How the Presence of God in Prayer Leads to Awareness of the Continuous Presence of God Within our Souls

We now take up the work of Gabrielle Bossis from “He and I” to get further insight on the importance of daily, intimate prayer.  Gabrielle lamented how our lack of trust causes us to run away from His presence within our souls. Our Lord responded to her: “Fix it firmly in your mind that this presence of Me in you is not an allegory or a fantasy or a metaphor. It’s not a story you listen to or something that might have happened to someone else.  It has to do with you and Me. It has to do with a reality to be lived.  So, live with assurance and gladness.  You will find so much happiness in this and you will give Me so much joy.  Greet Me in you often in your own way, in all sorts of ways. I’ll love you in every one of these ways of yours.

“Run after Me in you. Never give up the chase. Seek Me as Father, Bridegroom and Savior.  See Me looking at you. You know I am waiting for you.  Don’t be heedless of the moments…Seek fellowship with Me in your heart-center.  Submit every earthly tie to me, since there is still time and since it would please me. There are always two paths, one that goes down toward selfish distractions and one that goes up to Me for Me.  The choice is yours: either you or I…”

Our Lord continued with this extraordinary insight: “Why do I ask you to pray?  Because prayer is to Grace as the lighted match to the candle. You get the picture: the first effort is man’s (responding to God’s Grace); then comes God. Always oneness. Never God alone. But God and man working together. This is the law of My love. Isn’t it beautiful? Why should you try to escape it?  Wouldn’t you find greater joy in hastening our reunion by your calling desires and your cries of love?  What delight it gives me to be invited by your hearts!

“So, don’t be reticent. If you want Me, tell Me so. I mean pray-sink deep down into the remembrance of Me and talk to Me in a direct look.  That’s what prayer is–the prayer that asks, the prayer that praises and thanks, the prayer that loves.”

Gabrielle further lamented that she wished she could see our Lord, and because of this she loved God ‘almost in a twilight’.  Our Lord responded: “Don’t you have a detailed account of My life and death?  Can’t you lay hold upon Me in this or that page of My Gospels?  Doesn’t your Faith need practice and opportunities to win victories?  Blessed are those who believe and love without ever having seen….Oh My Child, pray without ceasing. Remember your Christ in His Life. For whom did He pray? You too, pray for others and God will take care of you.”

Our Lord then instructed her: “Why don’t you offer everything by the hands of your Mother, by her sorrowful and immaculate heart…Child, give yourself to Mary so you may walk in her ways. She is ready to help you because she knows God and His desires and she knows you in your difficulties, almost all of which come from human pride.” (Note the Flame of Love Grace is so extraordinary that our Prayer life will grow exponentially if we desire and nourish this Grace!)

Our Lord taught her that “He and I” is a gift to us to pray and mediate with such that we can learn to love Him much better and much more intimately by using this gift!  He tells Gabrielle: “I like to explore hearts by means of this little book.  Many people read and are pierced by one of My straight arrows…many are utterly astonished and try to imitate this intimate love that never strays but seeks all ways and means of charming, consoling and rejoicing Me with new tenderness…Near as I am to your hearts, I am so poor. There is so much indifference, so much hostility that those who understand Me better try to enrich Me every day, even if only by a feeling of pity. It takes very little pity from you to comfort Me…Read the Gospels. Look at your Model…Since you have found Me, don’t you wish to honor Me with your gentle love? Even in the midst (of all that goes on throughout the day) open the door to the tabernacle of your heart. My throne is there…

“And the more you believe how utterly disarmed I am by your love, the more My unfathomable tenderness overflows to you. The great wrong is………… lack Faith in My Love.”

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6 Responses to How the Presence of God in Prayer Leads to Awareness of the Continuous Presence of God Within our Souls

  1. Tino Tarango says:

    Lord, have mercy on me and forgive me for my lack of Faith, at times!


  2. Ramanie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article. May God bless you.


  3. Mary Anne says:

    This book, He and I, is a rare treasure to me. I ‘must’ read it every day. It speaks to me so deeply. I just randomly open to a page and read a segment, and my heart is on fire! A few years back the Pauline sisters came to our parish and I asked one what book she recommended. This was it and I could not be more thankful!


    • I agree. It may be the best in the history of the Church on what a moment by moment intimacy with our Lord is in reality. May God be glorified for allowing us to have it in order to know and love Him better than we ever could without it!

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