of Love.

–most who have good will and pray vocally, and are active in the Parish life or with the spiritual or corporate works of mercy, do not believe they can give God any more time.
These thoughts are from Satan. We all have more time being wasted on hobbies, TV,  Internet, etc, which we could give to God.  Everyone can find 15 more minutes a day to be in love with God and still perform their duties and take wholesome recreation when needed.  It is a matter of asking God to rearrange our day and our priorities. Is there anyone to busy to eat or drink water?  Mental prayer is the daily food and water of the soul!

–daily, intimate prayer is a Gift of God; it is not a set of techniques to be learned and mastered through human effort.  However, we must learn the dispositions of humility, Faith, perseverance, purity of intention and self giving in order to fully receive the Gift. Trust in God’s Grace and action within us is the necessary door through which we must enter by admitting our sinfulness and total inability to pray this way.

— St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila are recognized as the two master teachers, selected by God to help us receive this Gift. St. John of the Cross completely unmasks our pride and self love, especially for all those who like me who think we are doing so many great things for God because we labor every day for souls in His Vineyard, but previously without mental prayer.  Emblazon this Truth in your mind forever from St. John of the Cross: “Let those who are taken up with activity, who imagine they can move the world by their preaching and their external works, reflect here for a moment; they would easily understand that they would be much more useful to the Church, and more pleasing to the Lord, not to mention the good example they would set around them, if they dedicated  half the time to mental prayer, even though they may not be as advanced (in mental prayer)…If they did, they would accomplish a greater good by one such work, and with much less effort, than they now accomplish by the thousand works they (now) spend their lives on. Mental prayer would obtain for them this Grace, and would obtain for them the spiritual strength which they need in order to produce such fruits.”

–mental prayer requires we confront our utter poverty and as St. Theresa of Avila teaches us it is founded completely on humility.  Our pride makes this very distasteful to us. We always want to believe we bring something or can be something in prayer without total reliance on God. Mental prayer is nothing more than a daily exercise in loving God as He wills to be loved and as He teaches us.

–most people must start mental prayer with meditation, the process of reading and pondering on what God is saying to us in Scripture, especially the Gospels, since the life of Christ our perfect model has much to teach us.  St. Frances de Sales and St. Ignatius of Loyola are the two preeminent teachers of meditation for lay people.

— two of the very best aides in learning the dispositions necessary for the Gift of daily, intimate prayer are “Time for God” by Father Jacques Philippe and “Mediation and Contemplation” by Father Timothy Gallagher.  There are many other wonderful books, but these two are easily understandable for all and cover all the necessary, critical ideas.

–in the end, will we make the effort and correspond to the Grace which God is pouring out, or we will let our self love, bad habits and routine win out?  There is one fool proof way to succeed: our Mother of Divine Mercy… The Mediatrix of all Grace, especially the uniquely powerful Grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  Trust in God obtains all things….and trust through God’s own Mother can not fail!  “Never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection was left unaided.”  This is God’s own Promise…”Son, Daughter, behold your Mother”!  She then obtains the Grace so we can do “whatever He tells us to do” including daily, intimate prayer every day for the rest of our life!

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33 Responses to Remembering What is Most Important in Intimate, Daily Prayer: Persistence and Trust Every Single Day Forward Through our Mother

  1. Louise Walkup says:

    I LOVE your daily emails. They are perfect, just what I need.
    Thank you for putting them together


  2. vparisi says:

    This series has been wonderful. Since you asked for comments my thoughts are this. I am a convert from the Methodist faith and my whole story is that I was pretty lukewarm in that faith until one of my children became ill. I asked Jesus to walk me through it and I would do anything for Him. Anyway, about eight years ago I had no idea how to actually do that so I became involved in my Methodist church and I started to watch Joyce Meyer and I learned how to pray and read my Bible each day for an hour in the morning. I learned that I had to give God that time if I wanted anything to work in my life. As a Catholic now my perspective is that sometimes maybe Evangelicals which I had become might have a little leg up on this mental prayer thing because without much of a sacramental life, prayer and Scripture is all we have! When I became Catholic I did not give up this habit- and if anything adding the Rosary and daily Eucharist took an already fruitful prayer life into hyperdrive. Having the Blessed Mother as a prayer partner is incredible! All I can say is if every Christian took that hour in the morning no matter how they may feel- consolation, desolation, or just plain distracted they would see the fruit they are looking for and Jesus would be their true Best Friend! He waits to hear from us every day and He wants to hear every little thing. Those are my thoughts- thank you again for this great series on prayer!




    • Val, praise God for you sharing these insights. Yes, we can all learn from each other and Evangelicals force us to confront the failure of many to draw deeply from Scripture every day! I love your thought on having our Mother as a prayer partner every day. This indeed is the master key to praying well! Asking her to pray for us in and with God’s Will and envisioning being in her Immaculate Heart is a choice Grace! God bless you in every way!


  3. Jenny Murphy says:

    My daily intimate prayer begins when I mentally crawl onto my Holy Mother’s lap and rest for a minute. Then, I begin my rosary, or if pressed, just 3 Hail Mary’s. The greatest gift I have received is knowing when I need to pray. It is when I get tired from mental exertion after a class or difficult interaction (I am a teacher), or before I am about to begin something that requires proficiency. Other times are the very first moment of consciousness when I awake, at 3:00 the hour of mercy, before Mass, after communion, and when I lay down at night to sleep. If I am afraid, I hide myself in the Holy Wounds of my saviour, Jesus Christ and beg for mercy. Now, I am praying the prayers to keep the family together. Take one beautiful prayer at a time and try to memorize it, thus you will be able to pray “by heart.” Try the prayer to St. Joseph and the St. Michael’s prayer. God bless you.


  4. kccaggino says:

    My dear brother in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR I read your first few post on intimate pray with GOD OUR FATHER and I started with 15 minutes of intimate prayer but then I stopped I pray the rosary everyday.i know that daily intimate prayer is OUR FATHERS will for us so I’m deciding to read through all your post slowly and prayerfully and to pray to our BLESSED MOTHER for the grace for the desire and the ability for intimate prayer.i donot want to quit I want to do the will of GOD for HE pulled me from the flames of sin and darkness and saved me with HIS GREAT DIVINE MERCY.when I pray I feel the need to do something to say something just sitting the presence of OUR GOD is difficult.


    • Amen! It is hard at first! This is exactly why meditation, where we use or intellect, emotions and our will, is the starting point. It would be important to get a good meditation book. I recommend either “Divine Intimacy” or the “Better Part” by Father Bartunek. Fr. Timothy Gallagher’s book on Meditation explains precisely the approach to use. Our Lady will help you through the Holy Spirit. If you trust and persevere, it will happen! Love never fails.


  5. I explained on a recent post: “The practice of meditation, quality prayer time or contemplative time is critical. Tradition suggests two hours a day. I’ve noticed such a change in my spiritual life since I committed a full hour of adoration/contemplation a day in addition to time devoted to Mass, the Rosary, and significant reading and study. Previously I had practiced 15 minutes, then a half hour, but it was not until I gave a full hour, [and sometimes more] at a stretch that I began to experience a depth of growth and calm, a peace of soul that permeates my entire day.” Once I began praying one hour daily before the Blessed Sacrament, I was “hooked”–I love the way you describe the time as “intimate time with God” because it is truly that–more intimate than a date with a human person or any rendezvous. The longer I spend in this commitment [and I have been doing this for over two years now], the deeper the growth and appreciation–just as would happen in any serious relationship. I am often greedy; besides the hour of adoration and Holy Mass in the morning [about two hours of prayer], I pray the rosary and spend additional time in the evening. I just can’t get enough time. In my LOVE CRUCIFIED Covenant Community, we refer to our homes as our “domestic monasteries”–yes they are. My goal has increasingly to be the contemplative in my domestic monastery. After all, Brother Lawrence rested in the Presence of God even in the kitchen amid his busy pots and pans!

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    • Kathy, praise God for you and for sharing what God will do when we correspond in generosity. The saints are unanimous on this key point that the longer we give Him in intimate prayer, the more Grace and peace we receive. And so by sharing, you will motivate many of us to eventually set a new goal of one hour. I am still at 15 minutes, but trusting He will bless me to get to a half hour soon. So, let this Family include all in our prayer intentions that He will stoop down in His Infinite Mercy and hug each one of us and bestow new Grace to commit to 15 minutes of Meditation a day and if we are already there, to commit to more, so we all get to the point He has determined is perfect for our nature/disposition as unique children of His. Some He will choose to stay with Meditation; and some He will choose to move to Contemplation;and some He will choose to do both each day. So, let us all be at peace knowing He will show us His Will through his Mother, if we but trust and persist. Love never fails.


  6. David Roberts says:

    I read all your posting on Intimate Prayer very carefully and use ‘Time for God’ by Jacques Phillippe as a guide. Whereas your outline and the explanation in the book are abundantly clear and easy to understand, the practical application is less so. With me, bearing in mind everything you have said, the problem is “looking for results” – “nothing seems to be happening”. With the rosary, there is a sense of going deeper into the mysteries, and this increases the longer one practises the prayer; and of course there is the satisfaction of completing a set discipline; the same applies to a novena. With intimate prayer, the ‘benefits’ are far more elusive and difficult to measure in any way. I know this is probably natural for anyone living a ‘secular’ life – and with a busy daily schedule to get through, nevertheless, I find it a real obstacle. The only way I have found to mitigate this is to start gradually, not putting any pressure on myself and NOT to look for results; not to allow myself to think there may be something more ‘useful’ I could be doing (and feeling guilty about it) – just trust, let go and BE.


    • Dave, you strike the nerve. This is indeed what most of us experience starting into Contemplation. This is why Meditation is the right starting point for virtually all of us. I recommend the Meditation book by Fr. Timothy Gallagher to see how this approach works. Meditation allows the active use of the intellect in pondering Scripture, the emotions in expressing our affections for God and our will in making resolutions. One will feel more occupied with God. Fr. John Bartunek’s book the “Better Part” has excellent meditation material for each day. You will trust and persist. Our Mother will guide you.


  7. Mary Anne says:

    I struggle with this problem. When I am at home, I have no problem entering into the presence of our Lord with our Mother, in mental prayer. It’s very simple and extremely powerful. As soon as I enter into the world outside, I lose what I experience at home! I don’t want to. I make conscious decisions to stay focused. I just struggle so much to maintain it in the world!. I want to have that intimate bond “at all times”. Will I eventually acquire this Oneness at all times? Patience is something I’m constantly practicing in my walk. In fact, very often I’m so eager I try to run ahead of our Mother. She is always gently placing me back next to her. Thank God.


    • Mary Anne, your desire so pleases God! He knows how frail we are and that we do fail miserably to stay focused on Him throughout the day as we engage in tasks which can absorb our attention. So, we all try to pause now and again to go visit Him for a few seconds within our soul and tell Him we are sorry, but we do want to always Love Him at every moment. He understands and sees our desire! So, be at peace knowing He will allow you and all of us who persevere to get better at staying in His Presence throughout the day. Lord, help us all practice Your presence better than we now do! Desire accomplishes all in His great Condescension and Love for us!


  8. Linda says:

    I frequently work 12 hour days and have little energy when I get home at midnight. I look forward to talking with my Jesus as soon as I go to bed. There are many possibilities for meditation when going through my day ( a sort of examination of conscience ). I thank Him for the graces when I responded to situations in a way that would have pleased Him, and I apologize for the times in the day when i did not accept the grace to respond in a loving and merciful manner. I ask for help and enlightenment as to how to proceed in difficult ongoing situations or whatever is on my mind.

    In His Heart full of the flames of burning Charity I place myself for I know that He loves me. And how could I place myself there without first placing myself inside the heart of His Immaculate Mother! It is through her that I have come to know Him. How those two hears beat as one!


  9. diane says:

    Val said, All I can say is if every Christian took that hour in the morning no matter how they may feel- consolation, desolation, or just plain distracted they would see the fruit they are looking for and Jesus would be their true Best Friend! –If every Christian took an hour to pray in the morning our world would be different. And to think that is all it would take to instill hope in peoples lives, to see conversions, to know that souls are freed from purgatory, and that persecutions could come to a halt. The Lord tells us we could move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. We who do pray everyday are graced by God and God alone. I credit my Guardian Angel for getting me up each day to receive the Eucharist and to sit before His throne. Some days are remote and I know that, but I keep plunging deeper into His Love and know that after the days of dryness will come a deep well for me to drink from – sometimes only for an instant, sometimes to a bit longer, but my what a Grace His consolation is, and it comes when He knows I am flailing a bit and getting too distracted. I read He and I about 5 years ago and I found that to be a most excellent book to be able to realize His love for me who is a very small, insignificant soul, but knowing indeed that He loves me more than I can fathom. Thank your Guardian Angel if you are dedicated to your prayer life, because indeed it is nothing that you are doing. Its all Him and Him alone.
    Diane. Love. I do.


  10. Linny O'Hara says:

    You asked for comments about this entire series of articles, and though my soul is convicted and my heart blest by each article, I will summarize them all in the two deepest in my heart:
    First, the quote from St. John of the Cross where he said that one intimate mental prayer could be worth a thousand active works, is such a tremendous encouragement and inspiration to those, like me, who are handicapped or otherwise unable to perform many active works. I can’t express in words what a healing balm that is to my frustrated heart.
    You also asked to candidly share what we still struggle with and for me, that’s purity of intention. I so often fool myself into thinking that something I want to do is from a pure desire to obey GOD and serve His people, however, when I apply a strong dose of insightful humility, I find the intention is tainted with self-service and worse – pride! For example, I very much enjoy the Bible Journaling trend that is so popular nowadays that there are even Facebook and Pinterest groups dedicated to it. And while it has, indeed, been a great blessing to me, and has opened up a new form of intimate worship and greater depth of Bible study than I’ve ever experienced before, because of my poor eye-eight, I cannot use the Journaling Bibles currently available. I need at least a 12-point type to be able to read my Bible nowadays, and none of the wide-margin journaling Bibles (not even the one for $130!) comes in type that large. I have to explain all this because I’ve been looking for almost a year now for such a Bible. Why? I can get free downloads of the Bible in most any translation I want and then make both the type and the margins any size I need. Even better than using a printed Bible – which always comes in thin paper – I can then add in all sorts of artwork, embellishment, quotes, notes, etc., on the thicker printer paper, that won’t bleed through to the other side, nor distract from the Scriptures on the next page like it does on thin professionally printed Bible paper. There are many more benefits of printing out the Bible, but not necessary for my point here. The point is, why, if I already have a very good way of doing my Bible journaling, do I constantly search and want to spend a lot of money on a bound Bible? The only thing I can think of is pride — I want to show off my artwork, and/or how much I’ve read the Bible, or WHATEVER! If my intentions to read, study, pray, and incorporate GOD’s Holy Word into my life, I should just keep doing what I’m doing! This is a very personal, intimate exercise between me and the LORD, so why do I feel I need validation, praise, or anything else from anyone else but GOD? I am so disgusted with myself and make myself so sad, that I often come near to despair that I’ll never learn, never change, never fulfill the missions and purpose for which GOD has created me. Thank GOD that your articles constantly remind me that ALL is Grace; that I can do absolutely nothing without GOD. So I suppose the two things I struggle with most right now are pride and discouragement. I beg for your prayers. And thank you for letting me take up your value time with this long comment. Blessings to all.


    • Linny, God’s Mercy is upon you! This is so typical of all of us. We are all so frail that we rarely see how we mix self love into most of what we do. But, God in His infinite Mercy ever so slowly opens the eyes of our soul and we become utterly convinced of our inability. It is precisely and only then that He can begin to work in us! Our role is to simply rejoice in His Mercy, trust in it absolutely and cling to Him….simply worshipping and relishing a Love that we will only truly understand in Heaven! Desire and Trust obtain all things from Merciful Love! Let us rejoice together that He has revealed this to the littlest ones!

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  11. Michelle says:

    I think that my problem has been that I tend to spend too much time on spiritual reading and not enough time on prayer. My mind gets easily distracted and wants to race ahead. I have been struggling to think about the daily gospel when I have a little time during the day. I really like the book, My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary. It says “Study in Jesus the virtue directly opposed to your predominant fault. ” I’ve changed my mind a lot on what virtue to cultivate. Currently I decided to work for cheerfulness. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta says to let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Yesterday I discovered this prayer by her, “I come to You, Jesus, to take Your touch before I begin my day. Let Your eyes rest upon my eyes for a while. Let me take to my work the assurance of Your friendship. Let Your blessed sunshine fill my thoughts, and give me strength for those who need me.” Please continue all your writings. They help me to persevere. Thank you.


    • Michelle, I agree that joy…cheerfulness always….is such an important goal. Our Lord constantly asked Gabrielle Bossis to smile and be joyful no matter what. He even promised to bless all of those you smile at during the day! He so wants our joy, but we continue to want things and our comfort and our opinion and our way…Oh Lord, help our blindness! Help your little infants!


  12. D says:

    Is it possible to think one is engaging in intimate prayer when it is actually not the case? How would one know?


    • Yes, I believe that it is possible but unlikely if you are in a state of Grace. Any thoughts raised up to God in a spirit of humility and love would be considered mental prayer and a certain percentage of people do think about God briefly throughout the day. But, what we are referring to in this series and what the Church and Saints have always taught is that we should set aside a certain time for God each and every day to engage in love…a conversation or expression of the intellect, the will, and the sentiments/emotions without vocal prayers. This amount of time should be at least 15 minutes and as long as you can within your duties. There are two general types of this expression of love…meditation where we use the Gospels or other good material to ponder on what God is saying to us, use our emotions to express our feelings of love and gratitude and our will to make resolutions to change or to love Him better. The other type is contemplation, where we seek to just rest in God’s love and be with Him in love without using our intellect to read or ponder any truths. This is normally much harder for people, which is why all should start with meditation. One of the best aides to understanding the “process” or general structure of meditation is a book by Fr. Timothy Gallagher entitled “Meditation and Contemplation”. An excellent tool for material for your meditation is a book by Fr. John Bartunek entitled the “Better Part”. Please let me know if this simplified explanation helped or did not help. Mental prayer is a gift which God will give to all who have good will and persist, so be at peace knowing your dear Mother will obtain this gift for you if you beg her and never give up. Trust and persist….trust and persist! Trust obtains all things!


      • D says:

        Well, I have experienced mental prayer in the form of meditation sometimes through Gospel readings, sometimes through the mysteries of the Rosary. It is beautiful and sometimes painful. I am really wondering about the sudden insights and/or internal images that arise when I am busy doing other things. What are they? Calls to prayer?
        It almost feels like I am dancing with God. I ought to let Him lead more though.


      • Yes, God is constantly pursuing us at each moment throughout the day! But we usually do not respond. When we set aside time for Him each and every day, usually by getting up a tad earlier if we have strict duties each day like work, He provides more Grace to be much more faithful to these inspirations of the Holy Spirit! It is always Grace, our correspondence to Grace, more Grace, more correspondence, until the moment we die. If I can impart just one lesson from the Saints for all of us it is this: give God at least 15 minutes each and every day, preferably at the same time, for mental prayer and our lives will quickly change to the one He so desires for us!


  13. Mary Laiti says:

    Hello Anthony I am always so thankful for your encouragement and the wonderful articles you post, they help me to reflect further what I feel God telling me and lately it has been Gods word that will be repeated several times and then someone will say something and I read it later like ““Never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection was left unaided.” (Today I was begging our Mother for her aid and then read this it made me smile and I said internally yes Mother!) then later today I was talking with a client of mine about Jesus and he mentions the discourse between Jesus and John and His mother of God’s own Promise…”Son, behold your Mother”! My client is Protestant by the way and I always am encouraging him to trust in Our Blessed Mother! It’s those little things that if we rush through life they are almost imperceptible if we don’t take time to spend with the Lord who is deserving of all of our love. Another wonderful book I would recommend that is wonderful for meditation is “He and I ” Gabrielle Bossis I feel like the Lord is speaking to me when I go Before the Lord in Adoration and take this little gem with me. Yes learning to “Go out into the deep” this lent is what I think our Lord wants from all of us to let down our defenses and to let His light shine in our hearts showing us just how much we need His transforming love so we in turn can go out and be love Like St. John of the Cross would say ” where there is no love…PUT LOVE” I want to be a walking monstrance we all can be His vessels of love so let us cast our cares upon our Lord who promises us if we bring our burdens to Him he says he will give us His and it is easy and His yolk is light…Jesus I trust in you! now don’t get me wrong I am having dryness in my prayer and falling down left and right Satan wants us to look only at our selves but let us all remember who God is what He said he will do and who we are onward Christian solders let us march on under Our Lady’s banner of her Flame of Love! can I get an Amen! Oh and Anthony I wanted to thank you for all you do in promoting the flame of love it is so important for these times!


    • Mary, thank you for sharing. There is so much in your words to relish. I also want to reemphasize “He and I” since it is such a gift that I hope every person who is in our Family on this site will get it immediately. I will begin my 16th or 17th time through this masterpiece! Every time I read and ponder it, it is as if the first time. “Divine Intimacy” is also an incredible masterpiece. Let us pray for each other as we stumble from desolation to consolation and back all with great joy knowing our Mother and the Holy Spirit are slowly but surely forming Jesus within us simply because we trust and desire…trust and desire!


  14. Cindy K says:

    I am new to these posts and I am gaining so much more insight into Divine Intimacy. I set aside time for morning prayer, rosary, chaplet of Divine Mercy, daily scripture reading and night prayer. (Most days I am not able to do all this in one time frame) I ask our Lord to give me something to meditate upon during my day. What He gives me may be a scripture verse, song or other inspirational thought of some type. This helps me throughout the day to keep focused and to be patient in whatever situation I may find myself in.


  15. rickie says:

    Thank you for this post. I have just read through all your comments and even though I haven’t been following along with your teachings on prayer, I would also like to add to some of your thoughts today because I also am having difficulties with keeping my prayers at a certain time of the day or for a duration of time. Every day is not the same for me since I work on call and so my praying can become sporadic.
    I can identify with praying only when you feel like it, which makes things less effective especially if you have a crazy day and are forgetful of things. I’m always needing something new to read because I find my mind starts wandering if I stick to one way to meditate. If I’m lucky to get to mass daily, I do spend up to an hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and it is a very beautiful time for me. I just pause and talk to Him while I’m praying the rosary or reading scripture. Is that contemplation ? And I feel the grace from that peace throughout the day.
    Also, I use podcasts a lot, or Radio Maria or the Divine Office site because it helps me pray and not feel alone, and it helps me focus more and these are scheduled prayers at certain times of the day, so I “get it done”.
    Lately, I started praying the Rounds in the Divine Will, Luisa Piccaretta’s work. It is so beautiful, even though it is repetitious. It reminds me of the psalm readings at mass when we repeat one phrase to help us meditate, like a mantra ? Only these prayers of hers are prayers of praise and adoration. Since I’m home for now, I have the time to read them, but they are very long and so, I read it in segments at a time, not always finishing them. Here is another example of my doing what feels good.
    Recently, I watched your shows on “Women of Grace” and so did some of the ladies in my prayer group. It helped me to talk about the Flame of Love devotion and to pass out pamphlets here to them. Now we insert “spread the effect of grace…” in our rosary. Our cenacle purpose is to pray for priests. Group prayer is important for me because it helps me feel “scheduled” and not alone and it is wonderful to share loving God and His love.


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