How Do We Know We Have Trust and Confidence in God’s Mother?

Elizabeth Kindelmann made a decisive choice, which we also must make: to rely on Mary and Jesus for everything…to the point that we must be willing to give up attachment to everything. This is admittedly impossible from a human standpoint, but by relying on Grace alone, it can be accomplished…but it requires we pray constantly for the virtue of Hope (where supernatural Trust comes from).

Fr. Emil Neubert in “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” has set forth some important lessons for us with regard to Trust in our Mother by giving us the putative words of Jesus: “Have confidence -she is all powerful. Have I not made her the Distributrix of all Graces? Is she not able to give all she wishes, to whom she wishes, and at any time she wishes?…Have confidence: you are her child. Does a mother ever refuse her child anything she can give to it?…When you invoke her you give her the joy of continuing to take care of Me: to nourish, carry, shield, and rear Me. Have confidence: she desires to give you more than you desire to receive, because she loves you more, and loves you more than you can ever love yourself…You ought to have confidence not because you are good, but because she is good.

“Listen, I am going to teach you a way of praying, which is always in accord with My designs, and which you can always use with unshaken confidence.  First of all, understand this very clearly: …Her intentions are always in conformity with the designs of God…and they are always worth more than your own intentions, for Mary knows better than you just what you need, and she has greater ambitions for you than you have for yourself. Every time you desire something, therefore ask your Mother to make her intentions in the matter come true, and rest assured, infallibly so, that you will either get what you desire or something better; and that you will get it not according to your own narrow views, but according to those of her immense love.”

This assurance requires us to know and rejoice in the fact that our greatest gift is suffering for our Lord out of love for Him and for souls in jeopardy of Hell as Elizabeth did, and that often God does not grant our desire because to do so would actually harm us or those for whom we pray.  Many times, God requires us to persist in prayer in order to build our Confidence.  The prayers which God most readily wants to answer are those for our sanctification and those of our families.

So, let us pray this prayer of Trust in the Mother of God: “Mother, make your intentions in this matter come true,  I (or the person for whom I am praying) will receive what I desire or something better!” Then let us be certain that it will be done to us according to His Will!

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