Praise and Thanksgiving, Especially for the Eucharist, Increase the Gifts and Discernment of Inspirations of the Holy Spirit

We know from our Faith that God will grant us the Grace to respond to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit for our sanctification, but only if we truly love God and correspond with the effort of our free will to His Grace. St. Frances de Sales, Doctor of the Church, states: “…if we do not resist God’s Grace, He gives each of us the inspirations we need in order to live, act and maintain ourselves in the spiritual life.”  It is the Gifts of the Holy Spirit placed in our soul at Baptism and strengthened at our Confirmation and further strengthened with each worthy Holy Communion, which allow us to hear and respond consistently to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Doctor of the Church, states that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit “prepare the soul to follow promptly the impulse of Divine inspiration.”  So, since the Gifts and Virtues of the Holy Spirit are essential to our growth in holiness, it is a matter of the greatest importance that we learn and practice all we can about the Gifts and how they open our faculties to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. But how do we activate and grow the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Our guide in this matter, Fr. Jacques Philippe, from “In the School of the Holy Spirit”, explains that the main reason that we do not receive the necessary Grace is: WE FAIL TO THANK GOD FOR THE GRACES HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN TO US (emphasis added).  He quotes St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor of the Church: “What most draws down graces from our dear Lord is gratitude, for if we thank Him for a gift, He hastens to give us ten more, and if we thank Him again with the same sincerity, what an incalculable multiplication of graces!  I have experienced this; try it and see.”

Fr. Jacques asks us to see and understand that our subtle ingratitude, our failure to recognize our nothingness and that everything…every single thing we have is Grace…pure Gift…is indeed what stifles Grace, especially since we do not consistently thank God for all the blessings and benefits of each moment of each day and simply take them for granted (our Faith, Hope, Love, talents, skills, parents, country, occupation, house, food).  Why is it that we are one of every three people in the world who believes in Christ?  Why are we not in the two of every three people who do not know or believe in Christ?  Why is it that we are a Catholic and not a Protestant?  How is it that we know and believe in the Most Blessed Sacrament? How is it that we are in the 1% of all people who actually can and do take advantage of this Gift of all Gifts on a daily basis?  How is it that we were chosen to know and receive the Extraordinary Flame of Love Grace?  All is Pure Gift of an All-Loving, Infinite God!  All we have is a gratuitous Gift!  Yet, we take these incredible Gifts of God for granted…or certainly we do not thank God often and profusely for these incredible Gifts of His Love.

So, what must we do?  We must change by begging for more Grace to be truly thankful each day and seek to practice praise and thanksgiving each day throughout the day, especially with formal prayers of praise and thanksgiving added to our daily prayer time; and with short bursts of praise and thanksgiving throughout the day….”Lord, I praise and thank you for everything You have given me!”  Next, we must give more time and effort devoted to praising and thanking God from our free time.  Worthily attending daily Mass with Holy Communion is the greatest way to thank and praise God!  If we are already doing that…then making a Holy Hour each week would be the next gift of praise and thanksgiving!  We must continue to give God more of our free time, which is now wasted on foolish things like TV, Internet and too much talking and entertainment.  Instead, we must use this wasted time to especially praise Him and thank Him for the Graces we have received.

Once we become consistent at this praise and thanksgiving, we will begin to see and feel new Graces bestowed and we will begin to be more patient and docile in listening for the inspirations of the Holy Spirit at each moment of the day.  We will then find we are growing closer to God and beginning to act more like His Mother and He would act in each situation of the day.  We will see our bad habits and laziness begin to change!  Come Holy Spirit, come into my daily life in a new and more powerful way with Your Gifts, and let me hear and act on all Your inspirations, so I may be Holy as You are Holy for Your Glory and the salvation of souls!  I praise and thank You for all the Graces I have ever received and will ever receive! Please, I beg You to do this through the power of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!  By trusting in our Mother and taking and living the Flame of Love Grace, this process of gratitude for Grace is accelerated and made much more secure!  She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mediatrix of all Grace and Mother of perfect thanksgiving!  Fiat!

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14 Responses to Praise and Thanksgiving, Especially for the Eucharist, Increase the Gifts and Discernment of Inspirations of the Holy Spirit

  1. taralorai says:

    Another inspired and timely post… You are most certainly responding to the Holy Spirit’s inspirations, Tony, because I have been praying about (and experiencing frustration over) this very topic as of late (again), even today… Discerning, especially in those sudden moments of, ‘Holy Spirit do you desire me to speak or remain silent?’ (usually silence, and I usually fail). I desire perfect obedience, but I am most often uncertain over the will of the Spirit… I get confused over what is my own impulse and what is the inspiration of Him, calling me to act. I fear not responding but I also fear falsely responding (a losing battle). I must get a copy of Fr. Jacques book… This is also an inspired nudge to more praise and thanksgiving prayer… Thanks for translating some great points of Spirit Speak for me 🙂 Great post!


    • Tara, thank you for your humble post! We all suffer from this incapacity! The Holy Spirit is powerfully moving….as the Father and Son want the Holy Spirit to be truly known as His Reign approaches through His Spouse’s Triumph! Mary, our Mother, please help us be more open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as we praise and thank the Holy Trinity for all the Graces we have ever received!


  2. Mary Jane Mrazik says:

    This is in response to my atrium experience! Thank you. May I use this to send this out tomorrow morning?

    *”How much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” -Luke 11:13*


  3. Shirley Bachmeier says:

    Tony, your post was a “God-sent” to me tonight. I had spent much time in self-absorption feeling ignored by God in my pleadings and yearnings. I knew that just having these yearnings and hunger were from God…why was He not making Himself more accessible to my earnest calls? I was losing my light, my joy, my life in the Spirit. Sadness was coloring my life. After spending time reading and meditating on your blog tonight, the Lord just came alive in my understanding…He has been there for me with giftedness, intuitiveness of His mission, bringing me to trustworthy people who are making His will known in spite of all the chaos and darkness that lurks everywhere. He has shown me the greatest mercy reminding me tonight that He is with me always so why don’t I start thanking Him for His Presence in my life. Oh, thankfulness is the answer and I begin again. Thank you, Tony, for the gift of this timely message.


    • Shirley, praise God! We all feel that way at times…our Lord is simply giving us more help to draw closer each time we stray. Getting to true nothingness is indeed the journey of a lifetime! One immense help is a book entitled “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis. I can’t recall whether you and I have talked about it or not. What I do know is that every time I pick it up, I learn more about God and his Love! In fact, He asked Gabrielle to read/meditate with it every day. I believe this is one of the most important steps we could ever take to permanently learn to praise and thank Him every day…through out the entire day…. for all the blessings we have received!


      • Shirley Bachmeier says:

        I have “He and I” in my throne room and I spend time in it most days. In my sorry attitude I felt that God was lecturing me rather than encouraging me. Maybe now I will no longer miss His blessings He intends me to have. Thank you for your gracious reply.


      • The satan is always putting these thoughts in our minds. We can blind Him every time…make him him powerless…by praying each time: Mother, spread the effect of the Grace of the Flame of a. Love thy Immaculate Heart over me and all humanity. I will challenge you to do it, as I
        challenge myself to do it!


  4. Tony, thank you again! Thanksgiving is the key to more precious graces. Last year I bought myself a beautiful chiming clock which chimes either the Westminster chimes, or part of the the Ave Maria on the quarter hour and the entire Ave Maria on the hour before striking the hour. I remembered having such a wonderful clock and praying the “hour prayer” when I was in the convent in the 60’s (giving my age away!), and wanted this beautiful clock to remind me to make a spiritual communion each hour. Now you have given me another beautiful practice–I can add thanksgiving to the quarter hour chimes. Whatever helps us to remember–we get caught up in so many activities during the day and forget the Lord. Not that it’s culpable, but we just need a timely nudge periodically to bring us back to our Love. That was the function of the grandfather clock in the Motherhouse. It’s a great idea if you can afford it. The clock can be found here:


  5. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you, my Lord, for everything. Thank you thank you. I was recently putting flowers at the statue of the Blessed Virgin, and a kind woman passed me smiling and said, “It’s never enough, is it? What we do for them”. I absolutely agreed. No matter how thankful I am, it’s still not enough. I only desire to love and thank them more. And this too must be a gift from the Holy Spirit. Thank you, my Lord!


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