Why The Attitude of a Humble Heart and Mind….A True Recognition of Our Nothingness…Is Needed for Prayer

As we finish with all the issues which hold us back from a firm and unshakeable commitment to daily, intimate prayer, we must demolish the one error we are most blind to see: the subtle pride that we can only accomplish something through our thinking and our efforts. The human or natural reality is that we spend most of our day thinking about ourselves! We are absorbed in what we are doing….in our routine and in our habits to the point that we often become robotic in their execution! This pride…this automatic reliance on the “way things just are”…must be completely destroyed before we will embrace daily, intimate prayer. Yes, this is the way things are now, because we have so far chosen to believe they can not change!

How many times has God made clear in Holy Scripture that we can do “absolutely nothing” (especially in the spiritual or supernatural realm) without Him! We hear these words, but we do not take them to heart. We will never have an unshakeable commitment to daily, intimate prayer without total reliance on God to give us this Gift and that Gift can and will only be given through correspondence to Grace, which is begged for each and every day, especially though Holy Communion and the other Sacraments, after we have released the power of our Baptism through our Consecration to Jesus through Mary and our choice to live it in the power of the Holy Spirit present within us as our Greatest Friend!

Because our natural way of living or operating each day is to become absorbed in routine and habit, which are overarching modes dictating almost all thinking and behavior, we must have SUPERNATURAL help, or we can not break free. As Fr. Jacques Philippe teaches us: “if we do not learn how to stop completely from time to time, how to make space in which we do nothing except think about (and love) God, we will find it very difficult to remain in God’s presence while working (and conducting our daily duties and recreation).” In other words, we can not achieve our purpose of being constantly in the presence of God and living with His Will as Mary did, if we can not focus completely on Him for at least 15 minutes every day in intimate prayer (and then to spend more time if and as He leads us).

Thus, we must come to know and truly believe that we are incapable of doing this without His Grace! Without His help, we will go on reading and thinking about committing to daily, intimate prayer without ever actually engaging in it each day! Many say, I pray when I feel the desire to pray; but we have learned that prayer is not a feeling! Prayer is a Gift of God to persevere in time with Him in Love and for Love! We must be humble enough to admit we are too selfish and too fickle to ever be able to give our time consistently in daily, intimate prayer without His Grace! How can we ever possibly follow God’s command to “pray always”, if we do not admit that we can’t even pray well for 15 minutes!

Lord, give us this Grace…give us Your own desire…give us Your Humility…the Humility that is on display in the manger right now! Lord, we are nothing, but You are All! In Your Divine Mercy, move us to desire and trust with Your own desire and trust! Mother, plead our case due to our complete inability! Please use the power of the Flame of Love of your Immaculate Heart to bring us to this Gift of daily, intimate prayer so we may be a praise of His glory living with His Will each moment as you did!

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4 Responses to Why The Attitude of a Humble Heart and Mind….A True Recognition of Our Nothingness…Is Needed for Prayer

  1. Shirley Bachmeier says:

    Tony, your message and admonishment to us is filled with truth from start to finish. There is not one of us who wouldn’t like to report that it is happening just as you speak. I yearn for this and ask Jesus and His mother to make themselves present to me as they had for many years. In reading my old journals, I describe again and again my blessed times with them and/or special Holy Spirit promptings giving me understanding that has stayed with me as clearly as when given. I pray the Flame of Love Rosary as often as I can and it blesses me always. I will stay determined to diminish my puny self and beg for the graces of this hour being so available in the asking. God bless us all and purify our paths and intentions.


    • Let us thank God that He is illuminating our minds together for the praise of His Glory! He often will use the sensitivity which He has given to us to help us push forward to break bad habits or change useless exercises and correspond to His Grace! Most who read these exhortations know they should be giving God at least 15 minutes spent solely in Love resting in His Love and Mercy, but have not consistently done this each day, and so He….not wanting us to waste any of our alloted moments for all eternity where He will reward our efforts in Love…pursues those who are open to His Love. He is the Hound of Heaven! The pursuit of Love is His only mission…His Divine Passion! Anything that is being done out of rote, mindless habit or duty should be stopped and changed into an exercise of intimate Love! Even our Rosaries must be consciously entered into with Love, or we we would be better off entering into mental prayer. But in His Divine Mercy, we can do both! We can pray our Rosary in intimate Love, by slowly focusing on the words and enter into the mystery deeply! We can then practice the loving discipline of mental prayer…the intimate, daily encounter of just spending 15 minutes in love with Love! Often, the best time for this 15 minutes is immediately after Holy Communion, because so few stay and properly thank Him for this Gift of all Gifts! The key is to ask God…beg Him for the Grace…and listen to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as He moves us to change or reprioritze our activity and daily schedule for the praise of His Glory! He will again bring you precisely to where He wants you if you simply trust and persevere in all peace! The great cycle of night and day unfolds in our spiritual life, especially in our prayer life. But if we persist, the light shines all the time as our self love and self will slowly are given over to His Will. We simply help each other by reminding each other with His Grace what we know we should be doing….just as Father Jacques Philippe reminded me!


  2. Marjorie Uerling says:

    I do not really understand the grace of the Flame of Divine Love of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. I have read the book and I pray the prayer she gave that this grace be given to all humanity, but what else is there???Marjorie


    • Marjorie, the Grace is a special or “signal” Grace, which God wants all to have in order to accelerate and make much easier than ever before our only purpose…to know and love God as Mary did! It makes the Grace of our Baptism and all the other Sacraments we have received explode into action in our life to finally change us…to overcome all the pride and self love which hold us back from transformation into Christ! If you ask the Holy Spirit and Mary each day, and slowly read from the Book, you will see this Extraordinary Grace actualize in your life! God has promised it and He can not lie! Trust and perseverance obtain all things!


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