The Need for Detachment and Silence to Hear the Holy Spirit

As we delve into the Gifts of Knowledge, Understanding and Fortitude, the Gifts most needed to persevere in hearing the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, we are grateful to our mentor, Fr. Jacques Phillipe from “In the School of the Holy Spirit”.  We recall the critical points of praise and thanksgiving in all things for every past Grace up to this present moment and the need for the Virtue of Obedience in every single thing.

He next attacks the root cause of our struggles and why we fail to make progress in adapting our wills completely to God’s Will and why we spend so little time getting to know the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier!  He states: “We can not receive the motions of the Holy Spirit if we are rigidly attached to our possessions, our ideas or our point of view”.  Having made some progress in our spiritual lives, we think this statement can’t possibly apply to me……and yet it is that exact thinking that proves that we have far to go!  In fact, we must first go through the “night of the senses” to be stripped of our attachments to material things, especially our tendency to need certain food and certain drinks and the comfort of excess entertainment from TV, people, etc….all those things we are subtly attached to and do not even think about, since they have become ingrained in our daily habits.  But it is precisely these material things, which hold us back from hearing the Holy Spirit’s inspirations. Only God in His Mercy can help us overcome them by our desire to overcome them with His Grace.

Once God shows us those things we overly rely upon, He can begin the process of stripping those that block our advance in Love.  Next, we must deal with the even more difficult attachments of our subtle pride and self love or the “night of the spirit”. Fr Philippe: “We are sometimes far more hampered in our spiritual progress by attachment to our ideas, points of view and ways of doing things (even spiritual things)…Such an obstacle is all the greater in that this kind of attachment often goes unnoticed, because it is obviously easier to be unaware that we are attached to our own will when what we want is good in itself.  Since the object we are aiming at is good, we fell justified in wanting it with a stubbornness that blinds us; and we don’t realize that the way we want our idea (holiness) to come about is not necessarily in accordance with God’s plans.  Our wisdom and God’s…(almost) never coincide perfectly…”  This is why a spiritual director is necessary for anyone seeking to progress in the spiritual life.  It is often only through a spiritual director that this blindness can be removed.

The overarching attitude we must have to progress in detachment is peace of heart, the peace that surpasses all understanding,; and this only happens if we set aside time for silence each day and refrain from all unnecessary words. We know from Scripture that God is not in the noise no matter how impressive it may be, but He is in the whisper.  Fr. Philippe: “…the motions of the Holy Spirit are delicate touches that don’t make a great noise and can penetrate our spiritual consciousness only if we have within ourselves a zone of silence and peace. If our inner world is noisy and agitated, the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit (is)…very difficult to be heard.”  One test to see where we stand is very simple: do we practice at least 15 minutes of mental prayer every single day?  If not, we know we are NOT practicing the inner silence needed despite our good intentions.  We often make excuses as to not having the time, or that vocal prayers are more important.  We can indeed find the time for the Mass, the Rosary and our 15 minutes of mental prayer simply from the hours wasted each day on TV.  Satan loves to convince us that we are already doing enough or that we must have more recreation time than we truly need.

True silence is an ability through God’s Grace to silence the whirlwind of thoughts in our mind that usually take up much of our day and to overcome our normal tendency to react quickly and negatively when something does not go our way.  Fr. Philippe quotes the insight of St. John of the Cross, which we should read and reread often: “Take care to preserve your heart in peace, let no happening of this world upset it…Even if everything here below crumbled apart and all things were against us, there would be no use in upsetting ourselves over it, for that UPSET would bring us MORE HARM THAN BENEFIT.” (emphasis added).

The Great Doctor of the Church, St. John of the Cross, gives us the absolute key….every single thing that has or will happen to us is caused or permitted for our greater eternal glory by an infinite, loving God!  So, how can we possibly react negatively?  When we invariably do, because of weakness, let us immediately beg forgiveness from the Divine Mercy of God and with great trust jump into the arms of our Mother and run with her to our loving Father knowing He will forgive and strengthen us!  Holy Spirit we beg You to let this TRUTH be emblazoned forever in our memory, our intellect and our will, so we may hear all Your inspirations to be Holy as You desire us to be Holy!

May it be done to us more securely and more quickly than EVER before through the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

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8 Responses to The Need for Detachment and Silence to Hear the Holy Spirit

  1. Riki Ribi says:

    IN T H E S I L E N C E

    In the silence of my heart
    I come to love You
    Oh My Lord
    To praise and worship You
    My Master and My Savior
    No words are spoken between us
    Only so soft a whisper
    And in my soul
    An outpouring of so much
    Undeserved love and grace
    How often do I desert You
    Thinking You don’t love me
    Forgetting about You
    Oh, how stupid and ungrateful
    Then I am
    Without You I’m nothing
    But a trembling reed
    A creature full of fear
    Your creature sure I am
    For this immensely grateful
    Oh You, fullness of my soul
    Reason for my existence
    Sole purpose of my life
    Object of my deepest thoughts
    My God and my Almighty
    I will serve You and obey
    Surrender to Your Will divine
    Embrace me with Your burning warmth
    Cradle me in Your Fatherly arms
    Oh, my well-beloved
    Let me borrow from Your Love
    Let Your Mercy shine upon me,
    Your poor and littlest child
    So, that with Your Grace
    I will proclaim
    Your Greatness,
    Your Goodness and
    Your Name
    Through my work and being !!

    Rita Biesemans 7-27-1999

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  2. Riki Ribi says:

    To the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit

    O Master, Creator of the Universe
    I praise, adore and worship Thee
    with You my soul wants to converse
    though the words are lacking me.

    I want to hear that inner Voice
    so powerful and so inviting
    away from world’s distracting noise
    is there anything more exciting ?

    Thank You, my Father and my Lord,
    for Your healing and Salvation
    through You my soul is restored
    from hunger and severe dehydration.

    O Holy Spirit, let me never forget
    that I live for, through and in You
    that this world is but an outlet
    to the eternal life, to pursue !

    Rita Biesemans, March 6 2012


  3. How powerful a message! It certainly hit home with me. Though faithful to my prayer and quiet time, I do love to eat and watch too much television. I think I will address these issues during Advent.


    • Kathy, your humility is a great example to us, as we all have these habits that God wants to remove so we can indeed draw closer, yet He is so kind and merciful that He will only do it gently and with the greatest of compassion, once we allow Him. On our part, we simply say Yes, Lord, for this will draw me closer to Infinite Love…to my only purpose for existing at this moment! Thank you for being in this group of Infants leaping into the arms of the Mother on the way to the Father, who only seek to help each other grow closer to Him!



    Our Lord and His Holy Mother
    are weeping bloody tears
    as their children don’t bother
    to live in perdition gears

    the tears splatter on rocky hearts
    on a demeanor of “who cares”
    as long as we don’t feel the smarts
    we’ll take care of our own affairs

    walking farther and farther away
    spitting and mocking God in His Face
    denying He made us out of the clay
    worshipping gods of the human race

    we think ourselves so enlightened
    we don’t need no Heavenly God
    no more need to be so frightened
    we join gladly the evil one’s squad

    while Heaven is crying
    the devils laugh
    the unrepentant dying
    join the devils’ staff

    The day will come
    that HE will say :
    “enough, enough
    no more rebuff ”

    Then the earthlings
    will cry to no avail
    Joe 6 packs nor Kings
    will escape eternal wail.

    Rita Biesemans April 26 2013 Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel



    O Mary, your bitter tears
    my heart do pierce
    Our Mother is crying
    Her Son is dying
    to save us humanity
    from complete insanity.
    At the foot of the Cross
    for words I feel at a loss
    our sins are causing You distress
    I’m begging You for forgiveness
    I offer You my fears and mishap
    crawling on Your Mother’s lap
    O my Jesus, I need You, I need You
    satan plans coup after coup
    to destroy me, hoping I’d revolt
    he scares me like a thunderbolt
    but while walking in Your footstep
    on satan’s knuckles I will rap
    enough, enough, I do tell him
    the cup is stored unto the brim.
    Kneeling at His Cross’s foot
    Jesus tells me to stay put
    “Let My Graces thee overflow
    My Cross gave satan the final blow”
    I love you so much My child
    and while dying He even smiled.
    Thank You, Mary for this gift,
    and by this my soul did lift.

    Rita Biesemans, Good Friday 3/29/2013


  6. C O M P L E T E S U R R E N D E R

    Child, complete surrender
    it’s all that I ask
    it’s your only fender
    it’s your daily task

    Why make it more difficult
    than what it is already
    “surrender” works as a catapult
    towards your Heavenly Daddy

    I still have so many plans
    for you and your beloved kin
    turning from it makes no sense
    it will bring you only more chagrin

    I have it all under control
    nothing happens without My permission
    fulfilling My Will be your only goal
    come, work for your Divine Physician

    I know, I know, it’s not easy to let go
    for often your stubborn personality
    is simultaneously your one and only foe
    and your concurrent instrumentality

    I wait for you, My daughter
    surrender to My Fatherly Charms
    I’ll refresh you with My Spring Water
    for you belong to My Coat of Arms

    Your tears hurt Me, My child
    they even wrinkle your skin
    surrender, you won’t be beguiled
    believe Me it will be a situation “win win”

    Your Jesus, Your Heavenly Master Who loves you so much.

    Rita Biesemans, April 2 1014


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