On Reminding Ourselves of the Need to Take up Our Cross with Jesus and Mary

In several prior posts we have discussed the need to suffer and to unite these sufferings with the merits of Jesus and Mary (see August 29, June 3 and March 16) as Elizabeth Kindelmann so faithfully did.  Our Lord also taught Gabrielle Bossis this same Spiritual Truth based in our Lord’s words to “take up our Cross and follow Him”.  On this Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, we can indeed rejoice that our dear Lord has chosen us to know this sublime Truth and the joy of suffering in and for Love.  “Lord, we are unprofitable servants, we are simply doing our duty.”

Our Lord taught Gabrielle Bossis this: “To offer a sacrifice doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the pain of it; on the contrary, the pain will return many times to stir up its bitter waters.  But at each new tide of distress, come back again to Me in a spirit of sacrifice, and a rainbow of blessings will light up the earth…With your merit in mind, I wanted you to seek Me in the darkness and discover Me again.  Even before My Passion, I knew what suffering was.  I loved it for the love of you, My children.  Love it for love of Me.  I will transform it into transformations for others and into glory for you, since you find everything again in Heaven.  So, take courage for suffering, My little children.  There are some people (hopefully us!) who can’t do without suffering so deeply have they experienced how it brings them close to Me. Although I love you unceasingly, I look with special love upon My children who suffer…

“Then turn your sorrowful eyes upon Me.  Show Me your suffering, My dear little ones.  You are already in My Heart even though you thought you were so far from Me.  Day by day, try to find Me in you, and …give me marks of tenderness that you would give a mother or a beloved father. How happy you will be when you have acquired this habit.  How sweet your life will become!”

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6 Responses to On Reminding Ourselves of the Need to Take up Our Cross with Jesus and Mary

  1. MarysFlameofLove@aol.com says:

    Beautiful, Tony… and timely. We can never get too many reminders about the need for redemptive suffering. Ave Maria !


  2. Tara says:

    Talk about the Holy Spirit, Tony! Wow… I had just read this section of He and I tonight (for the first time) and was completely and utterly moved by it. Euphoric is likely a better word… Deep and continued suffering has united me with Our Lord in the most beautiful and tender way that I have never before known, and I am learning to not only deeply love Him, but the cross as well… My healthier days, without symptoms, bring me into the light and I find them empty, void of His tangible presence and love (though we know that He is ever here with me)… I am left longing for His palpable presence, for some form of suffering and darkness to return… Never thought I would say that (I have been sick for 8.5 years), but the torment and pain truly does unite us ever so closely with Him! I praise Him for giving us such incredible tastes of Heaven! I have been contemplating the reality that it seems so few Christians, even Catholics, really understand the immeasurable BLESSING of the cross, not only the meaning of suffering, but the true gift of it (especially in contrast to the health, wealth, and prosperity type Christians!). Our world views happiness vs. suffering as the exact opposite as what it truly is through the eyes of Our Father in Heaven… The Holy Spirit spoke to me this year of the fact that the greatest tragedy lie not in suffering, but in the expectation and assumption that this life would be anything BUT suffering, the idea that the masses are ‘happy’ and enjoying their lives ‘to the fullest,’ while in each of our souls we are feeling such pains of longing (for God) and misery (of flesh, world, and Satan). That ILLUSION, of reality vs. assumption, feels more painful, in my opinion, than the suffering itself… Blessed be we who mourn and weep! 🙂 Anyway, to make a long story short, after reading the above passages in the book tonight and overflowing with the message of joy to my mother, I get online to see your post (email) and see that you sent it at the exact moment I was spilling the same exact passage to my mom 🙂 O Holy Spirit, we adore thee!


  3. Abbeys Road says:

    BRAVO! I am living proof! I continue to suffer daily and I thank Jesus in my prayers b/c I feel so very close to Him. His Passion for me was so much greater, how could I complain? Thank you for this and God Bless You, Tony.



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