Sharing Complete Union with Mary is the Joy of Jesus and our Joy!

Throughout the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann, we see her experience great joy, despite the intense suffering and sacrifice she chose to accept for Love.  Often she was given new sips of Joy to strengthen her for further sufferings, and this is exactly what God will do for each one of us.  Our Mother explained to her the key, so we can envision how our sufferings achieve the profound result of comforting Jesus: “Just live in hidden humility and be consumed in suffering. I, the Mother of Sorrows, feel as if with each of your sufferings, you pour medical balm upon the wounds of my Son.”  What a profound spiritual reality!  We are actually giving balm to our Lord through His great condescension and Love!

Fr.  Emil Neubert describes this reciprocal Joy between Jesus and Mary, which is founded upon constant self-giving for others based in sacrifice and suffering for them. He uses the putative words of Jesus: “…how great were the joys, which My intimacy with Mary afforded Me! The joys of those nine months of ineffable union, when I and My Mother were one, and when as a loving tabernacle she always carried Me about in her (is the model to envision for yourself)….Oh, the joys of those thirty years of (incredible) intimacy at Bethlehem, in Egypt and Nazareth…..I was to know other joys…But all these joys combined never equaled the least of those which I found in that union between Myself and My Mother, in that fusion of our souls into one.

“Now My dear (child), I want to share this union (with you) in order to share this Joy…

“Try therefore to imitate Me by entering into the closest possible intimacy with My Mother.”

So, we have one extraordinary, practical step to practice today and every day: envisioning ourselves carrying Jesus within us to others as Mary did.  We are the monstrance, He is the Host….as we talk on the phone, as we communicate in email, as we greet and interact with others. Even when we have to correct others in our duties, we must always do it in a very gentle way, as Jesus would have done it living in us.  We will often fail, but we must repent, and try again with even more effort, constantly seeking to grow in Charity begging for His Grace through our Mother….”Mother I am all yours and all I have is yours, please ask your Son for me for the Grace to better intimate you this moment and every moment I have remaining before the “Great Meeting.”

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8 Responses to Sharing Complete Union with Mary is the Joy of Jesus and our Joy!

  1. says:

    Mary is, in fact, the quickest, surest way to Jesus and it’s all about love – God above all else, and neighbor as self. In this sense we have only two commandments. What could be easier or more beneficial? Ave Maria ! Filius Mariae


  2. Kevin caggino says:

    I thank OUR GOD for your post they are a blessing for me.i made my consecration to OUR BLESSED MOTHER using 33 days to morning glory and my life has not been the same. I have a very close and intimate relationship with OUR LORD after many years of my relationship being on and off up and down .my desires have changed I pray the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet everyday I go to mass to recieve OUR LORD in the holy Eucharist and I have a desire to see souls saved .through all this time I have not really spoken to my wife about my consecration a lot I have spoken to her just a little ,i would just go about my bussiness praying the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet and going to mass and she would just watch me. Well now my wife prays the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet everyday ,she still does not go to mass with me but I am leavening this to OUR LORD AND OUR BLESSED MOTHER I am leaving this in their hands.i would like to ask you to pray for me,I am going through a situation right now that is on going.please pray that OUR LORD AND OUR BLESSED MOTHER will remove,dismiss and resolve this situation never to hurt my family or myself again.thank you and GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I will keep you posted about this situation because I know our OUR LORD AND OUR BLESSED MOTHER will take care of this. In the HOLY,HOLY,HOLY NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WHO WAS,AND IS,AND IS TO COME,FOR HE IS DIVINE MERCY HE IS THE FONT OF MERCY ,HE IS AN OCEAN OF ENDLESS MERCY,AMEN.i would also like to say that my wife and I now pray the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet together after 30 years of marriage of wandering through the desert together spiritually.


    • Kevin, I thank you for your personal and passionate post. May God continue to inspire you to share what He has done in your life, so many others will benefit. For all who are married, where you spouse does not share your joy and zeal for Christ and our Mother, use the Saints to intercede for your spouse. St. Philomena and St. Therese and her parents are waiting to help you!


  3. Frances Harry says:

    I thank God for the gift of Elizabeth Kindelmann and her example of perseverance and courage and abiding love through all the suffering. I thank Fr. Neubert for this beautiful reflection. It is an intimate look at the mystery in the Rosary of Mary’s visiting Elizabeth. May we all respond faithfully to God’s call to carry Jesus within and take Him to the far reaches of the world.


    • Frances, thank God for you and for your response to this insight from the Holy Spirit! God has indeed given us this wonderful capacity to create images through our intellect, which can be embedded in our faculties as human beings, especially our memories and our intellect. As we seek to live in the sacrament of the present moment, how much more will God be able to do in us if we seek to concentrate on being monstrances bringing him to everyone we encounter, seeing Him in everyone we encounter, sacrificing for everyone and letting Him desire, think, speak and act within us! This is indeed what Mary did and God so desires we share in this Gift that He has given this Extraordinary Grace to actually allow us to do just that! We will fail on many occasions, but God will succeed through our cooperation with Grace through the Virtues of Patience and Perseverance. We must simply repent, use the Sacrament of Confession frequently and get up again to strive through His Grace…then God will succeed in His Great Plan for each of us, who are the “Torchbearers of the Victorious Queen of the World”.


  4. Our evangelization is as simple as radiating Christ. We are the womb, the monstrance. If we radiate His presence, we need not say a word. How beautiful, Anthony!


    • Kathy, praise God for your correspondence to His Grace! As we enter the heights of the time in which God will seek to bring back His erring children, our being Monstrances to others as Mary was….is the key…the absolute necessity to help many in our family, parish and neighborhood who are estranged from God. The Mother of God has been given a very special Grace and light (the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart) to help us to help others, so our Monstrance will shine in the blackest darkness and be a beacon to lead souls back to their loving Father! Fiat!


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