Overcoming our Self Love, our Comfort and our Opinion

We have been focused on the short and certain route to holiness, to loving
God as much as is possible for us as creatures…as did Elizabeth
Kindelmann, St. Faustina, St. Therese and the other Exemplars of the New and
Divine Holiness, in order to imitate Him by imitating His Mother. The Grace
of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the fulfillment of
the prophecy given to St. Louis de Montfort that “God would raise up saints
in holiness who exceed the prior saints as the cedars of Lebanon tower over
the little shrubs.” It is pure Gift….the Reign of the Holy Spirit…the
New Pentecost, which must unfold. God being pure Love must continue Giving!
It is an “Extraordinary Grace”, which God now wants to give to everyone
because of our Mother’s desire to share with us her children; but it still
requires our cooperation or correspondence with this Grace! We have been
given the pearl of great price, but now we must “purchase” it by “selling”
all our self love. In other words, a gift given is not received without
awareness, acknowledgment, appreciation and use of the gift! This is
correspondence to Grace!

The Lord selects guides or mentors for us, and another holy Priest, Fr.
Jacques Phillipe, has a small masterpiece that teaches us how to correspond
to Grace entitled, “In the School of the Holy Spirit” (he also wrote
“Searching for and Maintaining Peace”). We know that we can not become holy
of our own efforts; it is ONLY in and through the Holy Spirit that we can do
so. Our Lord taught St. Faustina the critical need for being able to know,
hear and execute the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in order to accept and
share in His Life of Holiness and that happens only through the Gifts of the
Holy Spirit.

However, when we commit to this way of life through our desire, we quickly
see how far away we are and are tempted to discouragement…Satan’s favorite
ploy. Our self love, our love of comfort, attachment to our own opinion and
way of doing things becomes an extraordinary impediment! We are blinded to
our own blindness! Many of us refuse to open our hearts and souls to admit
our self reliance due to our pride and self love. Only the Holy Spirit can
open the eyes of our soul to see all the selfishness which holds us back!
God wills to do the work in us…He longs to do it…but He will not violate
our free will. So, we must constantly desire this Grace and trust in Him
alone to do it!

So, what is the first step to making progress in listening for the
inspirations of the Holy Spirit? Let us listen to the Master, St. John of
the Cross (St. Therese’s mentor): “Great is the power and persistence of
Love, since it overcomes and binds God Himself. Happy is the soul who
loves, because that soul holds God captive, and obtains from Him all that he
or she desires (all that which is within the Will of God, which loving God
perfectly must be!)”. So, our daily prayer must be: “Lord I truly desire to
love You perfectly with Your Will…with Your Own Love. I will not desist
until You grant me this Love. I admit my nothingness and grant that I am
totally and completely unworthy, but trust in Your Infinite Divine Mercy and
Compassion to overcome my inability as Your loving infant, who leaps with
blind trust into Your Fatherly arms of Love!”

Next, we must recognize that we must start with the “small stuff”. Fr.
Jacques explains: We will obtain the Grace to be faithful in the important
things (giving up our love of comfort, allowing others opinions to prevail,
except for sin) that at present we find impossible, by dint of being
faithful in the little things within our grasp (kindness to our family
members, praying the Rosary faithfully every day), especially when those
little things are the ones that the Holy Spirit asks of us by calling to our
hearts with His inspirations.”

So, we implore God with complete certainty to allow us to commit to the
little things coupled with the faithful, daily begging for His Love in order
to Love Him. As Fr. Jacques explains: “Holiness is not the realization of a
given model of perfection that is identical for everyone. It is the
emergence of an absolutely unique reality (you as a child of a God!) who God
alone knows, and that He alone brings to fruition.” Never give up, rely on
God alone through and with His Mother, and God will reward you with His own Love.

We will continue in future posts to examine how to hear and execute the
inspirations of the Holy Spirit in this new series with Fr. Jacques

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10 Responses to Overcoming our Self Love, our Comfort and our Opinion

  1. rosaryhouse says:

    Awesome, Tony – By the grace of God, your Antidotes grow and penetrate the soul ever more deeply. Ave Maria !


    • Amen! God is using this Grace so powerfully to help all of us that we grow stupefied to see how He loves us beyond our imagining…and so we must seek to give back our little bit…our drop of Love…our yes…so He can multiply it to the infinite for souls! Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you with Your Love, and we beg you to save souls, save priestly souls, and by Your Infinite Divine Mercy, save thousands with every beat of my heart and breath that I take!


  2. Abbey says:

    Well done, Anthony! GBU♥


    • Praise God for the power of His Holy Spirit working in us! He uses this little place to nourish each of us so we can go out with boldness and share this Grace with others! Let us do so by asking others to sign up to receive the Divine Antidote to satsn who is overwhelming society at the present moment. But we win! We win! God’s Team wins by persevering in this Grace!


  3. mllitschauer says:

    Thank You , Anthony! Your writings are helping me detach from worldly desires and replacing them with the deep desire to know God’s Divine Love. I have passed out many Flame of Love books here in Wisconsin and plan on continuing to do so. Please let me know what else I can do to assist you in spreading the message. Under Mary’s Mantle, Mary Litschauer +JMJ+

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. A beautiful and helpful post, Anthony. If only more of us realized the role which the Holy Spirit plays in our struggles–nothing is possible without Him!


    • Yes, I would urge all to read and learn all they can about the Third Person, who so desires to be our Best Friend, our Advocate, Guide and Counselor in everything! The Gifts, Virtues and Charisms are realities that can only be fully obtained through knowledge and desire…we must correspond to Grace! There is a very helpful article by Venerable Concepcion de Armida that could be accessed on Google by putting in her name, Holy Spirit and End Times. Fiat!


  5. mary1527 says:

    God bless you for this lifeline of spiritual instruction. Eager to begin this new series on hearing the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.
    Wonderful to learn more about the FOL during the week you spoke on Women of Grace. I subscribed to her website so that I could re-watch those programs anytime on my computer.
    In the FOL of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
    Judy B.


    • Judy, praise God! Yes, please do ask all to watch that series. The Holy Spirit is using it powerfully to help many! We will begin the new series this week! Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!


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