God’s Blueprint for Your Role in the Kingdom of Divine Mercy and Sanctification to Come on Earth Through His Mother and the Holy Spirit

I believe these words below were given to Father Emil Neubert from “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary”. They comport perfectly with what God has given to us through our Mother in the supernatural Messages of Fatima, Akita and Amsterdam, and also comport with what Cardinal Peter Erdo and other Bishops have approved through Elizabeth Kindelmann and the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Messages.  You will see exactly what God is asking you to do.  Now, it is up to us to act and spread the instructions to others.

My Ideal, JESUS, Son of MARY – (Part 4)

My Soldier

Mary: My Mission and Yours:  

  • I have a mystery to reveal to you concerning both of us.
  • From that moment (Incarnation) until the last sigh of Jesus, I worked with Him in the redemption of man.
  • The cooperation which I gave to my Son at Nazareth and on Calvary, I must give until the end of time.
  • For the Redemption is not yet fully accomplished: the grace of salvation must still be applied to each man as he comes into this world.
  • Such is my mission until the end of time.
  • This apostolate is a struggle. I must snatch each soul from satan in order to lead it to Jesus and to the Father.
  • The last age of the church shall be more my age than any other.
  • Such is my part in the mystery which I wished to reveal to you. And now here is your part……
  • …… in order to carry out my mission of conquest in the world, I need auxiliaries and soldiers.
  • Do you wish to:
    • be my soldier;
    • aid me in rescuing my children;
    • share in the victory reserved for me?
  • … you have given yourself entirely to me…. Consecrated to me your body and soul, your thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Now that you understand how I wish to use your person and your powers, are you going to retract your Consecration?
  • … here I am, leading you onto a battlefield
  • Did He (Jesus) not become my Son precisely because He wished to be the Savior of men?
  • He has likewise called you to become my child of predilection, so that you, too, may become a savior of souls.
  • You must either become an apostle, therefore, or renounce the honor of being my child of predilection.

Mary: The Flame of Zeal

  • You are resolved to be my apostle, but you wonder how………….. You, the apostle of Christ and His Mother, you wonder how you can succeed.
  • Did the first preachers of the Gospel …. not preach painful sacrifices, and the obligation of being ready to suffer persecution, imprisonment, fire and the sword?
  • Yet, they converted countless multitudes with amazing rapidity, and all because there burned in them the sacred flame of apostolic zeal.
  • It is this flame that you must kindle in your soul.
  • How ? Come, follow me to Calvary. Place yourself next to me and look at Jesus Crucified. See His body trembling under those frightful tortures.
  • …. See His soul a prey to agony a thousandfold more frightful…….
  • ….. the vision of countless men for whom He is shedding His blood in vain.
  • Listen! Jesus is speaking: “Woman, behold thy son; behold thy mother.” It is to you and to me that He speaks.
  • “Woman, behold thy son! He will aid you to save your children – children who, without his help would be eternally lost. He will lead those poor erring creatures back to you. He will help you in your apostolic mission and bring consolation to us both.”
  • Listen again! “I thirst ! I thirst in My body; I thirst, above all, in my heart. Will he who replaces Me at Mother’s side, give Me the souls I crave?”

Mary: Apostolic Prayer

  • …… you have at your disposal a most efficacious weapon for apostolic action: prayer.
  • Prayer is not a substitute for direct action: it is an apostolic weapon whose effectiveness far surpasses that of any exterior activity.
  • Jesus preached for three years, but first He prayed for thirty years.
  • I cooperated with Him in the work of Redemption.
  • I never preached; I never directed the church; I never worked miracles; but I did pray and I did suffer.
  • And Joseph, like myself, prayed and suffered. Without uttering so much as one word which has been recorded in a book, he accomplished more for the conversion of mankind than did St. John, St. Paul, and St. Peter.
  • Examine the lives of men devoted to the apostolate: all those who had extraordinary success in converting souls, were also extraordinarily given to prayer.
  • Woe to the apostle who does not pray! He is but sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal; he spends himself and wearies himself, and perhaps loses his own soul, without doing any good to the souls of others.
  • Could it be otherwise? To convert, sanctify, and save a soul is a supernatural Can anything supernatural be accomplished by merely natural means?
  • Supernatural achievements are the fruit of grace, and grace if the fruit of prayer. The more you pray, the more supernatural work you will achieve.
  • God wants exterior works wherever they are possible… but, just as a whole ocean of water is, of itself, powerless to cleanse the soul of a babe, so all exterior actions (alone) are powerless to convert or to sanctify a single man.
  • Prayer can even replace action – wherever action is impossible.
  • Have you grasped this lesson, my child?
  • Do you base your hope of success on God, to Whom you pray, rather than on your own skill and persuasive powers?
  • Pray! Pray! And learn to pray more and more, for the conversion and sanctification of souls.
  • Transform your actions and sufferings into prayers by offering them to God – through my hands – for some special purpose according to my intentions.
  • Pray, in particular, for those who, like yourself, have assembled under my banner to hasten the advent of the kingdom of Jesus, by hastening the advent of mine.
  • Pray, and never stop praying! Then you will accomplish marvels through me and for me.

Mary: The Redeeming Cross

  • All those, who take part in the Christian apostolate, know that suffering plays a paramount role in the saving of souls.
  • But, when it is upon them that suffering comes, they forget its significance. They are surprised and discouraged.
  • You will have to make difficult sacrifices; to labor and to suffer, to spend yourself in the service of souls… as long as there will be souls to save.
  • You will have to add voluntary sacrifices.
  • To an apostle who makes generous sacrifices, God sends all sorts of trials as a special reward: sickness, poverty, disappointments, dryness, darkness, the impression he is nothing but a hindrance, failures due to his character, or ignorance, or imprudence.
  • These crosses, if accepted with faith, humility and love, purify him of all self-seeking; show his absolute incapacity; make him cast himself into the arms of God, as his last hope, and, thus, render his efforts incomparably more fruitful than do the mortifications of his own choosing.
  • But there is another cross much more difficult to carry, because it is so disconcerting.
  • …the cross prepared for you by the ignorance, stupidity, or the malice of men, threatens to disgust you….. it is just this cross which has the greatest redemptive power.
  • …remember that suffering has no redemptive power of itself, but only when united with the sufferings of Jesus.
  • When sorrow comes to you in your apostolic labors, come and press closer to me. Together, we shall climb up to Calvary.
  • In the shadow of the Cross, even the suffering caused by the stupid and malicious men, will become sweet to you.
  • In it, you will consider not the men who cause it, but Jesus and your Mother, who thus invite you to participate in their redeeming mission….
  • This is a severe doctrine…. did I go too far when I presumed you were able to understand it?

Mary – Preaching by Your Life

  • My child, the indirect apostolate of prayer and suffering is marvelously fruitful, but you must join it to the direct action of soul upon soul… the apostolate of a good life.
  • …..certain souls remain untouched by even the most eloquent sermons.
  • Let your virtue be above suspicion in the midst of universal corruption….. strive to appear just what you are, without display for human respect.
  • Be a Christian who knows no fear and gives no ground for reproach, and your conduct will be a constant sermon.
  • It is a grand achievement to make the doctrine of Christ esteemed in your person, but go still further- make men love it.

Mary – The Saving Word

  • My child, learn to speak a an apostle, in order to spread the spirit of Christ about you.
  • ……in order to speak as an apostle, you need not preach… let your religious convictions inspire your words.
  • Seldom dispute with your adversaries – simply explain your ideas…. truth, by its very nature, is attractive, for it is the truth which sets men free……
  • speak simply, but courageously…the infallible truth is yours.
  • Study the doctrine of Christ incessantly, so that you will live it better, and bear more witness to it by your life.
  • The more you allow yourself to be directed by me….., the more rapid and perfect will be your progress.
  • It is for me and through me that you should become an apostle.

Mary – In Union There is Strength

  • My child, do not remain isolated.
  • Join with others….keeping the sacred fire of the apostolate buried in the depths of your soul will smother it.
  • Union with others will do more than inflame the zeal of all of you; it will make it uncommonly strong.
  • Where will you find…. fellow soldiers animated with the same (apostolic) ambitions as yourself? Seek and you will find.
  • In the beginning you will be, perhaps, only a small company. It matters not, provided you are closely united.
  • Majorities do not triumph in this world, but the active, resolute, well-organized and well-disciplined minorities do.
  • With an infallible and marvelously effective doctrine; with unrivaled virtue and devotedness; with the sublimest ideals, and with the all-powerful assistance of Heaven, Catholics of almost every land have more than they need for the triumph of their CAUSE, if only they knew how to unite,
  • The enemies of my Son are divided on all points of doctrine; they unite only to attack the church. Catholics are united on all points of doctrine; they are divided only when they defend the church.
  • If satan finds Christians too zealous to be likely to succumb to temptations against faith or purity, he inspires them with opposing apostolic methods, and then, instead of fighting him, they fight one another.
  • ……..a small result which is really achieved, is worth more than a greater one that is not achieved,
  • there is no strength without union, and no union without self-sacrifice,
  • the triumph of the common Cause is preferred to the triumph of one’s personal ideas.
  • think over these principles; live them and teach them to others!

Mary – Those Who Teach Me

  • My child, Jesus has brought you to me so that, once you have become my child of predilection, you may also become my apostle. Everything you undertake under my direction, He will bless.
  • He wishes you not only to act in my name, but also to preach my name to others; every time you do, He will attach a special grace and power to your apostolate.
  • Being an apostle means bringing souls to Christ, and giving Christ to souls.
  • I am the way which leads to Christ;
  • it is I who gave Christ to the world.
  • Do you want to lead souls more rapidly to Christ? Then, show them the way which leads to Him.
  • Do you wish to give Him to them fully? Show them her whose mission it is to give Him to souls.
  • The more manifestly you introduce me into your exterior action, the more successful you will make it.
  • It is Jesus who has so willed it.
  • He willed to make me known to men at the same time as He made Himself known to them.
  • He never stops preaching me and teaching that the most natural way to find Him, is to go to the Son by way of the Mother.
  • Make me known as much as you can. Jesus expects it of you.
  • I, too, expect it of you.
  • How can you make me known and loved?
  • …one way is infallible. Fill yourselves with a burning love for me, and for souls, and you will know how to preach about me.
  • Do not be afraid to let them see you with my Rosary or my medal…..
  • ….show yourself a fearless, irreproachable Christian, (then) your conduct will be a most eloquent sermon in my honor.
  • ….can you not recommend recourse to the Immaculate Virgin, who has received, from her Son, the mission of making all those pure, who invoke her?
  • Those who make me known shall have life everlasting and shall procure it for many others round about them.

Mary – At Thy Word I Will Let Down the Net

  • What can I really do?
  • What can you do? By yourself, nothing. With me, wonderful things.
  • Listen to my words and meditate upon them.
  • I want you to understand two truths which will give you an invincible faith in the success of your mission – a faith that will move mountains.
  • ….remember that your apostolate is my apostolate, and that your interests are mine.
  • I am all-powerful through the omnipotence of God – and –
  • I can confer this omnipotence on those who act in my name.
  • … the words of Jesus about the unlimited confidence you should have in prayers:
    • I have a loving intention regarding each of your enterprises
    • This intention always surpasses, in perfection, any which you could imagine.
    • This intention is always perfectly realizable.
    • It will be realized infallibly in proportion as you ACT IN MY NAME.
    • Hence, whatever the obstacles, you can always succeed beyond your expectations provided you ACT IN MY NAME.
    • Yet, in order to win these marvelous victories, it is not enough that you work hard; you must work in my name.
    • How often have you not spent yourself in apostolic work, but all in vain! The reason was that you started without saying to me: “In thy name…”
    • Working in my name means working according to my intentions, and with a consciousness that you are sharing in my mission and in my omnipotence.
    • Offer your prayers and sufferings to Jesus through my hands so that my intentions for your apostolate may be realized.
    • Before starting anything, pray to me and see what my intentions may be, so that you may act as my instrument.
    • Begin with supreme confidence in your success, because it is I working through you.
    • You will be certain of success ONLY if you persevere in the disposition of acting according to my intentions.
    • You cannot, indeed, be thinking of me at every moment, yet you can remain constantly under the influence of my spirit.
    • If you seem to have failed, examine yourself: either you have not acted in my name and your failure is real; or you have tried to conform to my intentions and to rely on me, and success  is merely delayed. It will come in God’s good time and will be all the more glorious, because it will have cost greater effort and demanded more confidence.
    • Thus, Our Lord will be glorified, your Mother honored, and souls rescued from damnation.



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11 Responses to God’s Blueprint for Your Role in the Kingdom of Divine Mercy and Sanctification to Come on Earth Through His Mother and the Holy Spirit

  1. Shirley Bachmeier says:

    Wow! We do have our marching orders from our Commander. Like Jesus said in Matt. 24:25, “Behold, I have told it to you beforehand.” His Mother has given us her plan to rescue lost souls from damnation. You caught it all in the subject: God’s Blueprint for our role in the Kingdom of Divine Mercy…Many years ago I felt led to make my intention of the last decade of my rosary each time I would say it for the Mission of Mary. I did not know what her mission consisted of; she just impressed upon me to pray in this way. As time goes on, it is all coming together; the invitations, instructions, daily occurrences bringing light to the sign of the times. He is right at the door! The time of Mercy is preceeding Him and the time is so crutual and short. May the Lord break our hearts that we may enter into His compassion for lost souls by giving our lives and service to Him. God bless you, Tony, for your gift of telling it like it is and showing us that you have tested the instructions and they work! You are a living witness in Mary’s army of recruits.


  2. So powerful and so detailed. I found especially helpful the section on suffering, THE REDEEMING CROSS. As I read it, I thought so often of my Love Crucified Covenant Community–how closely this aligns with our own teachings!


  3. cecilia Acosta says:

    Wow! Thank you so much! I was really needing to heard this once again, some time I get caught in my daily routing of work, family, hobbies, etc. that my mission as consacreted daughter of our Blessed Mother, some times get out of focuss. It was very refreshing to me to be reminded of my apostolic mission and that I am under her grace and protection to continue working with her in being an instrument in her precious hands to honer Her and to the Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Once again, thank you and may God continue blessing you abundantly in your ministry. Peace, Cecilia Acosta


    • God is so kind and so merciful that at every moment He is simply waiting for us in Love! I want to thank my dear friend Chuck Webster for bringing me the work of Father Emil Neubert and for digesting Part 4 of Father’s masterwork, “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary”. Every person should read and meditate with this anointed work. It is in many ways on the same level with “True Devotion” of St. Louis De Montfort. Let us spread this gift to all!


  4. Ann Owens says:

    Thank you for this particular excerpt. I am in the twenty-sixth day of the 33 Days to Morning Glory preparation to consecrate myself to Jesus through Mary. It has been in the back of my mind as to how I can live out my consecration. By Her grace, you have shared this blessed guideline. Thank you a thousand times!!!


  5. lilian@myfairpoint.net says:

    Praise the Lord for this email, Anthony, Fiat Mihi, Lillian r.


  6. mary1527 says:

    Dear Tony, Do you ever get headaches while fasting? If you can suggest how to try and prevent them in the afternoon, I would appreciate it. In the FOL, Judy Bethmann


    • I do not get headaches, but I do get more tired. Remember you can eat bread at breakfast and lunch till you feel you have had enough to energize you and take plenty of water with each meal. I strongly recommend the Bread for Life brand which has many choices of excellent nutrition…Ezekiel, Flax, etc. Fasting is a gift we must ask for from God. So, be at peace knowing He will allow you to do it if you desire to please Him and ask…beg for the gift. Sometimes, He will want you to fast from some thing else other than food, so be open to that possibility as well. Be patient and suffer gently for Him. He will provide!


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